Allure Cruise Line

Case 15: Allure Cruise Line: Challenges of strategic growth and organizational effectiveness (Part 4) Read the following case from your textbook: (open the other attachment for the article) Analysis: Write a case analysis in about 4 to 5 pages or more. Answer all the case questions in the text. Offer analysis and evidence to support your conclusions. Be objective in interpreting evidence. Don’t present one-sided arguments. Include and answer the points not favorable to your position. Write information and arguments clearly. Use bulleted lists where appropriate.
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Use tables or charts and graphs to present quantitative information if possible. Format: Present your case analysis in Microsoft Word document format. Please applied the correct APA style, cite inside and outside resources and references (very important). No copy and paste do it in your own writing, because it will be check by the professor before grading by (www. turnitin. com) please no plagiarism paper. P. S: Use academic resources (at a minimum, the textbook) to best address this assignment. Assignment Grading Criteria| Maximum Points| Answered all case questions. | 12|

Presented original analysis of the case supported by reasons, examples, and research. | 12| Presented qualitative and quantitative information in appropriate formats. | 4| Contributed to the discussion by drawing conclusions about the results of others’ research, specifically, and by asking questions, providing statements of clarification, providing points of view with rationale, challenging points of discussion, or making relationships between one and more points of the discussion. | 12| Applied the correct APA style, usage, grammar, and punctuation in case analysis. | 4| Total:| 44|

Authority in ‘Equilibrium’ & ‘Animal Farm’

“He who establishes his argument by noise and command shows that his reason is weak. ” This quote by Michael de Montaigne relates to the concepts of authority in the book ‘Animal Farm’ (by George Orwell,) and the film ‘Equilibrium’. Authority impacts the everyday lives of all people and in relation to this quote, the result and consequences of authority depend on how it is run. For example a tyrant will often get things done quickly and harshly but will tend to have no or little regard for his own people.
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Such tyrants, because of this negative authority eventually get over thrown or have their system decay and lose this power much like the film ‘Equilibrium. ’ ‘Equilibrium’ is set in a not too distant dystopian future where in order to prevent war and violence the government forces everyone to take a drug too suppress their emotions as they are seen to be the cause for an un-peaceful society. The government leader believes that anything that could stimulate emotion must be destroyed e. . films, art, music, pets, etc, to the extent of what seems to be no allowance for any bright colours. This is an example of tyranny and forceful control as anyone who violates the government’s code of conduct and feels emotion is hunted down and taken out by highly trained assassins called clerics. Similarly in the book ‘Animal Farm’ when the character Napoleon takes over the farm he forces and manipulates everyone to do his bidding.

Another similarity between the texts is in ‘Animal Farm’ the original idea was for everyone to be equal leaving nothing to fight about, but just like in ‘Equilibrium’ this gets out of hand and the reader is left at the end of the book that there will be an uprising to take away Napoleons wrath. This relates to Michael’s quote, how those who rule with a selfish and careless iron have little or no reason to rule in the first place, and when this happens things tend to be corrupt to the point where authority collapses because they are weak.

Through the techniques used in ‘Animal Farm’ and ‘Equilibrium’ the composers have portrayed their message/s about authority to the chosen audience of the texts. The general message between the two texts is being in a position of authority is a very powerful tool and responsibility. In both texts this power is abused bringing about corruption and in ‘Equilibrium’ the eventual over throwing of authority by the governments (‘The Father’) own law enforcing assassin. The techniques of character personality and plot events are what construct a view of negative authority. In the two texts positive nd responsible authority is promoted to the audience through such techniques. E. g. the pig Napoleon from ‘Animal Farm’ selfish, arrogant and power hungry behaviour leads him to lie and enforce by creating fear in the hearts of the other animals. He does this by training a pack of attack dogs, banishing an associate leader (squealer) and threatening to degrade the barn yard animal’s lives if they don’t meet his expectations. This behaviour and the events it causes portray Napoleon as a tyrant clearly shows how a negative authoritarian figure can corrupt people’s everyday lives.

An Analysis of the Poem My Arrival by James Berry

In the poem, “My Arrival”, James Berry provides a warm and personal narrative of his birth. His speech is deliberate throughout, with each word spoken clearly and in a measured tone, reflecting deep thought as he reflects upon the anticipation and excitement of those closest and dearest to him as they welcome his arrival. He is matter-of-fact in describing his birth, speaking in short phrases with pauses in between.
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But as he talks about the eagerness of his father awaiting his arrival, his tone changes into a dreamy drawl as he takes us through the timeless beauty of nature. One can almost picture the strong visual imageries through his voice. His tone is melodious when he tells us that “the moon floated somewhere”, he stresses on the words “drummed and drummed” as if to emphasize the repeated action of the sea crashing against the coastline and again on the word “darted” which conveys excitement and anticipation.

