The Insurance Brokers Association Of Ontario Economics Essay

The Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario is a not-for-profit rank organisation stand foring 650 single belongings and casualty Personal computer insurance securities firm concerns in the state of Ontario. This section of insurance covers all categories of concern other than life insurance ; including place, car, concern, commercial, liability, accident and illness insurances.

Rivals of P & A ; C insurance securities firms are traditional insurance agents and the comparatively new call Centre direct authors. Traditional insurance agents are representatives of a individual insurance company who have a physical presence in local communities. State Farm, All State and The Collaborators are the three largest insurance companies that write concern through local agents. Name centre direct authors do non hold a local presence ; alternatively they have head office locations with telephone agents that manage the gross revenues and service of their insurance merchandises across the state, or in some instances, the state. TD Meloche Monnex was the original and is still the forepart smuggler in this class, with many other companies, including RBC Insurance, Belair Direct, Desjardin General Insurance Direct ( DGID ) and CAA insurance, runing in this manner.

Personal car and place insurance are the most competitory type of insurance within the industry and insurance agents manage the bulk of this concern in Ontario. The agents ‘ per centum of market portion has been shriveling since the debut of call Centre direct authors. Figure 1 demonstrates the displacement in market portion for personal policies between 1980 and 2010, with the loss in market portion about entirely due to name Centre direct authors. Name centres market straight to the consumer and have a well larger selling budget to pass, based on size and decreased operating expense, than single insurance securities firm concerns. They besides entered the online market topographic point really early and hold a well-established laterality in that infinite.

In an effort to change by reversal this tendency, the IBAO undertook an enterprise to make an on-line tool for consumers to happen an IBAO member in a directory and acquire an insurance quotation mark from a local agent. The website ( MIS ) was introduced in April of 2008, originally an Ontario specific enterprise ; nevertheless, other provincial P & A ; C agent associations have become participants in the enterprise, now functioning Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick.

IBAO is the exclusive stockholder of Independent Broker Resources Inc. ( IBRI ) , a for-profit corporation. Although the hallmarks and advertisement run for the web site are covered by the not-for-profit IBAO, the website architecture, package and database, were all created and are owned by IBRI. IBAO envisioned the MIS site going a Canadian national service and intentionally structured the ownership this manner to let IBRI the ability to bear down other associations fees to countervail the overall operation, instead than their traditional attack of merely cost sharing with sister associations.

Considerable larning about the online environment was required to understand how to acquire consumers to see the web site, and even more to arouse involvement in the services offered. IBAO introduced a traditional media publicizing run in 2008 which lasted until 2010 with an one-year budget of $ 640,000 to derive grip in the online market. The run included wireless, hoardings and print advertizements across the state. In June 2009, IBRI began look intoing advertisement in the online environment, and appointed a hunt engine optimisation consultancy house to assist with the strategic way. The consequence was to force the MIS web site higher in the Google hunt consequences, leting broker-sold insurance companies to break compete with call Centre direct authors.


Large direct-to-consumer insurance companies pay a important amount to Google for a high ranking in hunts for insurance ; this is called a “ pay-per-click ” attack. Without the budget to vie in a pay-per-click scheme, IBRI is looking at ways to optimise the MIS web site to increase the overall organic rank of the web site. The site has been running successfully for five old ages, is good established with hunt engines and includes a considerable degree of information available for consumers about generic insurance footings. Increasing the comparative authorization of the web site within the on-line insurance community to increase the organic ranking would be significantly good to IBAO ‘s rank. The cyberspace insurance shopper is non the traditional agent consumer, and the MIS web site is meant to capture concern that would otherwise be written by the turning call Centre directs. New concern acquired from this channel is really valuable for the securities firms and represents a agent channel enterprise that truly marks direct rivals.

Companies that join this enterprise will profit, non merely from a concern point of view, but besides from a important addition in public dealingss activity. IBRI will work with all insurance companies to capitalise in imperativeness releases and parts to insurance industry media to publicise and compliment insurance companies for back uping “ a genuinely independent agent concern acquisition tool. ”

IBRI intends to leverage the agent directory that presently exists within the MIS web site to supply a national agent search service to all Canadian P & A ; C insurance companies that write their merchandises through agents. Each company already has a directory on their web site, but IBRI can supply a superior service with cleaner agent informations, which can increase the overall insurance concern written by agents across Canada. As the insurance companies subscribe, search engines will recognition the MIS site with more authorization, increasing the overall organic ranking of the MIS site for generic insurance hunt footings which will in bend impact alone visitant traffic and gross generated through insurance policy gross revenues.

