The Life And Death English Literature Essay

Life is what distinguishes populating beings from dead beings, declared in behaviour such as growing, reproduction and response to the environment. Meursault, the chief character from the short novel The Stranger, by Albert Camus, portrays a adult male who does n’t non experience and emotions to anyone or anything. He does non look to hold any emotions for anything go oning in his life and many people picture as a senseless adult male. Everyone in the universe goes through life altering crisis that takes them several months or even several old ages to acquire over but Meursault who merely went through the decease of his female parent, shows small remorse towards world.

Meursault shows a really limited sum of love or torment at the fact of his female parent ‘s decease. A sane human being would experience an huge sum of hurting and sorrow for non being with their female parent but Meursault does non even care about when she passed off. Straight off on the first pages of the novel, we encounter the portion where his female parent dies, and he does non care about it at all. “ Maman died today. Or yesterday possibly, I do n’t cognize. I got a wire from the place: “ Mother is deceased. Funeral tomorrow. Faithfully yours. ” ( 3 ) That does n’t intend anything. Possibly it was yesterday. ” Meursault does n’t even care to name back and acquire some more information about his female parent ‘s passing. He shows no emotions or compunction because he merely sent her off to another place to acquire person else to take attention of her. He could care less as he shows no hint of hurting and merely goes to make something else. A individual uses their encephalon to believe with, and they do n’t utilize it they are every bit good as a doll, like Meursault who himself has no deep idea on anything. His female parent who had to transport him about for nine months and alter his nappies dies, and he does non demo any compunction. When Meursault was in tribunal, they convict him for absence of sorrow at his female parent ‘s funeral. Meursault has nil to state to that, he does non hold any feelings for his ain female parent.

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In add-on, Meursault besides shows the same deficiency of caring at his female parent ‘s vigil. He merely concentrates on his physical uncomfortableness. For illustration, when the gentlemen asks him if he wants to see his female parent ‘s organic structure, Meursault declined, “ He was traveling towards the coffin when I stopped him. “ You do n’t desire to ” he said. I answered “ no ‘ ” ( 6 ) So early in the novel, Camus shows us that Meursault shows no feelings towards his female parent, person who has loved him for so many old ages. This brings up a inquiry, why did he even go to the place when he does n’t desire to see his female parent? He even lit up a coffin nail in forepart of his female parent ‘s coffin. “ I felt like holding a fume. But I hesitated, because I did n’t cognize if I could make it with maman right at that place. I thought about it ; it did n’t affair. I offered the caretaker a coffin nail and we smoked ” ( 8 ) . He does non even know the significance of regard and etiquette. He fundamentally figured that since she is dead, smoking in forepart of her agencies nil. He said “ it did n’t count “ as if he meant that his female parent did n’t affair. Meursault proves to us that smoking in forepart of her does non trouble oneself him, nor does his female parent ‘s decease alteration the manner he continues to populate his life.

Meursault shows more Acts of the Apostless of sloppiness by traveling to the beach after the funeral. He goes for a insouciant swim, and knock into an old friend, a adult female named Marie. A regular individual with emotions would remain place and heartache about their female parent but alternatively Meursault goes out for a walk and decides to travel hold fun at the beach.

Meursault merely goes out and has merriment. Once once more, he proves to the readers that the decease of his female parent does non unnerve him one spot. He instead travel out and hold merriment, he deals with his ain physical demands and takes attention of himself alternatively of paying regard to his female parent. He merely lives in the present and non the hereafter. This existentialist attitude is what gets him into problem and gets him to non believe about his following move. He merely does whatever experience right to him at that present minute. Again, Meursault ignores the societal dealing and emotions that one should demo after a decease of a loved one, particularly his ain female parent.

Meursault lives in the present with small concern for the yesteryear or hereafter. Camus shows us that Meursault does n’t take anything earnestly ; he alternatively keeps things every bit crystalline as possible. Soon after Meursault is with Marie once more, she asks him if he loved her. By now, we all know his sloppiness behaviour and his deficiency of emotions. Once once more he focuses on the physical and non the emotional nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide he replies: “ When she laughed I wanted her once more. 1 minute subsequently she asked me if I loved her. I told her it did n’t intend anything but that I did n’t believe so ” ( 35 ) . Marie is ever on Meursault ‘s head he loves her smiling, he loves to be with her, and feels better when he sees her. To believe person would give an reply like that to her proves Meursault ‘s careless behaviour.

Meursault takes his apathy of others to the extreme when he kills an Arab. He acknowledges to his readers the he got into an statement with an Arabic adult male before, and when he went back, he shot him 4 times. Normally, a adult male would fall after one shooting to the thorax, but Meursault had the autonomy of hiting him four times, while he said “ it was because of the Sun ” ( 103 ) . He merely does n’t care what happens to him in the present or future because he does what he wants to make in that minute. When Meursault had the opportunity to travel see the Chaplin and squeal his wickednesss, he merely says “ I do n’t hold anything to state to him ” ( 108 ) .

Meursault chooses the way of the existential philosopher, but why does Camus give us Meursault when he shows no regard for his familiarities, household or authorization figures? Peoples are automatons controlled in the milieus they coincide in, no affair what happens they will ever be the 1s being controlled. To hold characters like Meursault who does non care if the grass is green or if the sky is bluish. Meursault is every bit good as a doll because nil fusss him plenty for him to acquire flustered by it.


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