He gets more personal with his mother and grandmother, imitating the tone of their own voices as they respond to his birth. He observes his mother’s strong maternal instincts through his gentle portrayal of a concerned mother expressing relief that her baby is alright, while his grandmother’s raw emotions at the significance of his birth is also well captured through the tenderness of his tone. The poem closes with the “back to nature” theme with the burial of his umbilical cord signifying the end of all the action and activity surrounding his birth.

Vandalism: Property and Good Moral Values

VANDALISM DEFINITION *Vandalism is damage to public property by the unscrupulous. Mostly this act committed by teenagers who are influenced by culture ‘punk’ and ‘rock’ West darts. Vandalism can also be defined as ruthless estruction or spoiling of anything beautiful or venerable. [1] The term also includes criminal damage such as graffiti and defacement directed towards any property without permission of the owner. THE FACTORS OF VANDALISM *There are many factors that lead to vandalism. One important factor is the lack of parental guidance and attention of teenagers.
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Group of teenagers involved  to do this activity often come from families experiencing marital problems. They do not receive instruction and perfect love of family. *The influence of peers can lead to vandalism. Teenagers are usually easier to copy and influenced by peers. The influence ofpeers will shape the attitudes, values ?? and behavior of youth,especially youth who drop out and face the problems of the family. Typically, young adolescents who did vandalism is in thegroup, they have no purpose, and when assembled, includingthe emergence of ideas scribbling and damaging public property. The mass media have great influence and impact of strong and can hardly be avoided today. View scenes from the film negativeor a plan from the West which has elements of behavior towardsvandalism can also affect teenagers commit vandalism. Teenagers are usually easy to copy and according to what is seen around, including the media, let alone without guidance and proper instruction. THE EFFECTS OF VANDALISM * The most significant impact is the problem of vandalism is unsightly especially in the LRT/KTM station are filled with writings that are not good.

This situation gives a negative impression to the outside community that the people in this country do not really appreciate the facilities provided. *Vandalism practices also burdened the authorities, especially in the financial aspect. Had the government spent millions of dollars to make repairs to the LRT / KTM station has sufferedthis damage. Actions to improve public facilities to prove the occurrence of a waste because the money can be used to helppeople in other aspects of development. HOW TO OVERCOME THE PROBLEMS OF VANDALISM Parents must play an appropriate role, not only provide physicalneeds, but also mental and emotional needs them. They should be given enough love, raised in a religious upbringing andnurtured with good moral values??. Parents should also be wise to control children’s association. Children can be given freedom asrestraints will also be stressful. However, that freedom must havelimits, especially in the case of interactions with peers. In addition, parents should also be a good example to children. To reduce the spread of symptoms of vandalism, the authoritieshave implemented several measures, such as exhibitions, talks,programs, forums, seminars, expositions of the badconsequences and negative symptoms of vandalism or all symptoms associated with it. With these efforts the public will be more alert and cautious and concerned about this problem, alsosome help, especially to teenagers to prevent this activity from continuing to spread and prevailed in the country. THE EXAMPLES OF VANDALISM ACTIVITIES AT LRT/KTM STATION * Tearing down posters * Doodle walls * *

Examination System (Unfinished)

Abstract The purpose of the system is to develop Online Examination System. , used to test the Domain knowledge of the students, and employees with respect to the particular technology. The manual procedure used for conducting exam is time consuming process and error prone due to human limitations. The System purpose is to completely automate the old manual procedure of conducting exam to Online Web Based Examination System. Chapter I Introduction In modern age, Information Technological advancement has minimized the whole world. Advancement of technology gave lots of benefits for all business industries using it.
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With the use of advance technology, transaction became more fast, accurate and effective. As time passes by computers became more useful for every transaction being made. Modernization in every transaction became more popular as it reached even small organizations like school. School is one of the organizations that need advancement, because in this institution many transactions are made like entrance examination. Entrance examination is one of the most popular system especially in the school, because before you enroll or enter the school you must take the entrance examination to test your skill whether you’re qualify or not.

