Risk And Uncertainty When Entering A New Market Economics Essay

When come ining a foreign market for the first clip, a house will be faced with many terra incognitas. Distinguish between the constructs of “ hazard ” and “ uncertainness ” when a house is come ining a market of your pick. Give illustrations of types of hazard.


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This paper will analyze the construct of foreign market incursion by domestic concern entities. It will analyze the hazards associated with and examine uncertainnesss built-in in globalising the local concern. The market of pick used in this paper is the amusement industry in general and the music industry in peculiar, with a particular focal point on the music industry in sub-Saharan Africa.

The paper will get down by specifying cardinal footings used and so give a wide background of international concern and globalization. The paper will so contract its focal point to the concern context within which it will specify hazards and uncertainnesss. Each type of hazard is expounded upon within the context provided and a decision made.


Recognition Hazard: ( besides called default hazard ) the hazard of non-payment or uncertainness associated with payment of fiscal duties when they are due.

Foreign Direct Investment ( FDI ) : Any investing abroad in which the company being invested in is controlled by a foreign entity or corporation.

Foreign Exchange Hazard: The hazard of loss or money depreciation through alteration in currency exchange rates between the host state and state of beginning of foreign investing.

Interest Rate Hazard: Uncertainty associated with alterations in involvement rates.

Location Hazard: These are spillover or ‘contamination ‘ effects created by challenges or jobs specific to the part in which a state is in.

Piracy: The act of abuse of other people ‘s rational belongings.

Plagiarist: Person who uses another ‘s rational belongings as if it were his ain.

Political Hazard: Actions by groups of people or authoritiess which have the possible to impact the immediate or long term viability of a house.

Monetary value Hazard: Uncertainty associated with possible alterations in the monetary value of an plus cause by alterations in involvement rate degrees and rates of return in the economic system.

Pure Hazard: The type of hazard which merely offers the potency for loss but ne’er consequences in additions.

Hazard: The likeliness of an happening of an result which is disadvantageous or harmful.

Sovereign Hazard: This is the hazard that the authorities or one of its bureaus will decline to honor in agreement footings of a loan understanding whenever the state of affairs makes it backbreaking or unwanted for it to pay.

Bad Hazard: The type of hazard which offers both the potency for addition and the possible for loss.

Systematic Hazard: Hazard which influences a big figure of assets and which are impossible to forestall such as political events or Acts of the Apostless of nature. Besides called market hazard.

Endowment: Person with an exceeding ability.

Uncertainty: The quality of human cognition or information concerning hazard.

Unsystematic Hazard: ( Specific Risk ) : Hazard which affects a really little figure of assets or which is specific to a company such as a lockout at a recording studio.

Visibility: The degree of exposure to public examination offered by such factors as a good selling scheme.


The term ‘international concern ‘ is concerned with the exchange of goods and services between persons, groups and organisations in two or more states. It includes all cross-border minutess between states with commercial or political value, both by authorities and by private entities. Although globalization is a complex concept to step, it is widely acknowledged that much of the universe ‘s concern is either traversing boundary lines and going planetary, uses imports in its fabrication and/or supply or viing with foreign merchandises in the same industry. Globalisation is a force that merely can non be ignored.

For intents of lucidity and due to differences in academic sentiment on the topic, a working definition of globalization for this paper will be derived from Hamilton and Webster ( 2009 ) :

Globalisation involves the creative activity of linkages or interconnectednesss between states. It is normally understood as a procedure in which barriers ( physical, political, economic, cultural ) dividing different parts of the universe as [ sic ] reduced or removed, thereby exciting exchanges in goods, services, money, and people ( Hamilton & A ; Webster 2009, p.5 ) .