Before turn overing out the MIS program, the optimum pricing scheme will necessitate to be determined and presented to the Canadian P & A ; C insurance companies. IBRI ‘s chief aim is to optimise its ain grosss, but besides set a pricing that entices and encourages insurance companies to subscribe and increase the overall potency for the MIS web site construction. To accomplish this, some of import elements will be considered:

Insurance companies will see some internal cost nest eggs when they no longer necessitate to keep their ain web site agent directory.

IBRI has a really clean national securities firm database service to offer. The agents themselves can update their contact inside informations, and since it is all in one location, all agent directory questions pulled from our informations will be every bit current as our agents ‘ last update.

By virtuousness of their support of the inaugural making extra traffic to insurance securities firm ‘s sale tools, they are helping in the recapture of concern otherwise lost to the direct author rivals.

Each P & A ; C insurance company presently controls a per centum portion of the market place, which differ dramatically between big and little insurance companies. Pricing must be toothsome and appealing to each size of insurance company.

Volume of concern frequently equates to the figure of accredited agents appointed by an insurance company, but non ever ; the figure of agents within each insurance company ‘s ain directory will be a consideration.

There are some political considerations that will promote insurance companies to fall in the MIS enterprise. Insurance companies who subscribe early will acquire a important public dealingss value through imperativeness releases, and can leverage their engagement as a show of their support of the agent distribution channel. These early adoptive parents will assist IBRI promote insurance companies who are hesitating, as they will be seen by their ain agent community as losing an chance to back up a clear concern acquisition scheme. Even in the event that the proposal does non do clear ROI sense to an insurance company, the good will and public dealingss value for some will outweigh any extra disbursal they incur to take part.

To put pricing, current site traffic, gross revenues volumes and close rates for the MIS site will necessitate to be considered, every bit good as the traffic of the mark companies, so that we are able to find the consequence their subscription will hold on the overall visitant Numberss to the MIS site. Ultimately, these prosodies will be used to find the approximative value of a visitant, and do estimations of future gross utilizing the norm car insurance premium dollar value as determined by the Insurance Bureau of Canada for 2012.


Website Traffic

One of the cardinal aims of the MIS Broker Directory is to increase website traffic.

Search engines ( Google, Yahoo and Bing, for illustration ) control about 95 % of all cyberspace traffic. Almost all consumers will get down looking for web sites related to a peculiar subject, such as “ car insurance ” or “ auto insurance ” in Google, and the web sites presented by Google in response to these questions will have the big bulk of visitants.

Google uses really sophisticated analytical mechanisms to delegate relevance tonss to each site to guarantee the most relevant hunt consequences are available at the clip of the question. Their procedure uses facets including ; the content of the web site, the comparative authorization of the web site, and the frequence of updates or seasonableness of the information on the site. Research shows that users tend to trust on the first page of hunt consequences merely, presuming that hunt pages outside of the top 10 web sites ranked “ organically[ 1 ]“ are non useful.1

As advertisement of direct-to-consumer insurance companies increases, consumers are going more knowing and have started to seek for insurance by company name. For illustration, while hunts for “ place insurance ” are up 200 % , hunts for “ td place insurance ” are up 450 % .2

It is possible to pay for a listing on the first page of Google and take which question footings should motivate the visual aspect of that web site. The highest bidder for a chink through gets the highest listing, every bit long as the web site is relevant to the search term in inquiry. Given the hyper-competitive market of personal insurance, RBC insurance and TD Meloche Monnex have been known to pass every bit much as $ 25 per chink through to keep their figure one ranking on Google ‘s sponsored links country and the gross revenues of cardinal word advertisement for the word “ insurance ” history for over 40 % of Google ‘s full gross. Figure 2 shows the first three musca volitanss in a recent Google hunt entitled, “ auto insurance Ontario ” and all three are direct to client companies that have purchased hunt engine key word advertising.2

