Nationwides Business Strategy Structure Culture Management And Leadership Commerce Essay

Nationwide is World ‘s largest Building Society and one of the major participants in the U.K. banking sector. Having one of the seven group members as an employee of Nationwide Building Society, this direction study has been developed to critically measure certain facets of Nationwide. In this study, we have wished to brief our readers about Nationwide ‘s concern scheme, construction, civilization, direction and leading. This will be followed by a decision of the group ‘s reappraisal about the chosen organisation and eventually certain recommendations will be made.

Organisations & A ; People Management Report

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Footings of mention:

This study aims at supplying an overview of Nationwide Building Society and critically evaluates its concern scheme, construction, civilization, leading and direction. The findings shall show some cardinal characteristics of the organisation. Some recommendations provided at the terminal shall assist the direction of Nationwide to better certain patterns.


Countrywide Building Society, started its journey back in 1946 as transporting the name Provident Union Building Society in Ramsbury, Wiltshire, in 1848 it moved in Northampton as the Northampton Town and Country Freehold Land Society and eventually in London as Co-operative Permanent Building society in 1884. Booming on well-over 160 old ages ‘ glorious history and over 100 amalgamations, it has become the 3rd largest mortgage supplier and 2nd largest nest eggs supplier in the UK. More significantly, Nationwide is the largest edifice society in the universe ( History ( Nationwide Building Society, 2010 ) ) . Today Nationwide ‘s portfolio consists of over 14 million clients, entire assets over ?200 billion and over 900 mercantile establishments countrywide. Bing the largest edifice society in the universe ( Corporate Responsibility study, 2008/09 ) Nationwide besides thrives with its ‘mutual ‘ heritage which made the endeavor unique among other fiscal industries in the market place. The CEO, Graham Beale described Nationwide Building Society in the undermentioned manner in Corporate Responsibility study ( 2008/09, p.2 ) :

“ Bing a edifice society makes us basically different from the large Bankss we compete with. We do n’t hold stockholders, we are owned by our members. So you set our docket. ”


Data aggregation methods:

To do this venture less hard, we had an early start with regular group meetings every Wednesday 4pm at room M5 or Main Arts edifice. Minutess for each meet were maintained. In-depth qualitative and few quantitative informations were obtained through a personal interview with a senior Branch Manager, personal observation ( and one of our group member ‘s personal experiences as a countrywide employee ) , cyberspace and company publications. Theory and thoughts were culled from several books, diaries and web sites.

Issues and challenges:

This study is the merchandise of combined attempts of all our Black Marias and heads and has been framed within a month. Due to limited clip and fund, we could derive entree to largely ramify degree information. After a battle for assignment, we had been able to research Nationwide through a senior Branch Manager at local subdivision. No sensitive inquiries were asked and no regulations were violated during the research procedure.


A pure qualitative analysis has been made with a combination of exploratory and descriptive attack utilizing the undermentioned procedure suggested by Saunders et Al ( 2009, p. 489-490 )

“ Summarizing: condensation of significances

Classification: grouping of significances

Structuring: Ordering of significances utilizing narrative. ”



To depict company ‘s mission big companies publish a statement called ‘mission statement ‘ which comprises of administration ‘s intent and general way that they are traveling to follow, its steering values, principals and ends ( Lynch, 2000 ) . Adcock et Al. ( 1995, p.298 ) provide a comprehensive description on concern administration ‘s mission statement which as follows:

“ A mission statement indicates how that administration intends to carry through chief concern aims while recognizing the legitimate involvements of other stakeholders such as clients, employees, providers, and the communities in which the administration operates. ”

Therefore the mission statement carries a important value for the administration in footings of company ‘s concern, service, and ends ; it has to be dynamic, crystalline and easy to understand by all categories of stakeholders, otherwise it could make a confusion among co-workers and clients likewise ( Trapp, 1999 ) .

In visible radiation of above statement Nationwide ‘s mission statement is below:

“ As a UK based common we exist entirely for the benefit of our members. We help them and their households meet their fiscal demands in a sustainable, responsible and unafraid manner – as we have done since 1846, in a mode that is unfastened, honest, and carnival. ”

( Corporate Responsibility study, 2008/09, p4 )

Since a fiscal administration, Nationwide clearly visualizes its mission by aforesaid statement ; which is dynamic, crystalline and easy apprehensible to all ; particularly about its history ( 1846 ) , administration construction ( common ) , services ( fiscal

demands ) , qualities ( sustainable, responsible and secure ) , answerability ( members ) and concern scheme ( unfastened, honest and carnival ) and end ( run intoing clients ‘ fiscal demands ) .