The construct of globalization acknowledges a universe development into a planetary ‘village ‘ where activities in one portion influence and have marked significance over those in other parts in a short infinite of clip ( Katsioloudes & A ; Hadjidakis, 2007 p.366 ) . Rapid technological promotion has doubtless improved connexions between states by spread outing telecommunications, transit services, authorities operations and general endeavor. There are, nevertheless, both strengths and failings to be derived from the grim promotion of globalization. Supporters of the construct argue that globalization has brought about astonishing dividends including a crisp autumn in poorness ; improved planetary wellness evidenced by an increased planetary life anticipation and a bead in infant mortality ; a rise in planetary literacy ; and an unprecedented moving ridge of democratisation ( Aslund A & A ; Dabrowski M, 2008 p.3 ) .


The music industry is a blend of manufacturers, boosters, endowment, the musical art signifier, the merchandise format and manners of distribution. Unlike in Western states where large production studios such as SONY BMG, Motown Record Company, and Arista run the industry through music production, record gross revenues, publication and related ware, in many sub-Saharan African states, the manufacturers are enterprisers who more frequently than non exploit immature and inexperient endowment to turn a net income. Tax returns to the local industry have been handicapped by buccaneering and the inability or involuntariness of governmental constructions to protect rational belongings – in itself a reaction to the turning rates of young person and graduate unemployment. The music industry in the part has hence experience limited growing until recent old ages.

Today, promotion in music production engineering, the cyberspace, and the influence of transnational endeavors such as telecommunications giants like AIRTEL and MTN are reshaping the musical civilization through intense exposure and multi-faceted advertisement runs assuring to present new and alien musical signifiers to a planetary market characterised by speedy and ready ingestion for advanced and new merchandises. Through this economic globalization, a new musical civilization is emerging, and comparatively unexposed classical and modern-day musical art signifiers in sub-Saharan Africa are get downing to bask planetary exposure.

The advantages which the music industry in Africa has to offer are in the singularity of the merchandise offering, the huge array of merchandises or single artistes with single music and dance manners, and the freshness of the African experience. The Product Life Cycle ( PLC ) theory explains that the growing phase of international merchandises is characterised by fast turning demand. From an analysis of the music industry in Africa, one could reason that it is rejuvenated into a growing stage in a new merchandise rhythm. There is grounds of demand for the new African musical merchandise from such groups as Africans in the diaspora, African Americans, and art lovers from diverse cultural backgrounds. This can be said to be the justification behind the consistent exchange of musical creative persons between Africa and the West in corporate publicities of international telecommunications giants including Airtel, MTN, Orange and Safaricom in several sub-Saharan African states.

One could likewise reason that since the election triumph of Barack Obama, the first US president of African parenthood, African American amusement moguls wishing to place with the ‘motherland ‘ have been making chances for more interaction between Africa and North America in music and movie. Film and music festivals such as the Zanzibar International Film Festival ( ZIFF ) , African film Academy Awards ( AMAA ) , the MTV African Music Awards ( the MAMAs ) , have been systematically attended by American stars of African descent in an attempt to increase the engagement and presence of the American amusement industry ( a planetary leader in the field ) . Other Awards in the North such as the Music of Black Origin Awards ( MOBOs ) and the Pan African Film Festival ( PAFF ) have been endeavoring to admit and recognize African endowment in order to distribute consciousness of the budding industry.

One of the grounds why organisations engage in international concern is to minimise hazard by procuring their merchandise in a market with an spread outing economic system or to counter the schemes of rivals ( Daniels, Radebaugh, & A ; Sullivan, 2009, p.60 ) . When set uping operations abroad, nevertheless, a company besides exposes itself to certain types of hazard. In doing an incursion into a foreign market, music concerns are frequently faced with several terra incognitas which are highlighted under ‘types of hazard ‘ .


Both hazard and uncertainness are factors which inherently influence corporate, strategic and tactical determination doing in houses. Hazards are calculable or known premises of the chance of holding an unwanted result. They are a combination of the chance of happening of jeopardies and the magnitude or impact of their likely effects. Peoples who make determinations ever have a certain degree of cognition about hazards they take. The music manufacturer, for case, understands the hazard of buccaneering in his immediate environment and the impact it may hold on his ability to turn a net income from the music concern, or he may understand the hazard taken on puting in and advancing hitherto unproved endowments in the industry based on mere intuition.

