The Novel Of I Am Legend English Literature Essay

When you are the last of the species making out for aid, looking for person that does non populate a nocturnal being, you need to hold faith in God. The fresh version of I Am Legend is better so the gesture image because the information easy leaks out about Neville ‘s yesteryear, nowadays, and particulars about the lamias. Robert Neville is a scientist who is unable to halt the spread of the dismaying virus that is fatal, incurable, and man-made. For three old ages, Robert has sent out day-to-day wireless messages, despairing to happen any other subsister who might be out at that place. Robert obtains books and other research stuffs to detect the remedy of the disease which is a strain of bacteriums capable of infecting both deceased and living hosts. The virus has mutated everyone except one subsister which is Robert Neville. Robert is confused about his religion in God due to the state of affairss he had to face. The characters normally depend on one another because it defines their true character in the terminal.

Robert is seeking to happen the particulars about the lamias, so he can happen a remedy A virus can be spread truly fast from one individual to another. Robert Neville might be the lone subsister of an incurable pestilence that has mutated everyone into bloody-minded animals who are determined to destruct him. There is ever a solution to a struggle in which Robert believes he can happen a declaration. Robert is seeking to happen a remedy for the virus that has infected everyone in the universe. The fresh describes the state of affairs that Robert is confronting is really hazardous and in the gesture image it seems as if his mundane life is non excessively bad. His mundane mark is to be back place before sundown. Normally there are a batch of troubles that people face to happen an account to a job. Robert came up with a program to capture a lamia because he wants to seek different experiments to happen the remedy. By and large to carry through a end there is ever some job that interferes but ne’er give up excessively fast. Robert accomplished to pin down an septic adult female but the other lamias watched his every measure and played the same fast one on him. The novel did n’t hold much item on how Robert trapped the lamia but the gesture image demonstrates the hurting and the hazard he had to travel through. Robert put his life in danger, cognizing the effects. Puting in all the attempt and non giving up is the first measure to success. Robert was making an experiment on the septic adult females and it easy began to demo good consequences. Working to the best of person ‘s ability ever receives an award at the terminal. The therapy Robert gave to the adult female who is infected by the virus, easy started to work. The gesture image has a really intense state of affairs because Robert wants to assist all the other lamias who have been infected but none of them are ready to listen to him. The novel shows Robert as the lone subsister left of his “ ain race. ” Robert did n’t give up and took every measure really carefully, which helped him accomplish his end.

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Peoples believe in God but the awful state of affairss that they face are because of their ain errors. Robert thinks the job that he is traveling through is because of people being lazy and non taking a serious action right off. Most people believe that people impose catastrophes on themselves. Robert believes in God and besides believes that the fortunes every one is traveling through is because of their blooper. The novel does n’t clearly province about Robert believing in God but in the film it displays an clear image of Robert believing in God. Depending on person excessively much is non good because when he/she lets the individual down, it truly hurts. Neville is depending on Ruth because she can assist him out of gaol. Sometimes people face jobs that they should n’t be punished for and covering with it patiently is the best manner. After a few old ages of solitariness and fright in a civilisation devoid of civilised people, Robert struggled with his beliefs. Robert easy started to free his religion because for three old ages he has been seeking his best to happen a remedy but it ‘s making him no good. In the novel Robert is in prison and the lone individual who can acquire him out is Ruth. Normally people merely accept their religion and seek to populate it merrily. Robert accepts his religion and tearfully asks Ruth non to allow this society acquire excessively pitiless. It is difficult to number on person who has Lashkar-e-Taiba you down or tests a individual ‘s forbearance more than they should. A adult female named Anna saves Robert from an accident and claims God guided her to happen him merely in clip. In the film it shows that it is difficult for Robert to bury all the awful jobs that he had to confront all by himself and in the novel he merely accepts his religion because whatever he tried was no good. At first many people think God does n’t defy but the jobs that people deal with, easy recognize that he is ever there for everyone.

To happen out more about a character there is ever more than one individual in a novel or a film. Not cognizing anyone can do a individuals life suffering. Robert is seeking to happen a remedy without anyone ‘s aid and he believes he will carry through in his undertaking. Listening to person who a individual does non cognize excessively much about can sometimes be really unsafe. Robert ‘s neighbour Ben Cortman is ever shouting Robert ‘s name during the eventide, seeking to convert him to come out merely so he can harm him. The film shows Robert in a high grade of solitariness because everyone around him is seeking to destruct him but in the novel Robert has his married woman and girl with him with some clip and so he is all by himself seeking to happen a remedy for the virus. When a individual is stuck in a state of affairs that no 1 can assist him/her out with, the best thing to make is hold faith in God. Robert is in gaol and the lone individual who can assist him out is Ruth. When a individual is saved from a large job, he/ she has done good workss. Robert had a immense accident but Anna saved his life due to the wireless messages Robert sent out. The novel and film both show that when Robert needed the most aid, person is at that place for him because he has a good purpose and he has waited patiently to happen a remedy to the virus. There is ever more so one character in a narrative because that ‘s the lone manner to happen out more about the character itself.

Overall I think the novel is better than the film because the writer easy leaks out the information. Robert Neville found out the remedy all by himself and had to cover with really hard job, he is the lone subsister. Robert sent out wireless messages for three old ages desperate to happen another subsister but he lost his religion in God because he patiently waited for a few old ages and whatever measure he took would stop up being hard and bad for him. It is difficult to cognize about a character who does non depend on one another. Therefore Robert is a fable because he found the remedy to the virus and all the jobs he went through, he did n’t give up. To accomplish something in life maintain seeking and ne’er give up because at the terminal it is ever deserving it.


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