Maritime Topics

| | | Topic and sub-topic areas of research include but are not limited to:   Topic Area| Sub-Topic Areas| 1. Shipping| Capital markets and risk management Information technology in shipping Intermodality and container shipping Key issues in maritime transport Liner shipping economics Management practices in shipping Maritime business and its economic impacts Maritime investments decision making Revenues and costs patterns in shipping Shipping finance Shipping investments & maritime clusters Shipping markets international competition

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Shipping markets regulation Short sea shipping Marketing & strategic issues in shipping Maritime security Sales and purchase Freight derivates in shipping | 2. Ports| Case Studies in World ports Information systems in port services Internationalisation of ports Maritime infrastructures Measuring and investing in port efficiency The determinants of hub port development Port competition Port developments & expected economic impact Port financing and investment Port governance issues Port performance Port reforms: Measuring and regulating the results

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Ports as components of intermodal networks The role of ports & port choice criteria Trends in container terminals Private sector engagement in ports The role of the public sector in the port industry Ports and vessels Marketing and strategic issues in ports  | 3. Shipmanagement| The human factor in shipping Safety and liability: Externalities of shipping Open registries and flag issues Marine accidents and service quality National crews and fleets in international shipping Port state control Managing maritime emergencies  | . Logistics and supply chain management| International supply chain Logistics, intermodal and transport costs Transport chains and intermodal networks Logistics issues in shipping economics The modal split and supply chains: Choosing the maritime option Managing technology: The practicalities of international logistics Perishable product transportation / reefer logistics  | 5. Policy| EU shipping policy and effects EU port policy and effects EU competition law and the shipping industry EU competition law and the port industry

Emerging policies in shipping Non-EU shipping and port policies IMO shipping policies  | 6. Quantitative methods| Freight rate modelling Quantitative methods in shipping Quantitative methods in ports Simulation and optimization in shipping and ports  | 7. Environment| Environmental aspects of the shipping industry Environmental aspects of the port industry Green ship technology Maritime air emissions Ballast water management Management of ship’s waste Ship recycling Oil pollution Bunkers and the environment| – Back -|


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