A web site ‘s rank besides depends on a figure of factors: the frequence of keywords within a peculiar web page, how long the web page has existed, and eventually, the figure of other web pages that link to the page in inquiry. By holding the top insurance companies back uping IBRI ‘s MIS entirely, hunt engines would acknowledge this portal to be the authorization on insurance. Coupled with the P & A ; C insurance web sites associating to MIS, the comparative rank the MIS web site would increase, traveling the MIS website up in hunt consequences, which would break their ability to vie with P & A ; C companies who presently hold the top places in a Google hunt, shown in Figure 3.3

The benefit to insurance companies ‘ usage of the MIS Broker Directory would be twofold. The first benefit would be the decrease in administrative costs to run a separate agent locater database on their web sites. The MIS Broker Directory will supply the support needed from member companies by efficaciously pooling all agent information and updating the information frequently. The 2nd benefit would be supplying insurance agents with the ability to vie against the taking direct-to-consumer insurance companies, which will in bend increase their grosss. There will besides be an on-going fiscal benefit to IBRI, who will be bear downing an one-year subscription fee to the insurance companies utilizing MIS as a service for agent hunt.

Current MIS Traffic

An analysis of current MIS traffic demonstrates the figure of visits vs. the figure of alone visitants since the site opened in 2008. A steady addition in the sum of visits and alone visitants can be observed in Figure 6. Of these visitants, nevertheless, merely a comparatively little per centum progressed through all the stairss on the MIS web site to bespeak an insurance quotation mark. Harmonizing to Google Analytics, merely 5.3 % of visitants requested an car insurance quotation mark and 9.86 % requested a place insurance quotation mark. It is anticipated that increased web traffic would increase the per centum of quotation mark petitions, every bit good as the figure of quotation marks being written.

Current Competitor Traffic

Measuring current rival traffic is necessary to find how much more extra traffic the MIS Broker Directory can expect, should these companies take portion in the MIS Broker Directory. While it is hard to find how many rival visits really result in a petition for agent information, loosely, we were able to find rival traffic to the chief page of their web sites, found in Figure 6 every bit good as more elaborate information on each rivals ‘ specific traffic informations and their Global and Canadian web traffic rankings.4

Keyword Searches

To measure overall web traffic in the on-line insurance concern, a hunt on common insurance questions ( Insurance, Insurance Quote, Car Insurance Quote, Car Insurance Ontario, Insurance Quote Ontario, Car Insurance Quote and Insurance Broker ) utilizing the Google AdWords tool was carried out and Figure 7 displays the consequences. Based on the keyword hunt informations, Figure 8 shows whether or non each peculiar hunt keyword has been purchased by a rival in order to look at the top of a Google hunt, and besides where MIS ranks presently in a Google hunt.

This information demonstrates the hard undertaking MIS has been confronting viing with companies that have enormous on-line budgets and are able to buy web traffic, every bit good as the benefit to MIS if the competition was removed and their Google ranking rose. A high organic page rank and click-through rate, known as a “ CTR ” ( intending the sum of users who click on a peculiar web site after come ining a hunt question ) , can drive a important sum of concern to the MIS web site. In order to better understand this impact on the sum of traffic a web site brushs, we looked at two major web traffic surveies, conducted by Enquiro in 2007 and Optify in 2010. Consequences are shown in Figure 9 and outline Google SERP ( Search Engine Results Page ) Position, every bit good as the per centums of click-through rates attributed to each rank.5 The form established between 2007 and 2010 will probably go on, and we would anticipate to see even higher per centums attributed to the several rankings in 2012.

The chart shown in Figure 10 summarizes the hits per month for major keyword hunts identified earlier and the per centums based on Optify ‘s December 2010 survey noted above. The perpendicular axis demonstrates the extra traffic a site can anticipate if the web site was ranking in Google ‘s top 10. The entire extra traffic a site would have for the given ranking in each of the keywords is indicated on the chart. For illustration, if you ranked 1st across all 7 keyword hunts identified, you would anticipate to increase your traffic by 15,215 visits per month. This figure drops well as you move along the rankings, peculiarly from 1st to 2nd topographic point, where you would see a 23.9 % bead in traffic. The chart found in Figure 11 indicates possible traffic to the MIS web site, should it stop up with an organic figure one Google ranking.

