The Story Of Jeanette Winterson Fairytales English Literature Essay

In the book, Oranges Are Not the Lone Fruit ; Jeanette Winterson invariably makes usage of fairy tales in her literary work. Winterson strategically uses these fairy tales to acquire her points across. She uses these abstracts narratives to pull the reader ‘s attending to the world of what she is sing in her existent life and besides as a review of the society she lives in. one such effectual usage of a fairy tale in the book is in the subdivision of Ruth where Jeanette talks about the narrative of Winnet Stonejar.

In this fairy tale, Winnet lives entirely in a great land but is tricked by a magician to go his learner. After populating many old ages with the magician, she really becomes convinced the magician is her male parent. Winnet falls in love with a male child in the land and invites him to one of the banquets at the palace. At the banquet, Winnet ‘s male parent grows becomes ferocious with the male child and locks him up. Winnet frees him. the magician so tells Winnet to go forth the small town and that he will take away her powers. Winnet finds it difficult to come to a determination but a raven tells her that the magician is lying and that he can non take her powers. The Corvus corax coughs up his bosom for her to take. Winnet so heads into the wood and later prostrations after rolling in the wood. A adult female so takes her to a nearby small town. The small towns think that the magician is huffy, so Winnet conceals her past and her powers. She tries to absorb into their civilization but still sees herself as an foreigner. Winnet hears about a beautiful metropolis far off which no 1 from the small town has of all time been at that place. Winnet decides to travel at that place despite the people stating her non to make so. Winnet finds a map with of the metropolis and sees that the metropolis is in the centre of a river. Winnet decides to acquire a boat and go forth for that metropolis ; even though she knows that she will non return from where she came from.

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It is rather obvious that Winterson uses this fairy tale to depict her ain battles in life. A closer expression at the chief character in the fairy tale, Winnet Stonejar, shows that it is Jeanette Winterson ‘s ain name spelt backwards. It is besides rather obvious that the magician represents Jeanette ‘s female parent who makes her believe initially that she is her existent parent. The fairy tale besides describes the battles Winterson faces such as being ostracized and literally locked in a room for prosecuting in homosexual relationships. Jeanette like Winnet wanders and subsequently ends up going a occupant in the metropolis. However, she still feels attached to her female parent ‘s hometown and battles to suit in. it is besides really interesting how different the characters in the fairy tale are in comparing to the people in her existent life. For case, Jeanette switches the genders of the people in the narrative. Her female parent characterized by the magician is a male. Besides the individual Winnet falls in love with is besides a male. Winterson was most likely seeking to do her battle more general possibly to make a bigger consensus ; in the sense that these battles do non merely go on to homosexuals but besides to straight persons every bit good or she might hold besides been seeking to do the instance that homophiles are merely like straight persons and all face the same battles. The narrative of Winnet is truly effectual in the sense that its arrangement is near to the terminal of the book and gives the reader a nice sum-up and analysis of Jeanette ‘s life up to this point. There is nowhere in the book where she does this. She besides uses it as a review of her female parent ‘s society ; her church and recounts all the immoralities they did to her which makes her bosom yearn for a better topographic point. The Winnet fairy tale besides nicely ties in with the orange motive in the book.

Jeanette is ever given an orange. It does n’t count what she does, whether good or bad. I think the orange is a symbol of the common belief that is popular in Jeanette ‘s universe. It pervades her society so much that it is presented as the lone option. Simply put, heterosexualism is the orange. It is the lone fruit or lifestyle given to Jeanette in her society. The Winnet narrative ties in with this orange motive in that, in order to obtain a different fruit which is non orangish. Or in order for Winnet ( Jeanette ) to prosecute her alternate life style, she had to go forth her ain people.

The narrative of Winnet is non a fractured fairy tale because in fractured fairy tales, the writer puts a turn on already bing fairy tales in order to do it amusing. We do non see that nonsubjective inWinnet ‘s narrative. It is an original narrative that does non endeavour to set a new spin on any already bing one. The fairy tale is non besides presented in a manner that appears amusing.

The narrative of Winnet is a specifying minute in the book it represents the point Winterson is able to interrupt off the walls that had ab initio restricted her. It is the point that Jeannette begins to outline her ain life independent from the influences of her female parent. It besides presents the reader many worthwhile points of contemplation.


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