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Group member: Li Ruixuan. Chen Yi. Ai Huanyu. Jin Peiyao. Wu Jindi. Research method: This instance talks about Slavery in the cocoa industry. They treat kids as bondage. and coerce them to make difficult work. The ground by assorted factors. we can discourse form systemic. corporate and single ethical issues. Such as systemic. economic systems should be taken into consideration. Cocoa bean monetary values had declined. between 1996 and 2000. the monetary value control by the planetary market but husbandmans had no control. Farmers turned to slavery to seek to cut labour cost for their endurance in this state of affairs by the low monetary values. Bondage on farms is illegal in the Ivory Coast but the jurisprudence is seldom implemented. But the authorities from their state has their ain state of affairs. a deficit of enforcement officers. the willingness of local functionaries etc. The instance information we found it by some web site:

hypertext transfer protocol: //www. foodispower. org/slavery_chocolate. php
hypertext transfer protocol: //vision. ucsd. edu/~kbranson/stopchocolateslavery/index. hypertext markup language And we besides got some utile information from the book in page 64-67.

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Division of labor and agenda including presentation readying: We followed the inquiry below the instance from the book to division of labor. Each inquiry was answered by one or two group member. the figure decides by inquiry. Presentation follows the study. which portion of study you did. so which portion of presentation you do.

Initial findings: After read the instance and discussed. in our position. the state of affairs made by the basic ground of our consumer. like us who buy chocolate from these company. The most of consumers did non cognize about this state of affairs. they merely know something good about cocoa and did non cognize something bad. Affect planetary market through our consumer. and made a good program to work out the state of affairs. Media’s power is great. Some company said if they did non used Cocos nucifera beans from these countries. so it will do these hapless areas…

What a systematic. corporate. an single and ethical issues raised by this instance? The systematic ethical issues raised by this instance include economical. political. and legal inquiries. Let us first expression at the economical reverberations. Would it be economically logical non to make any concern with these states? The reply is no. sing close to half of the world’s cocoa is made from the chocolate beans that are grown in the Ivory Coast and Ghana. If we were to decline to make any concern with these states or the people associated with these states. the costs of the merchandises may be un-affordable to consumers. Equally far as political issues. I’m certain we’re non the lone state who does concern with these other states. and if we stop making concern with the tusk seashore and Ghana the other states that besides do concern with them may halt making concern with us. The last systematic issue raised is legal. As stated in the article bondage on the farms is in illegal in the Ivory Coast. Whether it is or how good the Torahs are enforced is for the most portion out of our control.

In your position. is the sort of bondage discussed in the instance perfectly incorrect no affair what. or is it comparatively incorrect. i. e. . if what happens to populate in a society like ours that disapproves of bondage? I feel slavery of any sort is incorrect whether the society approves or disapproves of it. However. throughout history bondage has been a common pattern of most societies across the universe. If the immature male childs in this instance had been treated better. for illustration better working conditions. better kiping conditions. better living conditions. and better intervention in general would this article of all time hold appeared? Probably non. I think the major moral issue here is the intervention of the male childs.

Who portions in the moral duty for the bondage happening in the cocoa industry: African husbandmans? African authoritiess? American chocolate… [ continues ]


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