Meursaults Eccentric Nature Alienates Them From Society English Literature Essay

What ab initio alienates Katharina is a really public and disgraceful matter with Ludwig a suspected enemy of the province. Her refusal to collaborate with the constabulary hinders their probes and frustrates their attempts to grok person considered a danger to society. By consciously indentifying with a ‘criminal ‘ Katharina declares herself an confederate and foreigner. These events are sensationalised by an fanatic imperativeness tidal bore to feed society ‘s wonder which turns against Katharina.

On the other manus, Meursault in the foreigner is ab initio marked as an foreigner non for an amative matter but when he declared “ female parent died today. Or possibly yesterday, I do n’t cognize ” . Through this declaration, Meursault alienates himself from a society which expected him to sorrow his loss. His cold and detached attack to the whole matter is referred to by his accusers later in the novel and is used against him in convicting him.

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Subsequently, both characters are wholly alienated from and by society when they both commit slaying. This is considered a flagitious offense against society. Bing a really private and ferociously independent character, Katharina is outraged by the in writing studies in the intelligence paper ‘ the News ‘ . Totges, the journalist of the intelligence, had invaded her private life, he got the curate of Gemmelsbroich who said that “ her female parent, whom on compassionate evidences I employed as a cleaning woman, stole the sacramental vino and carried binges in the vestry with her lovers ” He besides talked about her male parent whom he called a Communist. These calumniatory accusals in the News led the populace to believe that she was, in kernel, a condemnable herself and therefore led to her disaffection from and by the society.

On the other manus the ground why Meursault committed slaying was different from what led Katharina to perpetrate her ain slaying. The slaying Meursault committed estranged him from the society. It was dry because Meursault took the gun from Raymond, so that Raymond would non kill the Arab. This offense was considered flagitious therefore doing society think that Meursault is really a wicked individual because of the offense he committed, he did non even cognize why he committed the offense and when he was asked by the magistrate why he fired five back-to-back shootings at the Arab he said “ I fired one at first, and the other four after a short interval ” . The inquiry so repeated twice and Meursault still had nil to state. His action has made the society think really queerly of him.

Another illustration of such bizarre behavior which leads to Katharina ‘s disaffection from society was her compulsion with privateness. When she was questioned by the constabulary sergeant, Beizmenne, she was asked about a ring which she received, but she refused to unwrap this information, stating “ As to the beginning of the ring I can non – rectification: I do non wish to give any information ” . This made her seem guilty as she was non being unfastened, but her refusal to reply was simply an entreaty for her privateness to be respected. Katharina is an introspective individual and this meant that she did non socialize a batch with others. This must hold made others in the society see her as strange and this added to her alienation.

Meursault, who was besides an introvert, like Katharina Blum, rarely socialised with others. He had few friends and those you called his friends could non even be genuinely regarded as friends because he ne’er shared any personal ideas or minutes with them. He was even distant to his ain birth female parent. He was hence alienated from society because of this property. His introspective nature besides led him to be farther cut off from society, as he goes to imprison. During the test, he had few people who could support him and even these people did non truly understand his actions, motivations and idea. He was hence condemned to estrangement chiefly because of his character, and non his actions.

Bing emotionally detached, Meursault is blunt when Marie asks him if he loved her, he replied stating that “ her inquiry meant nil or following to nil ‘ . Being in a relationship is something that is really of import ; Meursault is stoic so he does non see love as anything that is critical. Lapp goes for matrimony, Marie asked him why he would get married her and he replied stating “ I explained that it had no importance truly, but, if it would give her pleasance, we could acquire married right off. I pointed out that, anyway, the suggestion came from her ; as for me, I ‘d simply said, “ Yes. ” . He was highly honorable with his response even though in his society matrimony was considered as something really of import. His unusual response towards these inquiries has made society to put against him. He besides showed this emotional detachedness during his female parent ‘s funeral where he showed no sentiments. In society any adult male that does non shout at his female parent ‘s funeral is meant to be condemned to decease. His deficiency of emotion has made society to reprobate him and put him as an foreigner.

Besides being unworried, Katharina does things without holding any concerns or duties. Her relationship with a felon was due to her attention freeness. Having an matter with a felon on the tally and declining to collaborate with the constabulary has made society to render her as an foreigner. Likewise the same honest behavior is portrayed on Katharina. During her question when the constabulary sergeant, Beizmenne asked her where she drove her auto to she replied “ I ne’er gave a idea to it, nor to the cost either, but sometimes I would merely drive off, merely acquire in the auto and thrust, with no finish in head ” .Although, when she is being honest she becomes highly punctilious and intimidating. During her first question she puts the constabulary off when she checks the diction of the question, she insisted on “ the word “ gracious ” and when the word “ sort ” was suggested alternatively, “ gracious ” being considered slightly antique she became incensed and declared “ niceness “ and “ kindness ” had nil to make with “ graciousness ” . Her frankness and punctilious behavior is declared unusual in the society because at that clip adult females were non outspoken they were much more tactful therefore her behavior intimidates the constabulary particularly Beizmenne.

In the same manner, Meursault is outspoken when questioned by the magistrate about his belief in God, to which he declared himself atheist. His responses though profoundly honest are flooring to the magistrate who in bend declared him a batch cause and hence an foreigner. As a condemned adult male, it was of import to his society to believe in God and salvation. It is now the society knows that Meursault has no compunction for killing the Arab or even have a motivation for this flagitious act.

In decision, the supporters, Meursault in ‘The Outsider ‘ by Albert Camus and, Katharina Blum in ‘The Lost Honour of Katharina Blum ‘ by Heinrich Boll, are alienated from their societies because of their eccentricities. This bizarre behavior scandalises the people in the society because it does non accept or even cognize how to to the full explicate such behavior. It is therefore non for their actions but for their nature that they are excluded from society.


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