The Price And Market Of Crude Oil Economics Essay

The monetary value of rough oil is non stable, and this has negative consequence on the whole universe economic system. Although since 1948 through 1973 rough oil monetary value oscillated between 2.5 and 3 ( 2008 $ per barrel ) after the 1973 Middle-East crisis monetary value started to increase up to 13,5 $ per barrel. In 1979-1980 state of affairs in Iraq and Iran motivated another addition in rough oil prices- 35 $ per barrel in 1981. As a effect of the universe fiscal crisis 2nd extremum was achieved in July 2008 ( 145 $ per barrel ) nevertheless, after that monetary values faced crisp lessening to 77, 7 $ per barrel.

Because of high sensibleness of oil market towards external factors there was decided by the group of states to make the intergovernmental organisation in order to vouch the stabilisation of monetary values and guarantee the regular supply to consumer states. In 1960 Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela founded the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries ( OPEC ) . Nowadays, OPEC is made up from 12 states: Algeria, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Venezuela. The chief end of OPEC is the finding of the best agencies for protection the involvements of OPEC members and whole organisation, guaranting the firm monetary values in oil markets, vouching the stable income for manufacturer states with the regular supply of crude oil to consumers. OPEC is one of the most of import participants in oil market. Harmonizing to the information of November 2010 OPEC members hold about 80 % of rough oil militias and about the half of universe ‘s rough oil production. The following large group of manufacturers is OECD and Post-Soviet provinces with the production 24 % and 15 % severally. Because of its power OPEC has influence on planetary oil market and this issue has been widely analyzed and there is immense sum of documents in which the writers try to find the nature of OPEC ‘s behaviour.

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As I already mentioned above, since 1960 many writers have analyzed the function of OPEC in universe oil market. It is deserving to advert that the universe oil pricing system perceived cardinal alterations in the last 50 old ages. The administered pricing system was switched to a market related system after 1980. At the beginning of twentieth century International Oil Companies ( IOC ) introduced the posted monetary value government but, after the arriving of Soviet Union in the market so- called seven sisters cartel ( the trust made up from seven large oil companies ) decrease posted monetary value by 10 per cent therefore guaranting their market portion. This factor was the basic motivation for the making of OPEC. In the 1973 the pricing system was shifted to the Government Selling Price ( GSP ) which was really similar to the posted monetary value implemented by IOC, but now OPEC was the determiner of monetary values. Although there were two oil dazes in that periods non-OPEC states increased their production by 44 % and this helped to develop the topographic point market and created two monetary value systems: OPEC monetary value and market monetary value. As a effect in 1986 the market related government was introduced. New market system motivated the crisp addition in fiscal contracts in the fiscal markets such as NYMEX or IPE and this tendency was preserved till 2001. At the terminal of December 2000 the Commodity Futures Modernization Act ( CFMA ) was introduced. After that alteration it was the addition of activity in fiscal markets and high fluctuations of oil monetary values: there was the extremum in 2008.

The instability of universe oil market has been exciting the involvement of research workers on behaviour of OPEC. There is a immense sum of literature which tries to explicate the behaviour of OPEC. Despite the immense attempt of the writers there is no 1 clear place in specifying the behaviour of OPEC and in the most instances the obtained consequences are inconclusive and assorted. The huge bulk of literature states the inquiry: is OPEC a trust? The replies to this inquiry are non the same. Some writers argue that OPEC is non cartel, for illustration Dahl and Yucel ( 1989 ) show that OPEC is non acting like a trust and some member states act with a mark gross end. However Gulen ( 1996 ) shows that OPEC production causes oil monetary values merely during 1982-1993 and non for other periods. After proving the trust, competitory, mark gross and belongings rights theoretical accounts Griffin ( 1985 ) obtained that partial market sharing is best representation of OPEC states. Hnyilicza and Pindyck ( 1976 ) divide the OPEC in two groups: “ Spenders ” and “ rescuers ” and see their interaction. Furthermore there are besides target gross attacks ( Teece ( 1982 ) ) and theoretical accounts with unsure belongings rights ( Johany ( 1980 ) ) . There are besides more recent documents where writers address the same inquiry. For illustration, Smith ( 2002 ) shows that there is the strong grounds back uping the concerted behaviour of OPEC nevertheless, he rejects the position that Saudi Arabia is the dominant manufacturer within the trust. Kraufman et Al. ( 2008 ) find that OPEC influences monetary values and increase in existent monetary values has positive consequence on OPEC ‘s production which indicates besides to the competitory behaviour. Furthermore, all states other than Saudi Arabia show some sort of production behaviour. The most recent work of Bremond et Al. ( 2011 ) shows that, depending on monetary value systems influences of OPEC on universe oil market is different and in bulk of periods OPEC acts like a monetary value taker. Besides, by spliting OPEC between “ Spenders ” and “ rescuers ” they show that it acts like trust within the members of its subgroups.

In the following session I will supply the reappraisal of literature ( Which from my position are more of import ) with reviews of writers premises and statements. That literature will be ordered by the day of the month of publication. In making so, I hope to capture the development of apprehension of OPEC behavior through the clip.


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