SYSTEM CURRENTLY APPLIED The study was conducted due to existing manual procedure in the transaction and process of the examination sytsem of Avance Technical Education Center Inc. (AVTEC) encounter problem such as: Statement of the problem The proponents found out during the interview that there’s some error in their current examination system like: General Problem The slow process of calculating the results of the examination because it is done manually. It fails to perform flexibility and accuracy in the examintaion process and the unsafe storage of records that may cause lost of examination papers.

Specific Problem – Lack of security in monitoring the big number of examinees – Lack of manpower in handling the big number of examinees – Lack of security in keeping the examination papers – Time consuming in checking the examination papers Objective of the study The proponents aims to do the following tasks to improve the current examination system of Avance Technical Education Center Inc. (AVTEC) General Objective The general objective of this study is to create an online examination system that can provide flexibility and accuracy in the examintaion process and safe storage where no examination papers will be lost.

Specific Objectives – To create a module that will reduce opportunity for cheating. – To create a module that can handle the big number of examinees – To create a module that will secure the examination papers. – To create a module that will lessen the time in checking the examination papers Scope This study covers the process of examination system done at Avance Technical Education Center Inc. (AVTEC). This research is for the improvement of the existing examination system of Avance Technical Education Center Inc. AVTEC) that can give the result of the exam automatically. In this process the institution can now get the result of the exam faster and more accurate. it also have a database that can compile examinees record. Limitation The proposed system cannot do the following actions like compute how many examinees per day because the system is focused on the examination system only. The system can only get the result after you take the exam and tell whether you passed or not. CHAPTER II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE Review of Foreign Literature

Justification of the Study The related studies discuss same studies with the proponents, but as you read you can notice that there is a difference between the two studies. The proposed study by the proponents a more advance and more complicated. The proponents study also had some idea came from the users and clients which give more points when done. There is also a requested transaction given by school management which made the study more unique and interesting. Planning Phase In this phase the plan is to develop the proposed system.

The proponents focus on making a user-friendly online system for the examination system of Avance Techinical Education Center Inc. (AVTEC) In making this system the proponents gather information from the institution itself. They requested some company information from the administrator that may help achieving the goal. Analysis Phase For the analysis, the proponents conducted an interview to gather the data needed and went to the institution to observe how the manual system works. Design Phase For the design, the proponents choose to use PHP & mysql for the codes and design. Development Phase

For the development, the proponents made some necessary recommendation on what should be done to improve the current state of the examination system. Implemetation Phase For the implementation, the proponents programmed the codes by using PHP and MYSQL to develop the needed software. Maintenance Phase When the system became ready and available for AVANCE Technical Education Center Inc. (AVTEC) , there continuous improvements and modifications would be done as needed to correct the errors that the system might encounter and might cause it to be inefficient to meet the needs of its users for the computerized library system.

Testing Phase Test techniques include the process of executing a program or application with the intent of finding software bugs. It can also be the process of validating and verifying that the system meets the requirements that guided its design and development. Debugging Phase Upon being uploaded, errors were expected to emerge since the codes must also be compatible with the technology that the computerized library system supports, further debugging was done until there are no errors found. DEFINITION OF TERM Access – to obtain access to the system and make ready for some operation.

Research – is define as human activity based on intellectual application in the investigation of matter. Computer – it refers to a functional unit that can perform substantial computation including numerous arithmetic operation and logic information without human intervention. Database – gathered data to be collected for the management, security, backup, and user access Username – a name by which a user is identified to a computer sustem or network. User – friendly – an adjective meaning easy to learn and easy to use. User – interface – then portion of a program or system with which user interacts.

If the user enters commands at the keyboard and the program responds by opening in specific manner, the program has a command – line interface. Examination – the act of giving students or candidates a test (as by questions) to determine what they know or have learned Payment of Fees – process of paying the fees indicated in the assessment slip Chapter III Existing System Avance Technical Education Center Inc. (AVTEC) is using manual transaction of giving the exam used by the person in charge. That causes them slow process in checking the examination result especially if they need the examination result immediately.

This causes many difficulties just like lack of security in monitoring the big number of students that may increase opportunity for cheating. Proposed System The proposed enhancement of the existing examination System for Avance Technical Education Center Inc. (AVTEC) is going to be an online examination system. The proposed system will improve the security of the examination system because unregistered users cannot answer the exam. They must register first before they take the exam. Primary user of the system Person in charge

With regards to the examination process, the proposed system will help the person in charge in getting the result of the examination automatically. They will not consume time in checking the papers specially when they need the result immediately. Secondary user of the system Examinees The examinees will benefit by means of not having a hard time in falling in line and wait for their turn to take the exam. The examinees can also take the exam in school and even at home. General Features of the system The examination system will be an online examination system.