The value of a click-through

By analysing the informations above, we are able to measure the significance of the extra web traffic in footings of dollars. The 341,330 visitants to the MIS web site would supply a sum of $ 19,200,000 ( 12,800 * $ 1500 mean car insurance policy ) in car policy gross revenues and $ 21,216,720 ( 25,258 * $ 840 mean place insurance policy ) in place policy gross revenues, for a sum of $ 40,416,720 in gross revenues on an one-year footing. Based on this, we are able to set up that the value per visitant is $ 118.41 ( $ 40,416,720/341,330 visitants ) .

Development Costss

A cardinal constituent to making the optimal pricing is set uping the cost of updating and keeping the MIS web site. After confer withing with the web development house for IBAO, E & A ; W Development Center ( ) , a range of work and pricing was provided for the undertaking.

Below is an lineation of the work:

Make a standalone, embedded version of the speedy hunt and consequences page,

Make a new all bearer list check ( for new agent directory service ) within the MIS web site,

Update the securities firm hunt in the MIS web site ( Insurer admin tool ) ,

Import all agents ‘ lists provided by insurance companies.

Estimated Build Cost:

A entire cost estimation for the model to be built by E & A ; W Development Center is $ 7,500. ( which includes adding the first insurance company to the service plus any customization required for that insurance company. )

After the model is built and completed, the cost for each extra insurance company will be 30 % of the first physique cost or $ 5,250 each user.

We expect about 8 insurance companies in entire to subscribe up to the plan, and anticipate entire set-up costs of about: $ 42,000 ( $ 5,250* 8 insurance companies ) + $ 7,500 = $ 49,500.

Administration cost:

In add-on to the set up costs, there will be an extra internal staffing cost to IBAO for the ongoing care and disposal of the site and client service. While this staff may be relocated from within the organisation, a cost should still be applied should this place stop up being filled externally. The duties of this function are largely administrative ; hence IBAO does non necessitate the accomplishments of an experient IT head count, the salary cost for such an person, based on current benchmarks at IBAO, is $ 47,000/annum.

In old enterprises, larger insurance companies have preferred to self-administer their ain information, while the staying insurance companies tend to hold IBAO administer on their behalf. Therefore, two pricing scenarios have been outlined to account for these differences. The cost of turn overing out this enterprise will be set harmonizing to the needed minimal term of three old ages, and the premise will be that eight insurance companies will register.

Cost for set-up if insurer uses their ain disposal ( 4 insurance companies ) :

For the three-year term: One clip set up cost ( $ 49,500/8 insurance companies ) $ 6,187.50 each.

Cost for set-up if insurer requires IBAO to administrate on their behalf ( 4 insurance companies ) :

For the three-year term: Salary ( $ 47,000 * 3 years/4 insurance companies ) $ 35,250 + One clip set up cost ( $ 49,500, divided by 8 insurance companies ) $ 6,187.50 for a sum of $ 55,687.50 for the term or $ 18,562.50 per annum each.

Entire cost for inaugural under these premises: $ 247,500 over three old ages or $ 82,500/annum.

Pricing Options

IBRI is viing with direct-to-consumer insurance companies, hence the pricing scheme applied demands to be both profitable for IBRI, while besides supplying value to its users. Harmonizing to Sloan Management Review, there are specific countries to concentrate on in order for IBRI to supply value and turn this enterprise. These include:

Relationships: The insurance company relationship is strengthened by IBRI ‘s alone value proposition of a comprehensive agent directory that IBRI will keep and update.

Knowledge and Information and Networks: The more agents added to the MIS Broker Directory, the more utile the tool becomes to the client, driving up web traffic and pulling even more insurance companies.

Players and Developers: The value of the directory is increased the more insurance companies that participate in the directory, promoting the developers to introduce to farther better its value.

Costss: As relationships are solidified, cognition shared, and the agent directory produces existent value, MIS grosss will turn. However, costs beyond the initial investing in developing the directory will be comparatively little, making the potency for even higher returns.