Nationwide ‘s purpose is non merely bring forthing plus and net income from the concern, but besides sharing its net income and providing universe category fiscal services to better off its clients in an unfastened, honest, just and amicable ambiance ; where clients feel valued and secured to carry on their fiscal concerns.


Mullins ( 2002, p126 ) describes “ the ends of an administration are the ground for its being. The activities of the administration are directed to the attainment of its ends. A end is a future outlook, some coveted future province. It is something the administration is endeavoring to carry through. ”

Goals can be described figure of ways ; such as, the overall intents of an administration, the executing of specific demands, and so on. The nucleus difference between maps and ends of an administration is, ends are more specific and they are determined by the inputs and end products of that administration. Goals can besides be named as aims that every administration tends to accomplish ( Mullins, 2002 ) .

Goals create a figure of maps for the administration to carry through. Such as foremost, ends provide a certain criterion in organizational construction which help the staff-members to calculate out the manner of executing their necessary activities, and besides assist the direction to happen out the right way of planning and decision-making towards success. Second, ends help to find the engineering that will be compatible with administration ‘s construction to execute all activities firmly and swimmingly. Third, ends can assist honor systems to actuate and drive staff-members of the administration to carry through their single and group undertakings. Finally, ends can stand for the administration to the external clients ; can measure the administration for farther betterment ( merchandises and services ) ; besides can assist to put aims every bit good as policies for the administration ( Kast and Rosenzweig, 1985 ) .

Bing a fiscal administration, Nationwide sets up its corporate ends on one-year footing ( April to following twelvemonth ‘s March ) . Every twelvemonth they run a seminar, called ‘Employee Corporate Cascade ‘ to bespeak corporate programs and ends. Harmonizing to ‘Employee Corporate Cascade conference presentation ( 2010 ) ‘ Nationwide declared its concern ends based on client, market placement, income, profitableness, efficiency, capital and liquidness which are as follows:

Becoming number-one in client service satisfaction place ;

Keeping place on as 3rd largest mortgage and nest eggs supplier, obtaining 10 % of chief current history and 5 % of other merchandises supplier in the whole UK retail banking market and generating net income part of ?50m+ for each concern line ;

Generating Non-margin net income by 50 % ;

Raising ?1bn+ net income in twelvemonth 2010/11 ;

Deriving cost income ratio 49 % ;

Keeping nucleus tier1 ( a ordinance implemented by Bank for International Settlements on bank ‘s capital adequateness demand to go on its concern ) solvency ratio of 12 % or more.

Comply with Individual Liquidity Guidance.

Above ends are clearly pulling a study on Nationwide ‘s hereafter and coveted outlooks ; which will help the direction to border out proper concern schemes towards accomplishing its ends.

Business scheme:

Harmonizing to Huczynski and Buchanan ( 2007, p 524 ) , ‘the way in which an administration moves is influenced by the determinations that are made about its scheme. ‘

Business scheme is a portion of the corporate scheme of the company which related to company ‘s concern divisions. Tilles ( 1969 ) discuses the importance of holding an explicit concern scheme to spread out the company, he explains without holding a certain scheme it is hard to incorporate coordinated action with industrial attempt. In add-on, there are figure of other good grounds for company to hold an explicit concern scheme. First, for doing people to or-ordinate each-other to accomplish ends with common attempt ; secondly, for altering company ‘s environmental conditions ( Mullins, 2002 ) .

Without a proper concern scheme the company runs like a ship without a captain ; cipher knows where to travel and what to make. In that state of affairs members of the company may get down working cross-purposes ; top direction may non be able to pass on with lower direction who is suppose to drive the employees to put up their mark towards the end. If company continues in absence of a proper concern scheme, the endurance of that company may be in inquiry. However originative attempt is necessary to make a scheme ; furthermore, to do a scheme successful it may necessitate accommodating different methods in behavior every bit good as basic alteration in the manner of interactions among directors ( Johnson and Scholes, 1998 ) .