This system will help the school to compensate the flaws of the time consuming and the lack of security in the examination process. The online examination system will help organize the flow of the examination system and become more accurate and solve the problem of data redundancy in the examination and students records. The study will ease the work and functions of the management. Backup Plan In information technology, a backup or the process of backing up is making copies of data which may be used to restore the original after a data loss event. For the backup plan, the proponents decided to

How to Become a Successful Student

To become a successful student, do your BEST. Doing your BEST means to Be an active listener, Establish a study group, Self-discipline, and Talk about what they’re learning. Be an active listener in order to take good notes. Many professors do not write everything they say on the board. This means that you really have to listen well to take good notes. Make sure you listen especially about the things your professor writes on the board. These things are usually the most important subjects. how to write a comparison essay

If you take good notes, this will really help you when you are studying. Also it will help you learn more of the material because writing things down causes some people to remember it. Establish a study group. This is very helpful in learning material. Since your professor may not always be around to answer your questions, the people in your study group may be able to help. Not only can they help you, but a study group is way more fun than doing it alone. It is also a way to meet people in your classes.

Develop self-discipline by using time wisely. Do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, regardless of what you may not feel like doing. Refrain from being a procrastinator. Be continually and consistently prepared. Talking about something, with friends or classmates, is not only good for checking whether or not you know something, it’s a proven learning tool. Transferring ideas into words provides the most direct path for moving knowledge from short-term to long-term memory.

You really don’t “know” material until you can put it into words. So, next time you study, don’t do it silently. Talk about notes, problems, readings, etc. with friends, recite to a chair, organize an oral study group, pretend you’re teaching your peers. “Talk-learning” produces a whole host of memory traces that result in more learning. These are some of the many tips you should remember to become a successful student.

Finance Practice Test

SYDNEY INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS AND TECHNOLOGY ACST101 TECHNIQUES AND ELEMENTS OF FINANCE REVISION – LECTURES 1, 2 & 3 Sample Class Test 1 Instructions: For Questions 1, 2 and 4 write your answer in the space provided. For Question 3 all working must be shown. Total marks for the test = 10. Time: 50 minutes writing time (no reading time) Question 1 (2 Marks ) (i) Vincent invested a sum of $5,000 in a bank account earning 5? % p. a simple interest on 1 September 2003. On what date will Vincent’s bank account reach an accumulated balance of $5,039. 18? 23 October 2003 (ii)
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A 90-day note is to mature for $2,000 plus simple interest at 7% p. a. Calculate the maturity payment (correct to the nearest cent). $2,034. 52 Parts (iii) to (iv) are based on the following information: A 180-day promissory note will mature for $10,000. Sixty days after issue it was purchased by Quentin for $9,786. 30. (iii) Calculate (as a percentage, correct to 2 decimal places) the rate of simple discount p. a. used in calculating the purchase price paid by Quentin. 6. 50% p. a. (iv) Quentin held the note for 100 days and then sold it for a price of $9,930. 28.

Calculate the rate of simple interest p. a. (as a percentage, correct to 2 decimal places) earned by Quentin on his investment. 5. 37% p. a. 1 Question 2. (2 Marks) (i) If j1 = 6. 8%, calculate j4 (as a percentage, correct to 2 decimal places). j4 = 6. 63% (ii) How long (in years, correct to two decimal places) will it take for $10,000 to accumulate to $16,000 at j4 = 5. 6%. 8. 45 years (iii) If an investment of $1,000 grows by 50% in 5 years, what rate of interest, j2 , is earned (as a percentage, correct to two decimal places)? j2 = 8. 28% (iv) A sum of $2,000 is due in 10 years time.