By maintaining the focal point on the value they ‘re supplying to the insurance company, IBRI will be better able to leverage the initial success of the directory and have one success construct upon another.6

The theory of merchandise market scheme explains that if a merchandise or service is perceived to present more benefit to clients, the monetary values can be higher than the rivals. In this instance, the sensed value to the P & A ; C insurance companies will necessitate to be higher than the gross benefit to IBRI. The key is to find what factors of the service the companies perceive as of import, how the companies and their rivals compare against those factors and how much companies are willing to pay for this service.7

After careful consideration of these facts, five possible pricing options were evaluated:

1. Based on the Insurer ‘s per centum of market portion:

The first option is to bear down each insurance company based on a per centum of their entire overall market portion in Canada. By using a per centum against an insurance company ‘s Net Premium Written, this allows for a comparatively just agencies to bear down for the service and would change as the insurance company ‘s market portion varied twelvemonth over twelvemonth. The end is to see the value associated with this service and make a just pricing theoretical account for both big and little companies. The drawback is that insurance companies intend to turn their concern and increase their market portion, but as their concern expands, the monetary value charged would increase. Therefore, the value of this service would necessitate to outweigh the cost to the insurance companies, every bit good as the alteration in fee as the gross revenues addition ; the value could be both an ability to re-direct their selling dollars every bit good as cut down their current administrative costs to run a separate tool on their web site. The pricing construction as outlined in Figure 12 ensures that insurance companies are charged a monetary value that is just harmonizing to the market portion they hold and gives them adequate value and inducement to hold IBRI run and keep the site on their behalf. Figure 12 shows the top 10 insurance companies and their monetary value for MIS, if IBRI implemented this solution.

Gross generated for IBRI over three old ages: ( $ 532,470*3 old ages ) – entire costs ( $ 247,500 ) = $ 1,349,909

2. Based upon a level fee for service:

Flat fee pricing is an option for consideration given this web site is supposed to be a manner of making equality for all insurance suppliers to their agents and clients. After reexamining the costs it is possible to bear down a level fee of $ 15,000/annum for a non-administrative term and $ 20,000/annum for an administrative term. The non-administered insurance companies would be charged at a mark-up of about four-times the cost and administered insurance companies will pay a mark-up on the cost of over 15 % . While this is profitable, it is merely executable if insurance companies are willing to sign-on. A one cost for all is non common in this industry and the chance of it being accepted is low, hence this option will non be pursued any farther.

Gross generated for IBRI over three old ages: [ non-administrative ( $ 15,000*4 ) + administrative ( $ 20,000*4 ) *3 old ages ] – entire costs ( $ 247,500 ) = $ 172,500

3. Based upon the figure of agents the insurance company has appointed as representatives:

Keeping informations for big figure of agents on a regular footing can be really resource intensive and dearly-won. Therefore, it is non unreasonable to bespeak a higher fee for the insurance suppliers who have big figure of agents and a big representation in the market. This construction would besides pull smaller insurance companies by doing it low-cost and cost effectual. Pricing based on the figure of representatives or agents will besides profit IBAO as they will be able to aim all insurance suppliers irrespective of their size. The monetary values will be offered in multiple grades as described in Figure 13.

If we apply the premise that eight insurance companies will subscribe on to the service, the lower limit expected gross before the administrative fee, would be $ 105,000/annum. With a fee of $ 75,000/annum to administrate alterations to the web site on behalf of the companies, this will cover the one-year cost of the staff ( $ 47,000/annum ) .

Gross generated for IBRI over three old ages: ( $ 180,000*3 ) – entire costs ( $ 247,500 ) = $ 292,500

4. Based upon an entry fee plus extra costs per agent or per centum market portion:

Another option is to bear down each insurance company an entry fee, plus a per centum of their entire market portion in Canada, or add in extra costs per agent. This ensures that insurance companies are charged equitably based on their current market portion, or based on the figure of accredited agents appointed by an insurance company, which frequently correlates with their market portion. There will besides be an upfront entry fee of $ 10,000 to cover off execution costs, shown in Figure 14. By establishing the one facet of the monetary value on portion of the market topographic point or figure of agents at the company, IBRI is guaranting that the monetary value is just and just, and besides appealing to every size of insurance company. The upfront entry fee brings in some extra initial gross to IBRI as the directory is launched. This should be acceptable to insurance companies due to their internal cost nest eggs of no longer keeping their ain web site agent directory, every bit good as the extra web traffic they are likely to incur to their ain securities firm ‘s sale tools.