The tolerability of hazard is the willingness of a topic to populate with a certain degree of hazard in exchange for some certain benefits. While the hazard of viing with ‘pirates ‘ who have minimum production and set-up costs may be high, the tradeoff is frequently industry visibleness for the merchandise which enables the manufacturer or label to acquire good contracts for unrecorded and sometimes international music events. Further hazards faced by the music industry in an attempt to globalize are outlined below under ‘risks faced by the industry ‘ .

Uncertainty, on the other manus, is the state of affairs in which the determination shaper has no precise cognition of the chance of happening of different provinces of result. The determination shaper, in kernel, has no prognostic cognition of the chance of any signifier of result. The music manufacturer may be mostly unsure whether his or her merchandise or endowment is suited for a market which has a different cultural context which may include a linguistic communication barrier. He will besides likely be unsure about whether there will be a terrorist onslaught ( a political hazard ) at any one of the shows organised for the benefit of advancing his endowments abroad, even though he may be warned in progress of the hazard of a cyclone and other forces of nature.


Hazards may be typified along several different and distinguishable lines but due to volume limitations and for the intents of this paper we shall be analyzing the typologies listed below:

State hazard

Political hazard

Transportation hazard

Economic hazard

Foreign exchange hazard

Location hazard

1. State hazard

All concerns which transcend boundary lines become exposed to a certain step of hazard which is non present in their domestic activities and minutess and these are known as state hazards. In the narrower position of the construct, state hazard is defined as “ aˆ¦ hazard that a state will non be able to honor its fiscal committednesss ” ( Katsioloudes & A ; Hadjidakis, 2007 p.185-6 ) . In the broader context, nevertheless, state hazard analyses are general sums of sub-risk factors present within the state. They may be calculated and organize the footing on which to find the desirableness of taking a state upon which to put. For case, states which favour external investings and take restrictive trade barriers are usually considered to be safe land for foreign direct investing.

By and big many 3rd universe states like those of sub-Saharan Africa have non got the best terminal of the globalization deal ( Waters, 2001 p.45 ) Due to usual high degrees of uncertainness, state hazard is non ever easy calculated. However, some practicians calculate state hazard by spliting it up into sub-categories of hazard which are so aggregated. These normally include: political hazard, economic hazard ; transportation hazard ; foreign exchange hazard ; location hazard ; autonomous hazard. Harmonizing to current state hazard evaluations, Norway as the state with the least hazard for investing ( hypertext transfer protocol: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Country_risk ) .

2. Political Hazard

Political hazards include all hazards associated with the actions of authorities particularly those to make with the legal dimension, relationships between states, and security of investings. As with every other aspect of concern, political hazards influence the music industry and the feasibleness of globalization. The African music and amusement industries desire to travel into Asia and North America because of the influence, engineering and fiscal pull of Bollywood in India and Hollywood in the USA. States such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq are non ideal finishs due to political convulsion and the potent hazard of loss of life, belongings or investings at that place. Other states with an Eastern or socialist disposition are non attractive to those with capitalist orientations.

In order to avoid radioactive dusts of a political nature in puting in a planetary music endeavor, those in the African music industry merely necessitate to make some state research to get relevant information about political stableness and diplomatic dealingss between the state of possible investing and the state of the investor ‘s beginning. There are a assortment of web-based services which offer information on states via state studies. The chance of travel limitations excluding impermanent in-migration or work based travel and visa denials due to rigorous conditions are besides elements of a political nature whose hazards need computation before any major investing can be made.

3. Transportation hazard

Sometimes the state of an person who borrows money in an investing restricts the ability of people in that state to purchase foreign exchange. The impact of this is that the borrower may non be able to run into his/her duties to refund in foreign currency – the currency of the borrowed sum. The hazard of this occurring is usually known as transportation hazard and because of the function of authorities in this type of hazard ; it is besides a type of political hazard. This hazard is largely present in states where democracy is non the system of authorities.

