Who Helen Keller Really Was English Literature Essay

Everyone today knows of or has heard of, Helen Keller, as a individual that achieved many ends, ends that were thought to be really difficult to carry through due to her conditions. When Keller was 19 months old she was enduring with a illness that was thought to be scarlet fever. This had a major impact on her life. Shortly after this atrocious disease over took Helen, she was stripped of 2 of the 5 sense most people are born with, which was the loss of hearing and visual perception. Her achievements are ever talked about, being the heroic adult females who paired up with Anne Sullivan in order to do all her achievements of being able to read, compose, visualise, and understand what other homo ‘s do with these 2 senses. Underneath all of these fantastic achievements, many head blowing inside informations on how Keller was a socialist, pacificist, and a Communist are left out of many narratives.

Helen Keller was in Tuscumbia, Alabama on June 27th 1880, to the loving parents of Arthur Keller and Katherine Keller. 19 months after the fantastic twenty-four hours Helen was brought into this universe she came down with a atrocious illness which had an “ acute congestion of the tummy and encephalon. ” Many people believe this was scarlet fever Keller had became sick with. The side effects to this illness left her both deaf and blind. Throughout this bouldery clip they had taken Helen to many different physicians to happen out what they should make for these particular demands. Alexander G. Bell was who she was taken to see and he referred her to the Perkins Institute for the Blind, which was located in Boston. Anne Sullivan came in to Helen ‘s life in 1886 when the Perkins Institute sent her out to assist Keller learn with her disablements. Many different techniques were used in order to learn this wonderful disabled immature lady, Anne worked out an alphabet she could utilize to spell in Keller ‘s manus and one time she learned all the letters they moved on to objects and kept come oning. ( Spartacus.com )

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Many battles come with being deaf and blind particularly when these both occur at the same clip. Helen took the high route out of this atrocious incident so that she could do her life count and non experience like a disappointment. Although it took this adult female a really long clip in order to larn things with Anne ‘s instruction she eventually came through one twenty-four hours and everything merely clicked. The marks that Anne was seting in Helen ‘s custodies all made sense she was spelling a word, the objects were get downing to experience more familiar each twenty-four hours she touched them, and to be able to compose was the biggest achievement of them all so she began to compose her ain novels about her life and other happenings. The large event that many still today retrieve is the H2O whole accomplishment where Helen realized what H2O was and how to state and spell it out with her custodies. All these achievements lead on to bigger and better things for Helen. ( sodahead.com )

All the instruction that Anne did for Helen truly paid off in many different ways. Geting accepted into the Radcliff College was a large achievement ; she had to go through an test so that she could acquire into this college at the age of 16 old ages old. This brought Keller to a new degree in her life, she decided she wanted to get down composing novels and go more involved in her ain life and the universe outside she was non cognizant of. Keller wrote her first novel in 1902 and alumnus from Radcliff in 1904. Her novels frequently had to make with her battles during her youth old ages that had brought her to where she was in that twenty-four hours of age. Lots of of import inside informations are left out of these books which would assist people recognize who Ms. Keller really was and they all began while she was in college and what sort of groups she had got involved with. ( sodahead.com )

Peoples can hold really large impact on others life ‘s and how they decided or are influenced to populate. Helen Keller was a handicapped adult female that could n’t ever do the best determinations for her. Three people played a major function in Keller ‘s life and showed her many different waies she could take if she wanted to travel someplace in life, these people were her male parent Arthur Keller, Teacher Anne Sullivan, and Anne Sullivan ‘s hubby John Macy. Together these three people taught Helen what sort of universe was out at that place and how to acquire more in touch with things outside her lovely house in Alabama. Anne Sullivan was introduced to Helen in 1887, she discovered many different ways of learning Helen with her disablements and they went off to do the best out of what small they had. A batch of clip and attempt was put into Keller and desiring to learn her to populate a normal life. John Macy was an editor and a bookman ; he besides helped with redacting on Helen ‘s book “ The narrative of my life. ” John Macy had the biggest influence on her life as he introduced her to many different types of “ spectrum literature, socialism, labour activism, political theory, and the joy of honorable argument. ” All these things brought Keller to where she would be sitting in society after all things played a function in her life. ( proquest.com )

The economic system has many different groups people join into, many of the groups are the same as they were back when Keller was turning up. Helen got involved in three groups which she helped a great trade with these groups that were a portion of her life was the socialist group, Communist group, and going a pacificist. Keller grew fond of these groups and had really alone thoughts to convey to the tabular array, and how she thought things needed to be ran. John Macy brought thoughts every bit good to Keller but she thought his thoughts were non as unique and necessitate more to travel off in order to recognize what and how things work. The socialist people were seeking to acquire everyone from every economic category to go more involved and with Helen in there it brought more people to believe that if she was portion of this anyone can be, no affair what your disablements are. ( proquest.com )