Bing the largest edifice society in the universe, Nationwide is ever good in front with its concern scheme which is one of the chief instruments of its ongoing glorious success. Nationwide ‘s vision is to be after in front for longer period instead than shorter term, because in short period of clip the execution of new scheme may non get proper success. However, Nationwide ‘s directors ‘ follow a flexible attitude in their concern scheme ; as they may amend the scheme if necessary.

Harmonizing to Corporate Responsibility study, 2008/09, in September 2009, Nationwide has set up its three twelvemonth ‘s concern scheme which includes three nucleus strands. Such as:

going the full service supplier ( for, mortgages, loaning, nest eggs, consumer banking, insurance, investings, protection and wealth planning ) ;

going a rival trade name in the U.K. fiscal market ;

offering traditional common ( member-oriented ) bringing theoretical account in concern.

From above treatment, it is touchable that Nationwide ‘s concern scheme is perfectly expressed about what they want to accomplish ; which helps directors and employees to be after towards its ends and geting the successes consequently.

Organizational Structure

Assorted academic literatures have defined the term organisational construction in assorted ways: As a model in which organisations achieve their ends or as a division of activities in an organisation and how they can be coordinated. However despite these changing positions, most cooperate organisations will hold that structures issues to keep processs. Harmonizing to ( Huczynski and Buchanan, 2007, p.446 ) the definition of a construction is “ a formal system of undertaking and coverage relationship that control, co-ordinates and motivates employees so that they work together to accomplish organisational ends ” . Mullins ( 2002, p.530 ) besides defines it as “ the form of relationships among places in the organisation and among members of the organisation. Structure makes possible the application of the procedure of direction and creates a model of order and bid to which the activities of the organisation can be planned, organized, directed and controlled. ” Martinsons and Martinsons ( 1994 ) say there are three types of organisational construction ; Functional, Divisional and Matrix Organizational Structure, in which one of these constructions is relevant to Nationwide.

Functional Structure:

This construction depends on group ‘s maps that are present in an organisation. This type of construction originates from the beaucratic construction. It is most affectional when there is division of work in the organisation. What ‘s more this sort of construction creates the environment for specialisation which helps in the functional countries and which helps to smoothen the advancement of synchronism among its members ( Martinsons and Martinsons, 1994 ) .

Divisional Structure:

It is adopted by houses when they want to broaden their concern and distribute their merchandise line. Based upon its different merchandise or market, the company divides into separate units. Pascale ( 1990 ) explains the company breaks upon its operations into manageable units or small companies, which so operates under a mechanistic construction.

Matrix Structure:

This employs both the functional and divisional type of constructions leting a downwards control of its functional sections and coordination of its section. Since it ‘s a loanblend of two constructions, it has two lines of authorization with employees describing to two foremans. ( Huczynski and Buchanan, 2007 )

Organizational construction helps in placing the form of communicating in an organisation. The being of a construction communicates the regulations and ordinances to the employees, as they are informed as to what is required of them in relation to their occupations. It besides makes clear the wagess that are available to meriting employees, in footings of publicity etc. every bit good as lucubrating the ends and aims of the organisation.

Second, constructions besides identify authorization and duties associated with it by clear uping who makes the determination and who is accountable to whom. Decision devising and information sharing is efficaciously carried out with the appropriate constructions in topographic point. When determinations are taken from top direction, it is easy dropped down to the lower degree direction. In the same manner the feedback from employees and lower degrees easy acquire back to exceed direction, which leads to occupation satisfaction.

Finally, when the right organisational construction is implemented, it serves as a beginning of competitory advantage that can accrue economic efficiency and productiveness for the organisation. As justly said by Drucker ( 1989, p.223 ) “ Good organisation construction does non by itself produce good public presentation. But a hapless organisational construction make good public presentation impossible, no affair how good single directors may beaˆ¦.to better organisational construction there for improve public presentation ” .

Nationwide as an organisation believes and recognizes the demand to hold a good construction to increase productiveness and profitableness. This is captured in Nationwide Chief Executive ‘s one-year meeting study.