Calculate the present value if interest is at j2 = 5% for the first 3 years and j4 = 4% thereafter. (Correct to the nearest cent). $1,305. 23 2 Question 3 (3 marks) (i) A promissory note is priced as follows: at $970. 41 when a discount rate of 6% p. a. is used, but at $964. 00 when a discount rate of 7. 3% p. a. is used. Use linear interpolation to estimate the discount rate if the price is $968. 00 (as a percentage, correct to 2 decimal places). [1 mark] at 6% at i% at 7. 3% RHS = 970. 41 RHS = 968. 00 RHS = 964. 00 i% = 0. 06 + 968. 00 – 970. 41 * (0. 073 – 0. 06) 964. 00 – 970. 1 i% = 6. 49% (ii) A savings account pays simple interest at 4% p. a. Calculate the interest earned on the following account for the period 1 October 2003 to 31 December 2003 (inclusive), using the daily balance method (correct to the nearest cent). Date Deposit Withdrawal Balance 25 / 10 / 2003 $450 $450 17 / 11 / 2003 $200 $250 23 / 12 / 2003 $400 $650 [1 mark] Interest from 25/10 to 16/11 = 450 * 0. 04 * 23/365 = 1. 1342 Interest from 17/11 to 22/12 = 250 * 0. 04 * 36/365 = 0. 9863 Interest from 23/12 to 31/12 = 650 * 0. 04 * 9/365 = 0. 64109 Total interest = 1. 1342 + 0. 863 + 0. 64109 = $2. 76 3 (iii) Sam purchases a television worth $3,000 on 1 October 2003 and arranges to pay the amount with the following three payments: Time of payment 1 October 2003 1 November 2003 1 December 2003 Size of payment $X $X + 500 $1,000 (a) Draw a time line, clearly showing the timing of the 3 repayments and the original debt. [? mark] Original Loan: Time: Replacement Payments: $3,000 Oct 03 $X Nov 03 $X + 500 Dec 03 $1,000 (b) Using a focal date of 1 October 2003 write an equation of value for the loan transaction, assuming compound interest is at i per month. ? mark] 3,000 = X +[( X + 500)* (1+i)-1 ] + 1,000(1+i)-2 (c) Solve the equation of value to find the size of X (correct to the nearest cent), if the rate of interest charged is j12 = 12%. [? mark] 3,000 = X +[( X + 500)* (1. 01)-1 ] + 1,000(1. 01)-2 3,000 = X + X*0. 990099009 + 495. 049505 + 980. 2960494 1,524. 6544 = X*1. 990099009 X = 766. 12 4 Question 4. (3 marks) (i) Answer the following questions. (a) [1/4 mark for each answer] A negotiable certificate of deposit is a short term debt instrument issued by a bank. What does the term “negotiable” mean in this context? ______able to be traded, can be sold to another person____ (b) A negotiable certificate of deposit has higher liquidity than a fixed term deposit. What does the term “liquidity” mean in this context? _______easily converted into cash _________________ (c) Derivatives, trade and performance related business, direct credit substitutes and commitments are all examples of what type of business for a bank? _______Off balance sheet ___________ Bank bills, Treasury Notes and other short term financial securities with a maturity date of less than 12 months are traded on what market? __money _____________________ (d) (ii) Multiple choice : circle the best answer [1/2 mark each] A. Which of the following statements regarding the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) is FALSE? (a) The RBA collects data about the Australian Financial System. (b) The RBA conducts Australia’s monetary policy. (c) The RBA is the banker to the Commonwealth Government and to other businesses. (d) Since deregulation, the RBA is no longer the prudential regulator of banks. (e) The RBA manages the issue of notes and coins. B.

Which of the following statements regarding the Risk Weighted Capital Requirement (RWCR) is FALSE ? (a) (b) (c) (d) Tier 1 capital includes deposits made by a bank’s customers. Loans to companies have the highest risk rating. The cash assets of a bank are included in the lowest risk weighting. The Risk Weighted Capital Requirement (RWCR) is designed to protect against credit, or default, risk. (e) If a bank does not have much capital available it would choose to make loans to lower risk borrowers, like the Commonwealth or State Governments. 5 (iii)

Answer the following questions by circling True or False [1/4 mark each] (a) The sale of new shares by Crane Ltd and the initial issue of Treasury Bonds by the Government are both examples of secondary market transactions. TRUE (b) FALSE One of the differences between debt and equity is that debt always has a maturity date. TRUE FALSE (c) In a direct financial flow, the surplus entity providing the funds will be repaid directly by the broker. TRUE FALSE (d) Two of the advantages of intermediated financial flows are increased liquidity for savers and asset transformation. TRUE FALSE 6