“ Pacifist is a individual who believes in pacificism or is opposed to war or to force of any sort. ” ( dictionary.com ) Helen believed that the universe should non travel to war particularly during universe war. In her novel “ Out of the Dark ” she stated “ I had one time believed that we are all Masterss of our destiny – that we could model our lives into any signifier we pleased. I had overcome hearing loss and sightlessness sufficiently to be happy, and I supposed that anyone could come out winning if he threw himself valorously into life ‘s battle. But as I went more and more about the state I learned that I had spoken with confidence on a topic I knew small about. I forgot that I owed my success partially to the advantages of my birth and environment. Now, nevertheless, I learned that the power to lift in the universe is non within the range of everyone. ” Taking this into history it shows how she thought people should hold their ain sentiments but wants people to believe of all positions before judging a book by its screen. ( sodahead.com )

Keller ‘s beliefs in socialism were it “ offered the lone option to the unchecked and predatory capitalist economy of sweatshops and child labour. “ I am no believer of fabric of any coloring material, ” she wrote in 1912, “ but I love the ruddy flag and what it symbolizes to me and other Socialists. I have a ruddy flag hanging in my survey… ” When asked what immature adult females could make to better the universe, she urged them to analyze industrial economic sciences. “ I am a activist suffragette, ” she told a British women’s rightist in 1911, “ because I believe right to vote will take to Socialism and to me Socialism is the ideal cause. ” ” ( sodahead.com ) All of her ideas were against war and how she stood behind her sentiments 100 % of the manner, cipher would of all time state her no or acquire her to alter her head on something she felt so strongly about. She supported birth control, and prohibitions on capital penalty for child labour Torahs. She joined the socialist group in 1909 and hung the flag on her wall for the remainder of her life. Socialism “ is a theory or system of societal organisation that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the agencies of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc. , in the community as a whole. “ ( dictionary.com )

The 3rd group that played a major function in Helen ‘s life was the Communist group. “ Communism is a individual who is regarded as back uping politically left-of-center or insurgent causes. ” ( dictionary.com ) Signing with the Spanish war a pact on peace was brought about and the request was signed by Helen Keller. She flew out to Spain to Make certain all was right throughout these tough times. , ” American voluntaries who went to Spain in the 1930s to contend on the republican side. Like the Friends of Spanish Democracy, the brigade was “ referred to as a Communist-front organisation by the Special Committee on Un-american Activities. ” She besides so stated “ That she had been used as a forepart for commanding figures more interested in Communism than in the [ Mission ‘s ] avowed purpose ” of delivering Spanish Republicans after Franco ‘s triumph. It besides reports that Keller denounced a late 1952 international peace conference in Vienna, which had used her name to beg support, “ as a mask for the merchandises of Stalinist propaganda. ” Many narratives were thrown out at that place in the universe of what had happened but Keller herself was making an interview to allow cognize everyone cognize how and what things truly were. ( sodahead.com )

Many of these things today are left out of Keller ‘s life narratives, the narratives out at that place today talk chiefly about her achievement of a blind and deaf adult female seeking to happen her manner in society today. I frequently times think that these things were left out because she did n’t desire people to judge who she was and what she stood for. Her accomplishment early one were so greatly remembered that even if her narrative was told about her maturity no 1 would retrieve those things every bit good as they do about the hapless guiltless kid that lots two of the greatest gifts that god gives to a individual. I think today authors leave out many of these inside informations so when they come about society and political relations people are non taking off from the great things she had done and what she should or wants to be most known for.

Helen Keller was a really goaded immature lady who teamed up with Anne Sullivan to demo the universe that everyone deserves the opportunity to do their base and go person particular. In all the narratives that had been written many publishing houses leave out the fact that Keller was involved with many different groups in society. Becoming a Communist, socialist, and a pacificist rounded out the personality of Helen Keller. Leaving out these inside informations is like go forthing out the most of import portion of her life, all that is told about is her immature childhood up until she went to college and how she lived her life but no exact inside informations. Many people might look up to Keller even more than they did earlier, for this fantastic achievement and how she had her portion and assisting out society. These functions in my sentiment are fantastic accomplishment everyone should cognize of because it takes a immature lady who does n’t care what stands in her manner she will acquire through those tough times, and that is what is losing in all these fantastic narratives of who we thought to cognize and love of Helen Keller.

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