“ There is no uncertainty that strong direction and sound leading truly do a difference and are of import qualities to acquire right in an executive squad. Having the right construction in topographic point to back up the bringing of our corporate program is critically of import to our success ” ( Corporate Responsibility Report, 2008/09 ) . Please see Appendix-1 & A ; 2 for full Organizational Structure Chart and current Management Structure of Nationwide.

Nationwide is a common society, with its Headquarters in the U.K. It is one of the largest fiscal companies which deal with a figure of profitable merchandises with different

clients. Nationwide as an organisation implements the Functional signifier of construction. In this construction there are a figure of boards of managers who play cardinal function in the direction of Nationwide, but do non interfere in the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities of the society. They deal with major issues refering Nationally when it is deemed necessary.

However, when it comes to the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours running of Nationwide the Chief Executive is the 1 with such duty, he occupies the highest place in the hierarchy, with a figure of executive managers who are accountable to him. They are, Chris Rhodes ( Executive Director Group Product & A ; Marketing ) , Matthew Wyles ( Executive Director & A ; Group Distribution ) , David Rigney ( Executive Director Group Operations ) , Mark Remison ( Executive Director Group Finance ) , Tony Prestedge ( Executive Director Group Development ) and Maxine Taylor ( Divisional Director Corporate Affairs ) ( Management ( Nationwide Building Society, 2010 ) ) .

Beneath these sections are sub units, nevertheless attending will be given to the Executive Director and Group Distribution Department and its sub units, since the construction is the same for the assorted sections. This section has the Divisional Director who operates Branch Network, with aid of the Regional Directors, Area Directors, District gross revenues Managers and Branch Managers. All work at different degrees of the hierarchy as represented by the organisational chart in Appendix-1. This enables Nationwide to measure how good these bombers units perform ; and if public presentation does n’t demo satisfactory, directors can make up one’s mind to take right attacks that need to be taken.

Functions of cardinal Departments:

The Cooperate office headed by Maxine Taylor have the duties of guaranting Nationwide ‘s vision, its scheme, ends, values and programs so that it workers can be motivated to give of their best public presentation. In its media relation and member battles, it is charged with the duty of guaranting that the name and image of Nationwide is good managed in the media, as Nationwide is U.K ‘s largest edifice society. This section besides manages the Nationwide Foundation charity for the community, as it is ‘committed in doing a difference to people ‘s life ‘ .

Nationwide ‘s Group Finance and Risk with Mark Rennison as the Executive Director are acute to guaranting that their fiscal aims are achieved within the set clip frame. This they do by guaranting that the Society performs favourably in the fiscal market and besides pull offing any hazard that may originate. They besides look out for chances such as partnership, amalgamation, and acquisition by look intoing the fiscal benefits before any corporate determinations are taken.

Division of Labor and Communication:

In Nationwide each section has its ain policies to command its twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities, even though regulations are regulated from the top of the hierarchy. This enables the assorted directors to take charge of their sections, with the subsidiaries in those sections accountable to them. This type of construction allows the different sections to work independently but so studies straight to the CEO.

The construction besides enhances the communicating form in Nationwide by enabling the assorted sections at all degrees to prosecute in determination devising and job work outing procedure.


In Nationwide, each section has given the liberty to transport out its activities. However, each manager in his given section is responsible for organizing these assorted activities in his/her section in order to be productive.

Nationwide has the Group Product and Marketing Department headed by Chris Rhodes. This section has the exclusive duty of developing merchandises that will add value and run into the demands and outlooks of their clients ; therefore the section needs to organize the assorted activities of its sub units.i.e. Banking, Lending, Investment, Insurance, Business Strategy & A ; Marketing Division in a harmonious mode, to accomplish its departmental goals..

Organizational Culture

For all of the endeavors the organisational civilization has been regarded as one of the nucleus fight of corporation. It plays an of import function in the procedure of building and development of endeavors. As a lifting direction construct, the organisational civilization can find and act upon the behaviour of their work force, members and visitants. Distinctive ethos of endeavors which include the values, beliefs and assorted forms of behaviour that forms in a long-run development of corporation. It endows the endeavors with critical force which can be a basic component that makes corporation survive, develop and go stronger in the hereafter. However, the significances of organisational civilization may really in different endeavors.