4. Economic Hazard

Economic hazard in the context of globalization is the hazard that the investing will be economically unsustainable. Variations in different fiscal inputs and end products of the endeavor demand to add up to guarantee that the hazard of radioactive dust is checked. In the music industry, when the investing in an creative person in footings of promotion and publicity, preparation and logistical costs are predicted non to be able to be offset by predicted hereafter gross revenues from the work of the creative person, so it can be said that the economic hazard is excessively high and it is non a good or advisable investing.

5. Foreign Exchange Risk

This is besides known as exchange rate hazard or currency hazard. It is the hazard of alteration of the value of an investing due to fluctuations between exchange rates of the currency of the investor and the currency of the host state for the investing. The possible inauspicious consequence of foreign exchange hazard is that the investing may go more expensive as a consequence of unprecedented alterations in currencies which are outside the control of the investor. A music manufacturer who invests in a merchandise for sale in a foreign market will be happy if the value of the foreign currency appreciates against the value of his local currency as that would intend increased net incomes for him.

The foreign exchange market is extremely volatile and foretelling the way of foreign exchange motion a guessing game. Many foreign purchasers prefer to avoid this hazard by merchandising in their local currency.

6. Location Hazard

Location hazards are risk factors associated with the political neighbor of a state or part. Certain provinces in North America which boundary line Mexico are affected by illegal in-migration and have concerns to make with illegal migratory workers ; the political kineticss of such states as Tunisia affects that of similar or neighbouring states such as Egypt and Libya as evidenced by the recent rebellions ( in the first one-fourth of 2011 ) .


The risk-return trade-off rule holds that low hazard degrees are associated with low possible returns while where high hazards exist ; the possibility of high returns looms big. This is why even when the state hazards are great, houses may make up one’s mind to take on the challenge of puting nevertheless, frequently prompted by the demand to support against the chance of the company ‘s rivals taking the enterprise. For illustration, in the music and amusement industry, many North American artistes used to eschew the Middle East as a suited showground due to the impression that Middle Eastern political orientations and Islamic values predominant in the civilization there were inconsistent with the amusement demands of unrestricted freedom of look. However, in an unprecedented turnaround, Middle Eastern metropoliss such as Dubai are fast going a front-runner of artistes since large creative persons like Michael Jackson took the dip of tapping into the market in the 1990s.


Polycentrism may act upon the art signifier of the music endowment. Polycentrism works through the belief of foreign concern units of seeking to move local. Artists and manufacturers are frequently strongly influenced by the local civilization of the foreign environment of investing by sub-elements of personality including the linguistic communication, dressing, usage of available musical instruments and engineering, and the musical art itself. Socialization of this nature may do irreparable alteration to the art they offer and the image they usually portray, a merchandise exported for its original nature. This may subsequently act upon the potency of the endowment to stay intellectually reliable – the musical endowment in some cases may be accused of no longer looking African or of losing genuineness.


Based on the factors examined it is advisable for investors in the music industry to seek partnerships with foreign opposite numbers in selling the alone merchandises of African traditional and modern-day musical art in a globalised scene. Just as local nutrient is internationalised by states such as Italy, Japan and the US in entities such as MacDonalds, individual enterprisers can spread out the musical merchandise in nines which offer African musical content with renewable, trainable endowment moving as the merchandises on offer.

The hazard from competition, while disputing, helps organisations focus their energies on quality schemes of endurance or market enlargement. Due to the challenges inherent in incorporating into a foreign market, foreign houses must heighten the procedure of their integrating into local markets as a affair of necessity. This can be done by enrolling locals and larning the linguistic communication and civilization ( Daniels, Radebaugh, & A ; Sullivan, 2009, p.505 ) among other integrating schemes.


The paper has outlined the constructs of hazard and uncertainness in the planetary sphere within the context of the incursion of a local concern. The sub-Saharan African position has been brought to bear on the analysis. The paper highlighted the difference between hazard and uncertainness demoing their relationship to one another and giving illustrations on each of the constructs.

The paper has besides looked at ways in which a house in the music and amusement industry may profit from globalization. Comparisons were made between the African music industry and other globalised franchises in the universe such as MacDonalds in proposing a utile theoretical account which may be simulated.


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