The Power of Voice: Story Corps Essay

The narrative I chose to listen to was He’s ever been on my head of all time since then… by Bill Cosgrove. It’s the narrative about a NYPD lieutenant during the tragic events on September 11. 2001. However this peculiar narrative involves him. four other brave police officers and firemen and a priest by the name of Father Mychal Judge. They were come ining the North tower to get down assisting people to safety and so stumbled across Father Judge who under the debris was in a chair. After look intoing his critical marks it came about that he didn’t do it. Alternatively of go oning on to see if they could happen any other subsisters these brave work forces carried Father Judge out of the combustion edifice.

Father Mychal Judge was ever making what of all time he could to assist the community henceforth why he was there that forenoon. Lieutenant Cosgrove didn’t know the male parent personally but he knew that he was there that twenty-four hours for a ground. and by assisting him that is what kept him and the remainder of the work forces that helped him safe the following two yearss. He goes on to state you that there doesn’t travel a twenty-four hours he doesn’t think of the Father and thank him for maintaining him alive. I saw the rubric and brief description of this podcast and knew that this is the 1 I wanted to listen to. possibly one ground I chose it is because today being the tenth day of remembrance of the tragic events that happened on 09-11-01 merely made me desire to hear a narrative that revolved around it.

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The significance of listening to this narrative to me is a reminder of how brave those work forces and adult females that were present at the Twin Towers truly were. It besides signifies that when a calamity comes strike harding at America’s door the people are ever here to assist. Even ten old ages subsequently that twenty-four hours still seems fresh in everyone’s head particularly those that were at that place. or those who had loved 1s effected afterwards. It signifies the strength in one individual. he knew that the Father wasn’t alive anyone but still made certain that he wasn’t left in the debris. particularly since he had heard how much Father Judge did for the community. It shows that Bill Cosgrove is a true American hero who didn’t want celebrity merely felt grateful and blessed to be alive after the events of that tragic September twenty-four hours.

When you listen to someone’s narrative versus reading it on paper you miss out on the emotions the writer puts into their narrative. For illustration this narrative. yes even if you were to read it you’d acquire a feeling of unhappiness but listening to him state it to you sends a shiver down your spinal column because you hear it from the individual who was at that place. he tells it to you with existent emotions and the exact manner he felt. I think podcasts are great because you get a better apprehension of what feelings the writers want you to experience. particularly for those who have problem acquiring into reading a book and decoding the significances and emotions.

If I were to state a narrative about myself. it’d likely be approximately ne’er giving up on what you want to make in life. and following your ain way despite what others think. My married woman and I moved out of my parents when I had merely turned 18. and she was 19. Everyone told us that it would be excessively difficult and that we should merely wait. It’s been over a twelvemonth and yes we struggle daily. sometimes it seems like even when we get back on our pess we fall another 20 paces but you merely have to maintain forcing on and go oning the way you want to populate and if you are happy that’s all that affairs. I think that is the message that I’d portray would be that. “yeah life’s hard. it has some downs but it besides has some ups. it’s how you handle the bumpy route that will take to the result. ”


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