Reviewing Achilles And Hector Of The Iliad English Literature Essay

There is a batch of misconception when it comes to what makes up a hero. Is it ace strength, admirable gestures, compassion for others, or exciting conflicts? I guess it all merely depends on the reader. Throughout the narrative The Iliad, you see a figure of struggles blossoming. When you look at the two chief characters in the narrative, there are a good figure of similarities and differences between the two. Achilles, the greatest combatant of the clip, seemed average spirited and selfish. On the other manus, Hector, the leader of the Trojan Army had many hero qualities even though he did non hold the strength or contending ability of Achilles. When comparing the things both work forces cared for, how each treated the adult females in their lives, what each was willing to contend for and how each dealt with struggles you can make up one’s mind for yourself who you feel is more of the hero.

Sometimes to seek the existent character of a individual it is good to understand what a individual is willing to contend for. In The Iliad, Hector fought for his state and most significantly his household. The fact that he assumed he had no pick in the affair of whether to contend besides added to his character ‘s entreaty. His married woman tried to convert him that he should remain in the walls of Troy and allow the other work forces fight. She begged him non to do her a widow or her child fatherless. To an mean individual, this would look like a reasonably sensible petition but Hector ‘s lone concern is for the work forces who are still in conflict. This speaks volumes of his character. Achilles, on the other manus, seemed that he could care less about the work forces with whom he had merely fought side by side with for old ages. When the little council tried to convert him and even travel so far as to convey him gifts from the King, he still refused because his pride and hatred for the King was excessively great.

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When you look at what both Achilles and Hector fought for you will acquire a better image of what it is that each cared about every bit good. Hector seemed to care about award, state or nationalism, household, friendly relationship, trueness, peace, order, and Torahs and ordinances. Hector came off as a adult male who cared about those around him. It was obvious when you notice how he interacted with his parents, married woman, kid, brother, brother ‘s married woman, and besides his soldiers. He had no personal interest in the good workss he performed ; he merely did them because that was who he was. Now let us take a expression at the things Achilles seemed to care about: himself and his work forces, contending, war awards, award, regard, freedom of will, and celebrity. This seemed to be a reasonably shallow list for the adult male that was considered to be the greatest warrior of the clip. However when you look deeper, people of our ain clip have n’t changed much from the likes of people like Achilles. It seems the more money, power, and celebrity that they receive, the more their ethical motives begin to deteriorate and the less they care about the people around them.

Another interesting comparing I was able to pull between these two were the manner both Achilles and Hector felt and acted towards the adult females in their lives. While Achilles moped over the adult female whom the King had stolen from him, he did so for selfish grounds. He was angry and disquieted non because his comrade was striped from him but alternatively because his war award was taken off. She had no emotional value to him at all. However, the other adult female in Achilles life ; his female parent, he treated in a much more loving and fond manner. He cried to her and was able to demo her a softer side of him that I am certain he would hold a job demoing others. Hector besides was really stamp to his female parent. He was besides caring and compassionate to his married woman. He tried the best manner that he could to soothe and comfort his married woman before he went back out to war. Alternatively of acquiring mad at his married woman because she could non understand why he wanted to travel back out into the war knowing he would decease, he took clip out to explicate the state of affairs to her and even showed strength by assisting her understand that he was non afraid and that she had no ground to be either. The best illustration of Hector ‘s fancy for adult females was his intervention of Helen of Troy. She had much to make with the war and yet he still showed her the proper regard she deserved as a adult female.

Even though both Hector and Achilles were both great warriors, they dealt with jobs much otherwise. Achilles seemed to anger rapidly and acted more on impulse while Hector seemed to be more cautious, believing affairs through. Although Achilles knew he was a great warrior, I personally felt that he was embarrassed by the King, which made it harder for him to forgive him. I do non believe he was afraid at all to contend, he knew he could take on anyone on the Trojan ‘s side but his personal colics with the King kept him from take parting. Hector on the other manus knew he could non crush Achilles yet he still went out to contend. In that sense, Hector seemed to be braver than Achilles.

Both work forces were great warriors on the battleground but readers of The Iliad will be able to pull their ain decision as to which warrior seemed to be more of a hero, Achilles or Hector. Although both work forces have their assets and subtractions, it is of import to look profoundly at the true character of each in order to understand why each reacted the manner they did. A hero stands up for what is right and battles in the face of hardship. Peoples can easy associate to a hero because subconsciously everyone would wish to salvage the twenty-four hours in one manner or another. This narrative is an illustration of how sometimes a hero can be every bit improbable as you or I.


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