By and large, organisational civilization can be defined as the “ aggregation of comparatively unvarying and digesting values, beliefs, imposts, traditions and patterns ; which are shared by an organisation ‘s members, learned by new recruits and transmitted from one coevals of employees to the following ” ( Huczynski and Buchanan, 2007, p. 623 ) . Additionally, in Schein ‘s ( 1985 ) ‘Three Levels of Culture ‘ theory, the organisational civilization can be considered from three degrees which include the undermentioned stairss:

Surface manifestation of civilization:

The surface manifestation of civilization is a seeable signifier of civilization which “ can be seen, heard or felt ” ( Huczynski and Buchanan, 2007, p. 625 ) . For case, the seeable signifier of civilization can be regarded as the organisational construction, system, and process which can be a norm of organisation to status or act upon the behaviour of employees. As the most approachable facet that can be observed by people, the surface manifestation of civilization can besides assist endeavors to convey a message to their members, visitants and clients by the operating way, the social image and the belief of the organisation ( Huczynski and Buchanan, 2007 ) .

In the instance of Nationwide, the surface manifestation of civilization can be reflected by their operating way. Countrywide offers merchandises and services including nest eggs, current histories, loans, mortgages, insurance and so on, which belongs to banking and fiscal services civilization. Furthermore, being a common organisation, Nationwide has its peculiar corporate banking and fiscal civilization which has been reflected in its aforesaid mission statement.

Therefore, the nucleus component which makes Nationwide rather different from any other banking organisations is the significance of the “ members ” . The significance of “ members ” can be explained as that one time a individual opens an history, he or she becomes the member of Nationwide. Hence Nationwide ever considers its clients foremost due to its mutualness theoretical account because Nationwide does non hold any stockholder and is oriented by its members. Therefore the end of its operation is to bring forth net income and portion that net income among the members offering first service, cheaper rate on adoption, more return in investing and so on. Harmonizing to the chart-1, it is touchable that Nationwide ‘s civilization based on its CR scheme which comprises of four nucleus elements. Such as, foremost: bettering client ‘s fiscal capableness and go a responsible loaner ; 2nd: supporting, assisting and promoting members in lodging ; 3rd: implementing ethical pick in concern to salvage environment, in peculiar cut downing C footmark ; 4th: engaging employees and members to back up communities.

Chart-1: Nationwide ‘s Corporate Responsibility Strategy

The corporate values:

The corporate values are the nucleus of enterprise civilization. It can be defined as operating doctrines or rules that guide endeavor ‘s internal behaviors every bit good as its relationship with the external universe. Core values are frequently shown in the mission statement. Based on Schein ‘s ( 1985 ) three degrees of civilization, organisational values have been deemed as the 2nd degree which comprises of all kinds of public protagonism values ; including mission, intent, behaviours and criterions which support the surface manifestation degree. In add-on, Peters and Waterman ( 1982 ) pointed out that values ever combine with endeavor success and many relevant of import elements which are staffs, accomplishments, manner and scheme. At the same clip, values are offered a general way for all the staffs and impact their behaviours.

At Nationwide, one of the specific characteristics is its mutualness. A common organisation is based on the rule of mutualness. Unlike the co-operative society, members in common organisation normally do non lend any fund to the corporate straight ; nevertheless the members derive their rights towards net incomes. Over 160 old ages of development, Nationwide has become a powerful society. Due to modern mutualness, it forms its alone traditional values to the clients. Banks pay back 1000000s to their stockholders, where as Nationwide portions 1000000s with its clients. Nationwide operates its strong organisational civilization called “ Puting clients foremost ” which is based on five distinguishable values ( Corporate Responsibility Report, 2008/09 ) :

Open: The Company is an inclusive organisation rank that is unfastened to all, and all of their members have a say in how the company run. Nationwide arranges the one-year general meeting ( AGM ) every twelvemonth which ask for members to take portion to show their sentiment. Each member can make this by voting on a series of issues.

Carnival: Countrywide dainty clients reasonably by offering better wagess those who entrust company with more of their concerns.

Responsible: Nationwide ‘s concern theoretical account is low hazard, stable and sustainable. They safeguard clients ‘ money and informations at all times. Unlike traditional concern theoretical account of investing Bankss, Nationwide pursuits of low hazard and stable in the procedure of development.

