Mule On The Country Road English Literature Essay

Near the intersection of two rivers and beneath a base of cottonwoods she found the cabin. It sat hidden in Appalachian dark as it had been hidden from Whitecaps and Bluebills and she could see nil of its inside. Most rumored a geechee enchantress lived at that place, a geechee enchantress who had been a midnight adult female here in the shadow of mountains. There was a swoon visible radiation behind the door frame. She walked flatfoot through thick tussocks of sedge onto the Lowlandss and struggled against the unidentified load she carried. A cramp stopped her where the land flattened and she turned her caput to happen susurrations in the trees. She crawled toward the cabin and called out to the light beyond the door. A spyhole opened and she heard a adult female ‘s voice.

-Who at that place? What you want?

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-You catch them babes? she asked. I got a hurting.

-What hurting? Everybody got strivings. Travel off now.

-I got this hurting in my belly on history of my babe bein ready.

-Who sent you?

-I sent myself. They said you be out here and that you been a midnight adult female and you been known to catch some folks ‘ babes.

-What else they say?

-That you a geechee enchantress learnt thaumaturgy from the Satan.

-No geechee here. Travel off now child.

-I aint no kid. My name ‘s Willodean Moss and I ‘ll give four dollars for catchin my babe.

The door opened and a adult female stood set over in the visible radiation, a scattergun pointed out at the darkness.

-You think I be lookin like a enchantress? the adult female asked.

Willodean took a minute to stand. The adult female saw her conceited organic structure and heavy pubess and no longer cared to keep a gun on her.

-I think a alien willin to assist another aint got much hint of the Satan in them. And I certainly would look up to to come indoors now.

The adult female let the scattergun remainder in her weaponries and propped the door unfastened with one pes.

-I ‘ll take four dollars and catch your babe.

Willodean moved easy into the lanternlight and the adult female led her to a chair next to an empty hearth and wrapped her in a moldy comforter. There she sat huddled with her pess gripping a round of the chair.

-What ‘s this? she asked.

The adult female felt her tegument moistness beneath the nightie.

-Your H2O broke.

She stared into the waste fireplace where the lanternlight ballad among the ashes and there was another cramp in her pubess.

-I got anothern, she said. You got Tas do somethin.

The adult female sat across the room at a low tabular array stacked with books, her eyes huge amidst dark creases of tegument.

-Patience kid. It ‘ll come when it be right to come.

Willodean began to sway back and Forth.

-I thought you said you was a midnight adult female.

-You certain be sayin I was.

-Well, is you?

The adult female walked over to a pail near the door and pulled out a ladle of H2O. She brought it to Willodean and tilted it to her lips.

-Rest now, before the strivings come once more.

She gathered the comforter about her and drank and after a minute the adult female led her to the bed.

-Is you? she asked once more.

-Would it give you comfort were I to state it?

Willodean tried to kip some but was kept awake by those unusual amendments carried out within her. She would prehend at the Fe headrail behind her as her organic structure bowed, her breath loud in the room until it was n’t and she withdrew once more beneath the comforter. The adult female heard the springs rattle as musculuss were pulled taught and the adult female left the cabin to garner inflaming for a fire. Without the lantern she felt obviously for branchlets and bark that might put beneath the cottonwoods.

-Evenin, a voice called from behind her.

The adult female did non turn around.

-Evenin, the voice said once more.

She spoke to the nothingness.

-All the valuables already been took here so you might every bit good maintain walkin.

-I ‘ve non come lookin to cabbage yeh. You the nigger enchantress?

The adult female did non reply. She turned and was blinded by a light clicked on from the alien ‘s manus. The alien moved his flashlight though its blind and blotched vision remained in her eyes and easy the adult female found his face. The alien turned his attending to the cabin.

-You got a white adult female laid up in at that place?

-I ‘ve no involvement to tamper.

-That ‘d be wise.

He pointed the torch at her cabin.

-She in at that place?

-Were it your concern.

-I gather it might and I ‘ll thank yeh.

He clicked the torch off and stood non 10 pess from her. She could see the grey hairs of his face fungus.

-I ‘ll be headed indoors now.

The adult female waited a long clip to follow him. He stood at the bedside. Willodean slept bundled in the comforter and the alien watched the adult female sit in the chair by the hearth. He looked across the room at her heap of books as they stood on the low tabular array.