Gross generated for IBRI: ( $ 729,377*3 old ages ) – entire costs ( $ 247,500 ) = $ 1,940,630

5. Based upon IBRI ‘s developments and execution costs plus a per centum markup:

The cost plus option would be structured with a sensible mark-up applied to the two undertaking costs outlined earlier, irrespective of the insurance companies ‘ size. For illustration, for non-administered insurance companies the cost is $ 6,187.50/ 3 old ages or $ 2,062.50 per annum. A grade up of 40 % could be applied conveying the cost up to $ 2,887.50/year. One issue with this option lies in finding a sensible mark-up, and unless the mark-up is really different between the managed and unmanaged histories, the monetary values will be significantly different and non present good to the insurance companies. In add-on, this option will non be pursued farther because it exposes IBAO ‘s undertaking costs to the insurance companies, which can open it up to unfavorable judgment, deficiency of acceptance and possibly even competition from insurance companies or other agent associations across the state.

Gross generated for IBRI: [ non-administrative ( $ 6,187.50*4 ) + administrative ( $ 18,562.50*4 ) ] *3 years*40 % – entire costs ( $ 247,500 ) = $ 168,300


We recommend presenting the agent locater with a pricing construction for insurance company engagement based upon their single market portions. There should be a minimal monetary value to take part, and there should be a price reduction on the cost per per centum point at the high degree to guarantee the larger insurance companies do non comprehend themselves as subsidising the web site for the smaller participants ; likewise, the smaller insurance companies can non merely take part for free. Fees will be charged yearly and based upon market per centum studies issued by MSA Research Inc. , an insurance industry fiscal describing company similar to A.M. Best or Moody ‘s. The year-end financials and gross written premium volume place of all insurance companies in Canada are published by MSA Research every June of the undermentioned twelvemonth. Billing will take topographic point on July 1st each twelvemonth based upon the most recent market standing study and will be considered complete payment for the twelvemonth, irrespective of market place displacements throughout the undermentioned 12 month period.

The monetary value per per centum point should be $ 8,200 for each full point up to 6 per centum points, so $ 7,100 for each full per centum point from 6.01 to 10, and $ 6,000 for each full per centum point thenceforth. The minimal cost for engagement should be set at $ 12,000 yearly. These costs assume the insurance company is provided with administrative entree to the national securities firm listing and will administrate their agent hunt consequences themselves. In the event that the insurance company would prefer to hold disposal covered by IBAO ; any administrative clip will be billed at a rate of $ 125 per hr in the calendar twelvemonth of 2013.

The insurance companies will be shown much of the information within this proposal, albeit in different formats. With the site expected to bring forth about 6000 leads in 2013, the cost for an insurance company to take part will in most instances be tantamount to 10 % of the gross written premium of the new concern they are expected to compose as their portion of the web traffic. As the insurance company engagement additions and the organic ranking of the web site besides increases, the figure of leads generated will increase, farther cut downing the comparative cost of engagement against the expected grosss for the active insurance company.

Considerations and following stairss:

The IBAO has peculiarly strong relationships with the Dominion of Canada, Aviva Canada and Unica Insurance ( a division of La Capitale ) . Integral Insurance as the largest participant is the most desirable to take part, but in position of their multiple distribution scheme, they are the least likely to be an early adoptive parent of the proposed offering. Their companies include BelAir Direct, one of the very companies this scheme is designed to vie against, every bit good as Canada Brokerlink – a big multi-location securities firm that has been transformed into more of a traditional bureau theoretical account, selling entirely Integral Insurance personal lines insurance merchandises.

The first companies to near, and probably the insurance companies IBRI will hold the most success in converting are The Dominion, Aviva Canada, Royal SunAlliance and Unica. With these insurance companies take parting, and with appropriate imperativeness releases made to insurance industry imperativeness with each subsequent release, IBAO member agents will get down to set direct force per unit area on Intact Insurance and others to besides take portion in the industry enterprise that supports independent insurance agents. These four companies besides jointly supply 17.77 % of the entire insurance industry volume, and 33.34 % of the insurance market topographic point presently served by agent distributed companies. These four companies will besides convey expected gross gross to IBRI of $ 152,849 and bring forth an expected disbursal of approximately $ 30,000. The plan will be successful with these insurance companies as take parting companies for the immediate short term.