Committed: Traveling ‘the extra stat mi ‘ and taking ‘level best ‘ attention of clients are traditions of Nationwide. Nationwide ever maintain its promises, In Corporate Responsibility Report 2008/09, CEO, Graham Beale mentioned “ we say what we are traveling to make and so make it. ”

Adult to grownup: Countrywide believe in big relationships. They do n’t sponsor, instead they treat people as equal.

Due to the modern common with values, clients are besides proprietors who ever reserve some particular rights, notably the vote right. These are rights that people do n’t hold if they are lone clients of other ordinary bank. Customers in Nationwide have the chance to help determining how Countrywide to run. Each client can detect whether Nationwide is handling clients every bit and offers fairness, low hazard, stableness, sustainability in its merchandises and services. The nucleus value is evidently that ‘putting clients foremost ‘ in Nationwide.

Organizational Management

Business Dictionary ( 2010 ) defines Management as “ Organization and coordination of the activities of an endeavor in conformity with certain policies and in accomplishment of clearly defined aims. ” It includes the maps of POSDCORB ( Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing, Co-ordinating, Reporting and Budgeting ) and besides pull offing the organisational civilization and construction discussed antecedently. Often seen as one of the factor of production, the attack to direction adopted differs with the size and map of the organisation. Except the military and a few authorities and private organic structures, most companies today are following the modern attack to direction due to the assorted drawbacks of traditional direction manner like rigorous consequence orientation, usage of fright & A ; force to acquire the work done, no attention or importance given to employees involvements, wellbeing and so on. Now the companies understand that the basic map of direction of any service organisation like a bank revolves round the well being of the human resources both the officers and workingmans staffA working within. ( Sen Gupta, 2009 )

Banking is one of the most outstanding among the 12 services classified under the services definition of GATS ( General Agreement on Trade of Services ) . Nationwide surely has a good manus over banking and being a big sized Building Society, its daily direction is chiefly in the custodies of the senior direction squad along with a big figure of commissions all under the power of the Board of Directors. The policies formulated by this Board of managers are implemented by the Chief Executive. With Centralized determination devising in topographic point, Nationwide takes good attention of its employees and makes certain that they retain the best 1s for good. ( Read Bolton and Gold, 1995, “ Career direction at Nationwide Building Society utilizing a soft systems attack ” . ) Simple motivational techniques like praising the employees for the occupation stating ‘well done ‘ ; supplying preparation when the public presentation is non satisfactory ; offering good on the job conditions and installations ; running employee public assistance plans ; directing ?30 as Christmas surprise gift to every employee ; and even a simple ‘thank you ‘ makes a considerable difference in their public presentation.

Another factor act uponing the public presentation of a edifice society is ‘market competition ‘ which has intensified over clip particularly in footings of nest eggs and mortgages. Snape, et Al. ( 1993 ) suggested the integrating of concern scheme and human resource scheme as a solution to this job. They besides mentioned that a more dynamic market, with a stronger accent on gross revenues public presentation, placed new demands on employees, and many societies responded by adopting the ideals of ‘human resource direction ‘ .

Bartel ( 2000 ) in her survey confirms that Human resource direction related actions have the potency to better subdivision degree public presentation in banking industry, but concludes by stating that “ even though all directors in a bank are given a formal set of human resource policies, they appear to hold considerable discretion in their application ” . A batch of organisational public presentation besides depends on the type of leader ; his patterns and they manner groups are made and map.

Groups in Nationwide:

Harmonizing to Nationwide Corporate Responsibility Report, 2008-09, Nationwide is classified into a big figure of groups runing from Branch Network, Intermediary Gross saless and Corporate Accounts, Business Planning and Research, Internet Channels, Telephone Channels, Channel Integration, Integration and Operations, Regional Brands and Regional Brands Branch Network. The Merchandise and Marketing Division works in close affair with these squads to construct a high public presentation civilization as the squads pull out all the Michigans to present an outstanding client experience. These squads work in isolation towards accomplishing critical synergisms that lead to important decrease in their costs and betterment in gross revenues public presentation.