-Never met a nigga knew how to code.

-I ne’er met no white adult male better at it.

A wry smiling pulled at the corner of his oral cavity.

-You gesture to hit me with that shotgun and I ‘ll be inclined to crush your buttocks to decease with it, he said.

Willodean stirred gently beneath the comforter and turned to look at him with redrimmed eyes.


He bent closer to her.

-What brought you here?

-You promised you would.

-I ne’er.

-You called her a midnight adult female.

Her dorsum bowed as new strivings found her, non in forms or signifiers but in moving ridges washed across her huffy eyes, and the alien saw decease in his girl ‘s paroxysms even if it were non decease under which she labored. The old adult female moved to the bed and pulled back the comforter and knelt in the bed on one articulatio genus. The alien wanted to talk over his girl ‘s heaving but found no cause and could merely stand at the pes of the bed. The caput broke through in a great turbulence of blood and the adult female struggled as Willodean screamed. The adult female pulled it free with wrinkly custodies, a bloated organic structure transporting life ‘s cord across bloodslimed screens. She severed it with a brace of shears produced from within the creases of her gown and tied it off at both terminals. The adult female brushed off the mucous secretion that covered a face the colour of Beta vulgariss.

-They Lord, she cried, and about dropped the kid.

Its face was clean and deadpan with one oculus fused shut and another that drifted lazily to run into it. It would non howl and could merely suck futily from a hole at the centre of its face, non in breaths but in asphyxiations. The alien stared at the kid still warm and ungawking and could see nil but the deformed.

Willodean asked of her kid and the adult female gather a brace of sheets from a bole beneath the bed, wetting one in the H2O pail and pass overing the kid before wrapping it in a dry 1. She saw her kid ‘s face, its cheeks turned bluish and one oculus bulging, and something broke in her, as if some aspect of her individual had grown unreconcilable with all signifiers of life and ways to populate among them and she felt her psyche disappear into that individual drifting oculus. She collapsed beneath the weight of it and the adult female caught the kid before it could turn over onto the land. The alien watched as it died at that place in its swaddling fabric. He asked the adult female if she had a bible to read from and she asked him what sins he had to believe on.

The adult female buried the kid near the two rivers in an unmarked grave while Willodean slept. The alien brought his truck down from the treeline and carried his unconscious girl into the cab and they drove South. She shivered and twitched in tantrums of incubus. In it she stood among 1000s gathered in a desert. She asked one what they were looking for and he showed her a adrift compass. She walked among them and felt as they did: that they were headed back to some beginning. The crowd heard shrieks but it did non come within them and she joined them in their huffy announcements.

-Our eyes are unfastened.

A fountain welled in the sky and it poured down upon them and they stretched unfastened heads toward it. She asked the adult male if they were looking the right manner and asked where it would take them.

-We do n’t see a thing, they exclaimed

The adult male told her that it was an ground tackle, that it would maintain them at that place, and they all bathed in it.

She woke in her male parent ‘s truck and passed ill across her forepart. He pulled up along the side of the route. She asked him where her boy was.

-That were n’t a kid, he said.

-It was a fellow. I saw him.

He shook his caput.

-Nothing to be done.

She felt overcome by another moving ridge of ill and leaned her caput out the window. Even with nil in her tummy she heaved spittle and xanthous sludge into the dust at the side of the route. When she returned to the cab her male parent sat watching a brace of wren dart about the limbs of a beech tree. They passed their beaks laterally across the smaller subdivisions and with the blade of his manus he matched their motions across his thigh. He ne’er knew if they were cleaning or sharpening those beaks.

He looked back at his girl and she passed the steel of her penknife across his pharynx in a dark and truncated smiling that melted down across his belly, the black blood pumping slant and malevolent in a deep web of deletion. She held her manus over his oral cavity so he could non do a sound and watched as his eyes glazed over. She pushed him from the cab and left him to put in decease in the route. She turned the truck and went back the manner they came. She wondered where she was traveling and what route this was and where it ended. Possibly at the cabin and the intersection of two rivers and the unmarked grave, or possibly it was of no concern, and the truck shook as it passed over the unsmooth route.


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