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Primus Super Speciality Hospital Chandragupta Marg Chanakyapuri New Delhi 110021 India The Admissions Tutor St. Edmund’s College University of Cambridge Cambridge CB30BN United Kingdom Date: Respected Sir/ Madam, SUBJECT: RECOMMENDATION TO PROVIDE COLLEGE ACCCOMMDATION TO MR. ANANYA KOTIA ON MEDIAL GROUNDS Mr. Ananya Kotia, son of Mr. Dilip Kumar Kotia, who holds an offer to read BAaff Economics at St. Edmund’s College, University of Cambridge, UK, from October 2011- June 2013, has sustained injury to his left arm (fractured left humeral shaft) on 24. 7. 2011. Mr. Kotia underwent ORIF Left Humerus with Bone Grafting from left Olecrone, done under General Anaesthesia + Brachial lock on 27. 07. 2011. He was discharged from hospital on 29. 07. 2011. Though Mr. Kotia’s condition is stable and he is recovering well, he has to take several precautions for an extended period of at least one year. While his fitness is certified and he can perform all normal activities, he has to take special care to avoid any pressure or strain on his body and on his left arm in particular.

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He has to avoid activities like driving, cycling, swimming and rigorous games and sports. Under the circumstances mentioned above, it is strongly advised that on medical grounds, Mr. Kotia be provided accommodation at his college itself, for which, as told by Mr. Kotia, he has already applied. Therefore he may kindly be given preference for allotment of accommodation at college. It is reiterated that otherwise, Mr. Kotia is fully fit and the recommendation in this letter is a purely precautionary measure. Thanking you and with regards, Yours Sincerely, (DR. CHETAN GIROTI) Senior Consultant


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