Business Dictionary ( 2010 ) defines leading as “ In its kernel, leading in an organisational function involves ( 1 ) set uping a clear vision, ( 2 ) sharing ( pass oning ) that vision with others so that they will follow volitionally, ( 3 ) supplying the information, cognition, and methods to recognize that vision, and ( 4 ) coordinating and equilibrating the conflicting involvements of all members or stakeholders. ” Nationwide is really peculiar about its leaders and leading patterns. It defines the four basic rules of leading i.e. edifice trust, animating people, raising the saloon and thought concern ; that underpin their assorted maps and reflect the economic environment and civilization alteration. Each of these four rules are farther broken down into three capablenesss and all these twelve capablenesss present an reliable image about what a good leading is and is non in Nationwide. Leaderships at all degrees of the organisation are responsible for activities such as appraisal, enlisting, public presentation measuring, development and wages procedures, bettering the quality and focal point of the consequences these activities deliver. These leaders are the incarnation of the nucleus values, behaviours and demand of this trade name which is defined as PRIDE ( from Nationwide ‘s pocket book of PRIDE ) :

P – Puting members foremost

R – Honoring relationships

I – Inspiring trust

D – Delivering great service

E – Exceeding outlooks

These values clarify the leaders sing how and what function they need to play to determine the organisation civilization and achieve concern consequences. The most of import map specified for the leaders is to maintain the clients at the bosom of everything they do and meet to make value for both clients and Nationwide. This marks the component of trade name distinction of Nationwide from its rivals and hence they justly entitle themselves as “ Proud to be different ; Bing a edifice society makes us basically different from the large Bankss we compete with. We do n’t hold stockholders, we are owned by our members. So you set our docket. ” ( Graham Beale, CEO Nationwide ) Hence members participate in the Annual General Meeting to discourse and vote on assorted issues which includes election of the Board of Directors of the edifice society. This twelvemonth about six hundred members attended Nationwide ‘s Annual General Meeting held at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, Westminster, London on 22 July, 2010.

To reason with direction and leading, Geyer and Steyrer ( 1998 ) argued that in service organisation like Bankss, transformational leading tends to hold a greater consequence on employee public presentation than transactional leading since Core Transformational Leadership persuades the corporate schemes and civilization for achieving the aims of the organisation. Besides they concluded that leading graduated tables are more strongly related to subordinate-based public presentation steps than to nonsubjective steps.

SWOT Analysis of Nationwide


Largest Building Society in the World.

‘Mutuality ‘ – nucleus of Nationwide ‘s construction.

Profit-sharing by members.

Democratic direction and control.

Open, honest, just and two manner communicating.

Accessible and trusty organizational civilization.

Reduced hazard – least adoption from money market.

Negligible impact of fiscal crisis on Nationwide.

Ownership is with members ; hence stock market has no impact.

Leading merchandises offered ( low mortgage rates and high involvements on nest eggs ) .

Customer focused.

Happy employees breed happy clients.

Robust preparation, support and calling chances.


Growth is hard – merely via amalgamations and acquisitions.

Less focal point on advertizement

Low popularity/awareness amongst clients.

Less subdivisions than other retail Bankss.


Scope for enlargement – more subdivisions.

Investing in advertizement can raise popularity.

Good range for touting about their strengths.

Word of oral cavity can be affectional.

Scope for introducing competitory merchandises.


Organization may fall in due to drawn-out absence, decease, insanity etc of members.

‘Contagion ‘ may turn out unsafe.

May hold jobs in direction.

Government/regulatory alterations may turn out as menace.


Based on the research analysis, Nationwide ‘s current scheme, construction, civilization and direction patterns are working expeditiously and efficaciously. Nevertheless, the interview showed certain Scopess of betterments. Nationwide can put in advertizement so as to better their consciousness and popularity amongst consumers. Simple ‘Word of Mouth ‘ can besides be employed to tout about their many successes and distinctions. Furthermore Nationwide portrays good capablenesss of naming many competitory merchandises alternatively of merely one atop on the ‘Best Buy Table ‘ in the Financial Times every hebdomad through the usage of invention and creativeness.


To reason, this study has critically reviewed Nationwide ‘s assorted facets. The background has discussed the history and current strong place of the administration in UK ‘s fiscal market place. Using empirical cognition, research and qualitative methodological analysis, it has besides evaluated Nationwide ‘s mission, end, concern scheme, construction, civilization, direction and leading manner. Finally, utilizing SWOT analysis, some recommendations have been drawn on several relevant countries where Nationwide can concentrate to better, even though it is booming with glorious successes based on present construction.


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