The moving poem mother to son

Every parent expects to see his or her child win in life. This anticipation has led to parents passing clip rearing while promoting their kids to follow in their footfalls. This though is achieved through taking hazards: by holding strong will and strong belief to win. In `Mother to Son ‘ the writer points out the love and concern of a female parent to her boy. She charges herself with the responsibility to leave wisdom on her kid by mentioning to her ain successes and failures in life. She depicts life as a staircase that need to be climbed through and through. Langston incorporates enunciation, beat and metaphorical linguistic communication in his lyrical work. In this usher of graphical word pictures, the writer says that life is difficult and is comprised of faltering blocks. However, these need be overcome by maintaining focus in front without arrests of sitting down, turning, catching a interruption or even set downing. Langston Hughes depicts a strong willed female parent speaking to her boy in the verse form “ Mother to Son ” . This verse form recounts the ideal adult female giving her boy words of advice sing life and its challenges that need be overcome. The writer applies the `stair-way ‘ metaphor in relation to the life she has lived.

The nonliteral usage by the writer is good versed in ( Lines1-2 ) . In these lines Hughes says “ good, boy, I ‘ll state you: life ai n’t been no crystal step. ” This rich usage of metaphor points out words of wisdom from a adult female informing her kid on the unsystematic brushs in life. But life instead is difficult and ill-defined. However, we ever have to surge up for greater highs in life. This comparing bears the purpose and subject of this verse form. The adult female farther instructs her boy that it has some tacks in it which have matchwoods and boards that are tattered all over the topographic point on the floor. These words are found in lines ( 3-6 ) . Langston proceeds to exercise high spots of challenges that this female parent had gone experient. He metaphorically curves out the tacks and matchwoods, picking out lacerate boards as things and tastes the adult female has had to experience. These are topographic points and encounters the adult female expects her boy to come by. She instills the strong will to get the better of in her kid when she says in ( lines14-17 ) .

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The writer uses informal linguistic communication in showing imagination in back uping the subject. Figures like “ tacks ” resonates the acuteness and uncomfortableness of obstructions in life. Besides, matchwoods depict the provocative hurting and the troubles of making off with hurting in 1s populating. The characteristic metaphor of life that is under comparing shows and symbolizes the difficult undertaking in making oneaa‚¬a„?s extremum in life. On the other manus, the crystal stares provides lucidity and flawlessness about life which the female parent clearly shows that she has non been given. In add-on the reverberation tends to add more information about the verse form every bit good as heightening the subject. This changeless repeat provides the reader wholly breathless copying the tiring acclivitous undertaking of mounting the steps ( Jackson, 2006 ) .

The writer is go throughing a message to the populace through this adult female of wisdom. In the verse form, the female parent symbolically portrays the adversities of life that she has overcome. In her strong spirit she held on to trust and the struggled forwards. This is found in ( lines18-19 ) “ For I’se still goin ‘ , honey/ I’se climbin ‘ ” ( Langston, 2007 ) .This statements and word picture give life its go uping qualities like that of a stairway. She relates life with the mounting of the stepss which must be achieved through difficult work.

The beat of the verse form lacks rime. However it is rich with round throughout the lines. The poet applied the usage of finding in a weary psyche in establishing his foundation of a staircase that requires mounting of one measure at a clip. Hughes serves the audience with a lovely scene of a devoted parent speech production to her kid. Although the adult female is impoverished in instruction, she disapproves of that as a hinderance to leave good quality and devotedness to her boy. The adult female shows believable parenting by happening clip to be with the kid. In Hughes book one finds enriched and dramatic cautiousness for the boy to go on in “ do n’t you put down on the stairss ” . This words challenge the young person to take acclivitous undertakings. The female parent succeeds this cautiousness with another statement “ Cause you finds its kinder hard ” In the 2nd last line, she figuratively says “ Life for me aint been no crystal step ” ( Langston, 2007 ) . The footing of this statement is to give worlds of troubles in life to the boy. She besides repeats the line that establishes the metaphor: “ Life for me ai n’t ” The female parent uses her ain experience to demo her boy that despite the hard and challenges of life, the continued brave battle made with bravery and finding is the lone pick that will take to success ( Jackson, 2006 ) .

In decision, Hughes ‘ through this traveling verse form “ Mother to Son ” empowers the boy and the reader with valuable words of wisdom. In this deft usage of fictional devices such as uncommon linguistic communication, symbolism, images, repeat, in add-on to the wise usage of format, the writer achieves to convey together the image of a female parent fondly, sagely speaking to her boy about life.


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