Acct 280

Categorize the accounting tasks performed by Urlacher as relating to either the identification (I), recording (R), or communication (C) aspects of accounting. E1-2 (a) The following are users of financial statements. ___I___Customers __I___Securities and Exchange Commission ___C__Internal Revenue Service __C__Store manager ___I___Labor unions __R__Suppliers ___C__Marketing manager __C_ Vice-president of finance ___R__Production superviso Instructions
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Identify the users as being either external users or internal users. (b) The following questions could be asked by an internal user or an external user. __INTERNAL USERS__ Can we afford to give our employees a pay raise? __EXTERNAL USERS__Did the company earn a satisfactory income? __INTERNAL USERS___Do we need to borrow in the near future? __EXTERNAL USERS__How does the company’s profitability compare to other companies? _ INTERNAL USERS____What does it cost us to manufacture each unit produced? _ INTERNAL USERS____Which product should we emphasize? _EXTERNAL USERS___Will the company be able to pay its short-term debts? Instructions For each of the three situations, say if the accounting method used is correct or incorrect. If correct, identify which principle or assumption supports the method used. If incorrect, identify which principle or assumption has been violated. E1-5 Meredith Cleaners has the following balance sheet items. Accounts payable Cash- incorrect- is an asset for the company is not something than the company needs to paid for to keep the company going.

Salaries payable – Correct-is an expense that the company need to paid to keep the company running. Cleaning supplies – Correct-the need cleaning supplies to keep their company clean and it is an expense. Accounts receivable Notes payable – incorrect- is and that is borrowed from the bank to run the business Common stock – correct- is an income for the company. Cleaning equipment – Correct- is something company used to bring in income for the company. Instructions Determine the missing amounts. E1-12 The following information relates to Linda Stanley Co. or the year 2008. Income Statement Revenues Service revenue 62,500 Expense Advertising expense $ 1,800 Rent expense 10,400 Utilities expense 3,100 Salaries expense 30,000 Total expense 45300 Net Income 17200

Linda Stanley Co. for the year 2008. Retained Ended Statement Retained earnings, January 1, 2008 $ 48,000 Net Income 17,200 30800 Dividends during 2008 6,000 Retained earnings, 2008 24,800 Instructions After analyzing the data, prepare an income statement and a retained earnings statement for the year ending December 31, 2008. E1-13 Mary Close is the bookkeeper for Mendez Company.

Mary has been trying to get the balance sheet of Mendez Company to balance. Mendez’s balance sheet is shown on page 37. Identify each statement as true or false. If false, indicate how to correct the statement. E2-2 Selected transactions for D. Reyes, Inc. , an interior decorating firm, in its first month of business, are as follows. Jan. 2 Invested $10,000 cash in the business in exchange for common stock. 3 Purchased used car for $4,000 cash for use in business. 9 Purchased supplies on account for $500. 11 Billed customers $1,800 for services performed. 6 Paid $200 cash for advertising. 20 Received $700 cash from customers billed on January 11. 23 Paid creditor $300 cash on balance owed. 28 Declared and paid a $1,000 cash dividend. Instructions For each transaction indicate the following. (a) The basic type of account debited and credited (asset, liability, stockholders’ equity). (b) The specific account debited and credited (cash, rent expense, service revenue, etc. ). (c) Whether the specific account is increased or decreased. (d) The normal balance of the specific account

Amazon River

Introduction: In our world there are lots of river in the world which have different importances, the Amazon River is the one. The Amazon River is the one of world highest levels of biodiversity. Running out to the South Africa there is the Amazon River and Amazon rainforest which are the 2nd largest river and the largest rainforest in the world. The Amazon River is also the largest drainage basin in the world. Because of its large dimensions, it also called “The River Sea”. write an essay describing the laws of thermodynamics

As one of the most extreme place on the earth this research will tell you about insight information and specific data of the Amazon River. 103 words Geographical location: The Amazon River is not the longest river in the world however, it pass through many countries in South America. Its tributaries flow through the countries of Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, and Brazil before emptying into the Atlantic Ocean 6, 437 kilometres from the Amazon’s headwaters in the top of Andes Mountains of Peru.

The length of the Amazon had been argued about which place the true source of the Amazon is. Nowadays, the satellite technology was helped researchers to calculate the river’s dimensions more accurately. The Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research selected to use the southern channel and estuary as begin of measurement. Their final measurement for the length of the Amazon from Apacheta Creek which is the place that they decided to be the source of the river to the mouth of Marajo Bay was about 6,992 km(this fact may prove that Amazon is the longest river in the world).

The Amazon Basin is the largest drainage basin in the world. It covers approximately 40 percent of South America around 7,050,000 square kilometres. It found just next to the Pacific Ocean. The Amazon River and forest is forested areas that become flooded every rainy season. Every year the water level rises more than 9 metres, flooding the surrounding forests called as “flooded forests”. In an average dry season, 110,000 square kilometres of land are water-covered, while in the wet season, the flooded area of the Amazon Basin rises to 350,000 square kilometres.

