Mango Case Study Essay

MANGO is an internationally celebrated transnational which designs. industries and markets women’s and men’s vesture and accoutrements. Its Headquarters are based in Palau Solita I Plegamans ( Barcelona ) .

At the current clip. the company has over 11. 000 employees out of which 82 % are females. with an mean age of 32.

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The Hangar Design Center. where more than 1500 employees work. is the biggest design centre in Europe. with a surface country of 10. 000 M2 and more than 550 professionals dedicated to making manner garments and accoutrements for adult females. The Quality. Purchasing and Design sections are besides located at that place.

The cardinal offices have a entire surface country of 150. 000 M2 and their ain construction. which comprises the sections of Image and Advertising. Property Management. Expansion. Production Control and Stores Distribution. Shop Architecture and Interior Design. in add-on to Logistics. Administration and IT systems.

The company presently has a sum of 2415 shops in 107 states worldwide. Their enlargement continues in metropoliss of the stature of Tokyo. Beijing. Erlangen or Verona.

MANGO considers its keys to their success are: Concept. Team and Logistics System.


The company is really acute on holding a extremely defined construct. The MANGO construct relies on an confederation between a merchandise of a high quality with an original design and a strong trade name image. Dressing the modern. urban adult females for her day-to-day demands is the expression the company has analyzed. adapted and applied in all the states in which MANGO is present: it has been and remains one of the keys to their commercial success and international prestigiousness.


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