The Power Of The Mind English Literature Essay

“ Life is divided into three footings – that which was, which is, and which will be. Let us larn from the past to gain by the present and from the present to populate better in the hereafter ” ( “ William Wordsworth Quotes ” ) . The Romantic Age of Literature has impacted 1000s of people around the universe through the period ‘s writers, literary plants, and societal motions. In peculiar, the Romantic Time period was inspired by three subjects that include imaginativeness, nature, and individuality ( “ Romanticism ” ) . These thoughts have been captured in the writer ‘s work and brought to life through the head of the reader. One chief thought that seems to impact the life of every homo is individuality. All people strive for that feeling of self-independence from other people, existences, objects, or thoughts of their imaginativeness. Two literary plants of the Romantic Period entitled The Lime-Tree Bower My Prison and Resolution and Independence both exemplify the subject of individuality. The writers who wrote the verse forms both overcame single mental barriers and in the terminal, genuinely showed the power of the human imaginativeness.

The verse form, The Lime-Tree Bower My Prison, was written by Samuel Taylor Coleridge during the twelvemonth 1797. The verse form starts out with Coleridge being visited by his friends William Wordsworth, Dorothy Wordsworth, and Charles Lamb. Before his friends arrived, Mrs. Coleridge accidently spilled a frying pan of sweltering milk on Samuel ‘s pes. When Dorothy, William, and Charles arrived, they decided to ship upon a twenty-four hours long hike through nature. Because of his pes hurt, Coleridge was left behind to sit under a alone lime tree, watching as his friends enjoyed the sights and scenery of the countryside ( Coleridge 428 ) . At the beginning of the verse form, Coleridge feels trapped by the lime-tree. He views the tree non as a physical barrier but as a mental barrier, maintaining his head and imaginativeness from rolling and linking with his friends. Readers can see how Samuel foremost felt by reading the first few poetries of The Lime-Tree Bower My Prison:

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Well, they are gone, and here must I remain,

This lime-tree arbor my prison! I have lost

Beauties and feelings, such as would hold been

Most Sweet to my recollection even when age

Had dimmed mine eyes to blindness! They, meanwhile,

Friends, whom I ne’er more may run into once more, ( 428 )

At this point in the verse form, Samuel Coleridge is overcome with the fact that he is unable to fall in his friends on their hiking through the countryside. He let the lime-tree become a mental barrier to his imaginativeness. Readers can see in merely the first few poetries that Coleridge experience entirely and left buttocks. The rubric is used as a metaphor in the 2nd line to stand for lime trees as bars or walls of a prison that have him trapped physically and emotionally. In line six, Coleridge says, “ Friends, whom I ne’er more may run into once more, ” utilizing that line as a exaggeration to overstate his aloneness and the distance from his friends ( Shmoop Editorial Team ) . Although Coleridge is sad and depressed in the beginning of the verse form, his emotions shortly change. In the 2nd stanza, he writes that he sees the images of his friends emerge from the hillside. At this point in the verse form, his attitude begins to alter. Through the 2nd stanza, Coleridge connects to nature utilizing adjectives that captivate the heads of readers and assist them see precisely what Coleridge was sing. By the terminal of the 2nd stanza, his liquors are one time once more high and he feels as if he experienced clip with his friends through nature. At the beginning of the 3rd stanza, Coleridge gave his readers a gustatory sensation of his new emotions:

A delectation

Comes sudden on my bosom, and I am glad

As I myself were at that place! Nor in this arbor,

This small lime-tree arbor, have I non marked

Much that has soothed me. Pale beneath the topographic point

Hung the crystalline leaf ; and I watched

Some wide and cheery foliage, and loved to see

The shadow of the foliage and root above ( 429 )

Readers can see at the beginning of the 3rd stanza that Coleridge overcame his dull feelings of solitariness and depression. Through the power of nature and his imaginativeness, he regained his single spirit as a author. He overcame the physical and mental barriers of the lime-tree and showed readers the true power of the human head.

Having a similar subject to Lime Tree Bower My Prison, the verse form Resolution and Independence was written by William Wordsworth in 1802 ( Cambridge 281 ) . The verse form begins in the forenoon with Wordsworth walking through the state side. He reflects on the old dark ‘s violent storm so admires the new forenoon which brings about fresh life. At first, Wordsworth is ebullient on his walk, but his emotions shortly change. Ideas of hurt and purdah about his hereafter as a poet shortly make full his head. In the 5th stanza of his verse form, readers realize what emotions Wordsworth is sing:

I heard the sky-lark warbling in the sky ;

And I bethought me of the playful hare:

Even such a happy Child of Earth am I ;

Even as these blissful animals do I menu ;

Far from the universe I walk, and from all attention ;

But there may come another twenty-four hours to me-

Solitude, hurting of bosom, hurt, and poorness ( 281 )

Ideas about the decease of a immature adult male named Thomas Chatterton filled his head. Many people believed this to be a suicide decease because of Chatterton ‘s difficult life as a immature poet. Wordsworth became more and more disquieted as he thought about the decease of Chatterton. His caput was filled with ideas about his ain life and if he excessively would decease in poorness. While go oning his walk, Wordsworth spotted a adult male gazing into a pool in the distance ( Drabble 118,119 ) . William walked up to the adult male and introduced himself. He asked the older adult male, “ What business do you there prosecute? “ ( Cambridge 282 ) . The adult male replied that he was a bloodsucker gather ( 282 ) . During these times, bloodsuckers were used to pull patient ‘s blood for “ healing intents ” ( Wordsworth 304 ) . Wordsworth saw the leech gatherer as the last individual who would animate him. After detecting the business of this adult male and how he lived a hapless life, Wordsworth asked the leech gatherer, “ How is it that you live, and what is it you do ” ( Cambridge 282 ) ? Even though the life of a leech gatherer may be inexorable, the old adult male ne’er lets his ideas lower his self-esteem. With a smiling on his face, the banal adult male enthused William Wordsworth with his words of encouragement. In the last stanza of Resolution and Independence, readers are able to see that Wordsworth began to honour the words of the Leech Gatherer:

And shortly with this he other affair blended,

Cheerfully expressed, with demeanor sort,

Bur stately in the chief ; and when he ended,

I could hold laughed myself to contemn to happen

In that decrepit Man so firm a head.

“ God, ” said I, “ be my aid and remain secure ;

I ‘ll believe of the Leech-gatherer on the alone Moor! ” ( 282 )

The words of the leech gatherer inspired and motivated the imaginativeness of Wordsworth. At the same clip, this adult male brought back Wordsworth ‘s sense of individualism and made him believe he had a hereafter in poesy. Wordsworth was emotionally empowered by how the old adult male lived his life and ne’er allow his occupation as a bloodsucker gatherer lower his emotional spirit. This influential experience left a permanent impact on Wordsworth that enabled him to go on his calling as a poet.

William Wordsworth and Samuel Coleridge are two extraordinary poets who exemplified the individualistic and inventive subjects of the romantic period. In the verse form The Lime-Tree Bower My Prison, Coleridge overpowered his ideas through nature and enabled his head to bask the out-of-doorss. In Resolution and Independence, Wordsworth overcame his witting ideas through the inspiring words of the leech gatherer and decided to go on his support as a poet. In the terminal, both poets displayed how an person can suppress witting ideas and demonstrated the power of the human imaginativeness. “ As I live and am a adult male, this an unexaggerated narrative – my dreams become the substances of my life ” ( “ Samuel Taylor Coleridge Quotes ” ) .


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