Reflective Statement The Great Gatsby Essay

The Great Gatsby is a fresh written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It is said to be one of the greatest American novels of the last century. non merely for it’s narrative of hope and disenchantment. but besides for the manner it portrayed the spirit of the 1920s.

The information from the presentations made me recognize that the characters in the narrative weren’t merely any upperclass ; they were the societal and cultural upperclass of the universe. The presentations besides made me develop my apprehension of the background of their chesty and munificent behaviour. They were born into the old elite and were stupendously rich in the wealthiest state in the universe. They lived excessive lives in a careless post-war clip with mass media covering their lives in the yellow journalisms. Another factor that contributed to this feeling of being superior must hold been the deficiency of governments and strong politicians. As the economic system ran itself and the politicians were unqualified. the cultural elite were literally on top of the universe. They distanced themselves from establishments and history and lived their lives in a societal bubble. esteeming merely those who were a portion of their category.

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The dream of being celebrated and glamorous bloomed in the 1920s and was distributed to the populace through the mass media. The dream was available for everyone. and people strived to go a portion of the cultural elite. The chief characters in The Great Gatsby were already at that place. as a natural portion of the scene. They lived epicurean and careless lives. following the latest tendencies. listening to the new music and go toing excessive parties.

From the presentations I besides learned about modernist literature. A important trait of this genre is the interruption with traditions and the hunt for an absolute truth and a significance of life elsewhere. The upperclass seemed to hold lost their significance in life in their excessive life style. Previously I had non given the societal context excessively much idea. and without the information from the presentations. I may would merely hold seen the tragic love narrative of the book. and non how the book is a image of and a remark to the 1920s life.


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