The volume of water it carries from the Amazon River to the Atlantic Ocean is enormous: up to 300,000 cubic metres per second in the rainy season, with an average of 209,000 cubic metres per second from 1973 to 1990. The end of the Amazon River is the Atlantic Ocean (at Marajo Bay) 285 words History: Due to the fact that the flood in Amazon area is not a big event because Amazon is the largest drainage area in the world which made Amazon forests a flooded area every rainy season this have an effect on transporting system.

In the past centuries, transporting system mostly use a boat to travel from place to place. Then, new age of transportation in Amazon area is started from 6 September, 1850 the emperor, Pedro II when he sanctioned the law authorizing steam navigation on the Amazon. This opened commerce on Para and Manaus, Manaus and Tabatinga, Para and Cameta, the Madeira, Purus and Negro with the steamboats. On 31 July 1867 the government of Brazil, pressed by countries encircling the upper Amazon basin, to open the water route every nations.

The mercantile development associated with steamboat navigation, coupled with the internationally driven demand for natural rubber (1880–1920), this brought Amazon local country benefits. The first direct foreign trade with Manaus was commenced around 1874 this local trade along the river bring the Amazon Steam Navigation Company had 38 vessels. By the turn of the 20th century, the principal exports of the Amazon Basin were India-rubber, cacao beans, Brazil nuts and a few other products of minor importance, such as pelts and exotic forest produce (resins, barks, woven hammocks, prized bird feathers, live animals, etc. and extracted goods (lumber, gold, etc. ). Then, the demand of rubber from the Allied forces in World War II increased. After the World War II the long-term development plans continued. Roads were cut through the forests, and in 1970, the work on the Trans-Amazonian highway network began. 274 words Impact of human Use: According to the fact that the Amazon River is the extreme place in the world about biodiversity, resourceful place and Largest river in the world etc. , this make people interest to live, to use it commercially and to travel. First we focus on living of people in Amazon areas.

There are at least 100 uncontacted tribes or groups of people who inhabit the rainforest. These people are harmed by natural disaster, disease and other load of obstacles. Live on the water is not only to find food, eat and sleep. The one that going to survive is the one who organised and prepared for everything such as food, shelter, drugs and place to use as toilet. When it was people living in Amazon the boating and shipping is start too. Fishing on Amazon River was happen for centuries but there is no control even now it still no rules over fishing activity.

Boating is due to the transportation system especially water way. Boating are not only makes life under water panic but it also effect the chemical rate of water when the petroleum things drop out into water from the boat engine or crash of boat also make river become toxin. The shipping is also the aspect that we look for. It is related to boating because to shipping things on the river you need to transport on water way. It gets same problems as Boating but the last aspect is the main problem“tourism”. The most attractive tour is Amazon cruise tour.

It is going to offer an intimate tropical natural experience. The tourism help country gain money but lot of tourist is not a cooperative people for the natural protection rules. 280 words Pollutants: The pollutant which found in the Amazon River is a producing of pig iron, petroleum environment problems and the most pollutant is gold rush from gold mining which using large amount of mercury to extract the gold were released into rivers and caused the fish, which are so important in the local diet, to become unsafe to eat.

The research discovered the hair of people who live far from the mercury problem source as samples taken from adults contained an average mercury level of 15. 9 micrograms per gram (15. 9 parts per million). This amount of exposure is well below the threshold of 50 micrograms per gram considered “safe” by the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO threshold is based on the lowest level at which scientists in previous studies have reported the first clinical signs of mercury poisoning in adults.

In fact, the study revealed a direct relationship between declining coordination and increasing levels of methyl mercury in people’s hair that live next to the mercury problem source. The research had discovered that mercury can damage human health even at levels well below accepted international safety standards. The investigation into the cause of mercury contamination in the Amazon is one of many projects which explain about what is going on at Amazon river and what was it effect.

This knowledge can then be used to develop policies toward the better management of ecosystems in order to improve Amazon River and human health. 242 words Impact of a proposed: The amount water in the Amazon River can use to run hydroelectric power plants effectively. The energy requirements of both the Carajas development and the city of Belem are met by the giant Tucurui hydroelectric plant on the Tocantins River, one of the largest hydroelectric power stations in the world.

A more modest hydroelectric facility on a small river north of Manaus supplies that city with power. A growing sensitivity to the harmful consequences for both our life and the environment due to the construction of large dams has caused projects to be placed on hold. The principal oil developments within Amazonia have taken place in the Oriente regions of the Andean countries. Oil pipelines originate from districts in both Colombia (the upper Putumayo) and Ecuador (Agrio Lake), as well as north eastern Peru, and end at export terminals on the Pacific coast.

