What is the Role of Religion in Modern Society?

A man needed a support that would give him hope, faith, strength, and also an explanation of some incomprehensible things to him. He found this strength and support in religion. Religion is the main thing that helps to shape the worldview of a little man. The main ideas of religion are formed on the moral qualities of man. But is religion still necessary in our time – a time of innovation, progress and technology?

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I believe that much can be explained by science. It is possible to resolve international conflicts and global problems without religion. Religion is a deterrent. She reproaches a person and gives covenants that cannot be broken (“Do not kill!”, “Do not steal!”). On the one hand, the worldview of some people develops without religion; they understand that moral standards cannot be violated. But, accordingly, some people need religion in order not to make certain mistakes. Perhaps this is one of the protective functions of religion.

There are more than a hundred different religious trends in the world, they have the oldest forms and modern trends, but the main most numerous world religions are Christianity, almost 1.5 billion people, Islam, about 1.3 billion people, Buddhism, 300 million people.

There are also national and traditional religions with their own directions. They arose or gained special distribution in certain countries.

On this basis, the following types of religions are distinguished: Hinduism (India); Confucianism (China); Taoism (China); Judaism (Israel); Sikhism (Punjab state in India); Shintoism (Japan); paganism (Indian tribes, peoples of the North and Oceania).

I suggest that you look at the moral standards of 3 world religions.


The main idea of ​​Christianity is salvation. However, Christianity is divided, the types of Christianity are: Catholicism, Orthodoxy, Protestantism.

  • Catholicism. The main idea is the seven commandments.
  • Orthodoxy. The creed of Orthodoxy lies in faith in one God, and also in faith in the bodily ascension of Jesus Christ.
  • Protestantism. The main idea of ​​Protestantism is that the Bible is the only source of Christianity.


The essence of the teachings of Islam or Islam, which originated in the 7th century among Arab tribes, is faith in one God, but Islam is called Allah.


The basic idea of ​​Buddhism is rebirth. The followers of Buddhism believe in karma, which consists of the covenants of Buddhism, as well as primarily from the actions of man. According to the teachings of Buddha, all life is suffering, which can be eliminated only if you abandon passion, desire for existence, and then achieve enlightenment.

From all this, accordingly, we can say that, regardless of religion or creed, some general moral standards are recognized, which are punishable in every religion.

The word religion itself comes from the Latin religio (piety, shrine). This attitude, behavior, actions based on belief in something superior to human understanding and supernatural, possibly sacred. Thanks to religion, being a source of strength, people can hope, believe, and also feel like a piece of a large whole that can unite completely different people.

Probably, we can say that all religions reflect different aspects of life, our reality, we think and are looking for the truth of life, existence, what it consists in. All religions reflect different aspects of reality, because everything that is true is true.

I believe that religion is undoubtedly important to people, like thousands of years ago. One way or another, no one has found an appropriate alternative to religion and God, and no one has denied its existence either.

People believe and language becomes not only a means of communication, it is an intermediary language between the past, present, future, the keeper of the heritage of spiritual culture, as the rituals and customs of the culture of one or another people.

I study foreign languages: English, German, Russian, my native language is Kalmyk. Learning languages ​​allows you to study and explore the religions of countries such as Russia, England, Germany, Kalmykia. Despite the difference in religions, the preached spiritual and moral values ​​have much in common. This makes possible not only a dialogue of cultures, but also a dialogue of religions.


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