The Only Goal of Civilization is Human Development

I absolutely agree with the statement of E. Flyano. The author addresses the problem, which in the modern world is becoming one of the most important, the relationship of man with the outside world. Nature, as the natural habitat of people and the basis of their life, and society, as part of the material world, are in close unity.

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So, at the dawn of the development of human civilization (a step in the development of society, material and spiritual culture), when people were content mainly with the appropriation of finished products, a person was in absolute dependence on external conditions. Subsequently, as the productive forces grew, this dependence steadily decreased. Man, as a special link in the chain of development of living organisms, more and more came out of the power of its elemental forces.

This is how social progress took place – a progressive movement from lower and simpler forms of social organization to higher and more complex ones, the leading tendency of modern civilization. The idea of ​​social progress includes, firstly, an awareness of the very fact of a change in the development of human society; secondly, the recognition of the value of earthly life; thirdly, the recognition of natural development. The driving force of this process is the need of people for social justice, which can be achieved only with full awareness of the ways and means of solving it, and which includes the desire to fully satisfy all your needs (labor, creativity, knowledge, etc.).

As a result of human activity, its rapid development gave rise to many problems, which in the second half of the twentieth century began to bear a global character. Man thoughtless actions sharply destroyed the balance of equilibrium. Suffice it to recall that the technogenic Chernobyl disaster almost led to the fact that half of Europe would be unsuitable for life. We also recall the case that occurred in Australia: a man brought rabbits and livestock into the country.

The first ones multiplied so much that they began to intensively destroy crops, and livestock manure by nature was not processed at all and spoiled the soil. And how adversely affected the great majesty of emissions into the atmosphere of exhaust gases, various impurities, garbage in the climate of nature. Because of this, the number of natural disasters, such as Hurricane Catherine, various floods that claimed thousands of lives of innocent people has increased.

It is a race to satisfy needs that leads to such deplorable consequences both for the world around us and for us. History is nothing but a successive change of individual generations, each of which uses material capitals, productive forces transferred to it by all previous generations. But humanity needs to slow down such social progress, since it adversely affects the people themselves. Otherwise, there will be no development of civilization at all, humanity will all perish.


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