Within the Brazilian and Bolivian portions of the basin, developments have been of minimal consequence. To understand and solve problem of construction of dam and hydro-electric power project we need to know that human use water especially damming and agricultural has affected over 77 percent of the annual discharge of the large rivers in the northern third of the world. While offering some benefit to humans, these dams reduce the ability of rivers to transport water. Dams also block the passage of fish upstream to spawning grounds.

So construction of dam and sluice is very important but the large one would affect the ecosystem too much so why don’t you build it in many part of the river and it will less affect the whole of the ecosystem. In the same way as dam construction problems, the bridge oil and gas is need for South America people. But the way to solve is to keep it safer than normal pipeline and check it frequently to make sure and safe a nature. 310 words Conclusion: Amazon is the largest river in the world in volume and in area of drainage asin its basin encompasses the world’s most extensive rainforest and is home to an extraordinary diversity. It was also generated the economics of nations. These facts make Amazon become important river but it can also bring dirtiness to the river. So, everyone especially local people, tourist and government agency need to realize that Amazon also need to be protect because the water protect us and give us opportunities to live better. I think that if everything is done as my recommendation the problem might be solved especially the dam construction problems. 106 words

About Independence Day in Small Paragraph

(Translation of an excellent article from Thuglak, a Tamil fortnightly) Preface: Is it a rule that only PM or CM should unfurl the National Flag and address the citizens? Should not a chance be given to a citizen who is enjoying independence? (?! ) This is an attempt to think how a citizen will address on the eve of Independence Day. My dear Citizens of India (bayoon aur bahnoo) Namaskar. India is a free country and everybody has freedom. Isn’t it? There is no section of our society which is not enjoying freedom in this country.
write an essay describing ways in which the availability of water can be increased
Even our prisoners are free to live with kanja and Mobile phones inside the prisons. Not only there is freedom for the prisoners to attack each other inside prison, even outsiders have the freedom to trespass into the prison and attack the prisoners. Even jailers cannot interfere with this kind of freedom. It is not necessary for people to be confined to their homes at the time of power cut. They have the freedom to walk outside and enjoy free air. They can return to their houses once the power supply is restored.

As citizens are having freedom to complain regarding power failures, the officials of Electricity Board are also having equal freedom to keep the phone receivers off the hook always. If you are a Government contractor there is no compulsion that you should lay the roads properly as per specifications. If anybody has any such expectation will it not amount to interference in your freedom? You can lay roads as per your will and wish. Even you may choose not lay roads at all because it is your freedom. If the roads suddenly disappear in rains, people have the freedom to reach their houses by boats or by swimming.

Government has given the freedom for all unemployed people to register their names. If they are not satisfied with the registration, they are free to search for employment elsewhere. No body has the right to prevent them. If unexpectedly they get any job, I should mention here with pride, they have the freedom to strike work too. There is total freedom to choose a business of your choice in this country. If you prefer to select the business of smuggling, you are free to smuggle rice, sand, cement or TV as you wish. There is no legal list restricting things to be smuggled. Anything can be smuggled.

If that is not possible you can conveniently start the business of manufacturing pirated CDs from the comforts of your house itself. There is no unnecessary compulsion that only people with a MBBS degree should practice. Anybody can freely practice medicine in this country even without any degree.. The age old tradition that only government can print currency notes has been smashed now. In independent India people have the freedom to print currency notes. You can notice with happiness that there are various groups enjoying the freedom of printing currency notes operating from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

Maoists and terrorists are also enjoying freedom in this great country. Maoists are free to derail any train at any time and in any route. Terrorists are free to plant bombs anywhere in this country. To honour the freedom given to Maoists and terrorists, our PM is addressing the Nation from a bullet-proof case on the 15th of August. Poor PM, he is the only person not having freedom in this country! There is no bar on Ministers regarding quantum of corruption. Sky is the limit. They can loot lakhs or crores depending on their abilities.

Similarly there is no bar specifying that corruption can be only in certain departments or areas. Independent India has given them enormous freedom to corrupt anything to any extent. At the same time you may please note that our people have the freedom to understand which Minister has looted how many crores by reading newspapers or by watching TVs. Moreover people have the further freedom of choosing the party which can corrupt them in the next five years. This list of freedom is very big and I cannot explain each and every one. Long live Independent India! Long live our freedom! Jai Hind.


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