My Attitude to Advertising

Advertising is the engine of progress. This motto is known to almost everyone. This opinion is shared by all manufacturers, so they seek to advertise their product. Every day we come across advertising.

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She broadcasts to us from the TV, constantly interrupts the radio, comes from the speakers in various supermarkets and on the street.
I think that the advertisement appeared with the first seller in the world. Everyone who wanted to sell their product, praised it, called it the best among the best. This is the most primitive form of advertising.

Gradually, humanity grew and developed. Along with it, advertising also developed. Made competently and subtly, she helped sell the product.

Rough and illiterate advertising, on the contrary, could push buyers away.

I think that in the civilized world there is not a single person who does not have this or that opinion about advertising. My attitude to this “engine of progress” is rather ambiguous. I believe that there are different types of advertising. Most commercials annoy their ignorance, stupidity, rudeness, tactlessness, low quality.

It seems to me that a large number of products should be advertised only in certain places. For example, advertising hygiene products and various medical products should be in pharmacies, and not “spinning” through the central channels.

I’m very unpleasant that opinion about the level of intelligence of adolescents, which is imposed by advertising. For example, an advertisement for a delicious enough Nuts chocolate bar. In fact, not always and not all teenagers have such a poor vocabulary, as many people try to show.

After watching this or that advertisement, I periodically have the opinion that our generation is simply dying out.
Annoying to most advertising slogans. It seems that their authors all their life spoke in some other, not at all Russian language. It’s a shame that people forget about how important for each person competent, correct speech.

From time to time, not the worst ads begin to madly annoy viewers or listeners. This is because it appears on the screen with incredible frequency or is heard from the speakers, interrupting the most interesting films and programs.

Do not forget that advertising affects us not only from TV screens, but also from the pages of various print media. It’s worth revealing any newspaper or magazine, as a stream of advertising hits us from there. And not all of it is of high quality.

Unfortunately, many advertisers pay attention only to the brightness, colorfulness, carnival of advertising articles, completely ignoring their level and quality. In the photographs you can see a lot of naked bodies, not justified by the advertised product.

Print advertising slaughter half the volume of the publication. It becomes very disappointing when you buy a chubby magazine in the hope of an abundance of interesting articles, but instead you see an incredible abundance of advertising.

But, of course, not everything in advertising is so bad. At times, it can be called a kind of work of art. In Cannes, an advertising festival is held every year where the best videos from around the world are shown.

Very interesting is an advertisement filled with good humor. I love the commercials in which the animals participate. For example, I like some Pedigree videos.

I also love advertising, very beautifully shot. At one time, I was very pleased with the video in which the block’s poem “Night, street, street lamp, pharmacy …” sounded. It happens that the commercial is so enthralling that you no longer remember what it advertised.

I really like the idea of ​​social advertising. She does not call for the purchase of a product, but reminds people of the problems that exist in society. For example, a Greenpeace ad reminds humanity that it must take care of the environment. Every animal in this world has the same right to life as a human being.

I think that videos about the problem of drug addiction are very useful. Some of them really make you think about this serious danger.
In print media, periodically comes across quality advertising with beautiful and interesting photography. Some advertising can even be called a masterpiece of photography.

I recently read an article that spoke about the illegal ways in which advertising affects the subconscious. I think this is just outrageous. It turns out that some creators of commercials use not only the twenty-fifth frame, which is easy enough to calculate, but also hidden sounds that affect the human psyche.

Of course, such an advertisement is against the law. Moreover, it is dangerous, especially for children.
I can’t say that my attitude to advertising is absolutely unambiguous. It seems to me that everything should be a measure. Modern advertising at times would not be prevented by a certain framework of decency.

Also, I think it’s very important to remember “pure” Russian. The speech of each person is already clogged with a large number of parasitic words. Therefore, the propaganda of slang from the screens, I believe, is perfect superfluous.

I would very much like the advertisement to reach such a level when it can rightfully be called an independent sphere of art.


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