Literary Biography Of Charles Dickens English Literature Essay

Charles Huffman Dickens was born on February 7th 1812 in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England. His birth was on a Friday 12 o’clock at dark ( as he has been informed and believe ) at a topographic point called Landport. The location is today the Dickens birth topographic point museum. He was, born to Mr. John Dickens ( 1785-1851 ) a clerk in the navy wage office and Mrs. Elizabeth nee Barrow ( 1780-1863 ) . A 2nd Born he had an older brother French republics who was popularly known as Fanny together with younger siblings by the names of Alfred Allen, Letitia Mary, Harriet, Frederic William ( Fred ) , Alfred Lamert and Augustus Newnham. ( Smiley 2002 ) . Charles dickens is considered one of the greatest and popular writers of the Victorian times that have been acclaimed for his rich narrative relation and unforgettable characters built-in in his dramas novellas, fiction and non fiction. This works are what made him to be known the universe over due to the characters inherent in the plants.

His art in the relation of their lives and the word pictures of the societal life i.e. the categories, ethical motives and values of his times through the character can non go through unacknowledged. For some he has been considered the spokesman of the hapless, the downtrodden and the have- nots through his word picture of their woos and predicament in his many plants that included his personal autobiography David Copperfield ( 1848-1850 ) . This resulted in him holding many critics like Henry James and Virginia Woolf but many besides adored and admired him more so because if his actual accomplishments. Charles was born at the clip of the industrial revolution that saw the outgrowth of the extremist Marxist theories that besides dealt with the predicament of the workers and the construction of the society and societal order. These are depicted in Dickens plants that are characterized by onslaughts on societal immoralities, deficiency of justness with pretension and dual criterions. At ulterior phases of his life he developed a mental job and in June 9th 1870 he suffered a 2nd shot and died after making a full twenty-four hours work on Edwin Drood. ( Marzials 2004 )

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Mr. John dickens was a well paid clerk at the navy office gaining a wage of 80 lbs a month. He was a good natured and friendly adult male that was generous. Something that made him to be ever at fiscal troubles for about his full life. These fiscal trials have been captured in the novel David Copperfield through the character of Mr. Micawber. The household moved to London in 1814 and so to Chatham where dickens received some instruction. The school maestro William Giles paid close attending to Dickens who made rapid advancement. The 1821 reforms in the naval forces led to John losing his occupation as clerk and hence the household income this lead to the household traveling to Camden town in London. Within three old ages John was arrested for debt together with the household except Dickens so 12. He was so forced to work for some months at a melanizing mill in Hungerford Market, London, so as to unclutter his male parent ‘s debt while his household was in the Marshalea debitor ‘s prison in 1824.

This was a acrimonious period for Dickens who subsequently recalled that his male parent and female parent were rather satisfied and that they could barely hold been so had he been 20 old ages of age, distinguished in grammar school and admitted to Cambridge. This period was subsequently captured in his article small Dorrit ( 1855-57 ) . John subsequently paid his debt of 40 lbs, money that the household had inherited from his female parent who had died at the age of 70 nine while they were still in prison. ( Hotten 2001 ) The instruction of Charles can be rated as impressive by the so criterions bearing in head the difficult life that he had experienced during his child life. He had studied at Wellington House Academy and at a school tally by Mr. Dawson School between 1824-1827. From 1827-1828 he worked as a jurisprudence clerk ( office male child ) and later as stenography, free-lance newsman at Doctor Commons. These experiences came in ready to hand when he wrote for True Son and as a parliamentary newsman for the Mirror of Parliament during the reform measure statute law. ( 1832-34 ) He besides worked as a newsman for the Morning Chronicle ( 1834-36 ) under a fabricated name of “ Boz ” that was derived from Moses, Boses and Boz all whom are Charles favourite characters in the “ Vicar of Wakefield ” by Goldsmith. The experience that he got working in these organisations led him to print in the monthly magazine the “ dinner at popular walk ” ( 1833 ) and the initial “ studies by boz ” that was published in 1836 the twelvemonth that he got married to Elizabeth Hogarth. The actual accomplishments of Charles were as a consequence of the additions that he got at the British museum reading the work of Shakespeare and his art is what leads him to work in the field of news media. ( Kenyon 2008 )

This works were subsequently followed by “ the choice wick documents ” the importance of these events was a realisation to him that propelled him to establish the Master Humphrey Cloak and embrace of his work as an editor in the London Daily News. This was the start of his calling as a full clip novelist with the first of his work being Oliver Twist. the novel was foremost published in installments before it was combined into a full book. It is a narrative of Oliver twist an orphan who ‘s in heritance right is deprived from him by his unfair and wicked custodian Mr. Monks. It is about the underworld of London where Oliver joins in from being apprenticed as a coffin shaper after being in lone parturiency in a hapless farm and workhouse ; where he outraged the governments by inquiring for a 2nd bowl of porridge. It brings out the dark side of the London underworld and the difficult early old ages of Oliver Twist. Oliver outrages governments by bespeaking for a 2nd bowl of porridge and this leads him to a lone parturiency where he is taught to be a casket shaper. He subsequently makes his manner to London where he becomes a member of a pack of immature stealers, led by Fagin. Finally Fagin is hanged at Newgate and Mr. Barnlow adopts Oliver. Nicholas Nickelby ( 1838-39 ) is a slackly crafted narrative of immature Nickleby ‘s attempts to seek his luck. These experiences plus the imprisonment of his male parent for the 2nd clip due to debt and his maintaining on of bailing out of them made Charles to be really leery of unfair Torahs and endowed him to the field of news media the posthumous documents of the choice wick nine was published monthly from April 1836 to November 1837 in piece repast. It involved a group of persons and their travels to Rochester, Bath and other topographic points. It was sold as cheap books at unit of ammunition one shilling per transcript. Marriage life is a cardinal portion of human life, for Charles Dickens his matrimony with Elizabeth ended in 1933. She was a banker ‘s girl whom he had courted for three old ages he later went and married Catherine Hogart a girl of his friend. She helped him in the redaction of the freshly established Evening Chronicle. ( 2004 )

The American notes were published as a consequence of his circuit around the universe with his household. The work was against the pattern of bondage and the mastication of baccy that was widely practiced in America at the clip. This works did non travel down good in the state that was comparatively new and was looking at bondage as a pillar of its economic South. From the 1840s he traveled widely where he advocated against many societal immoralities that he encountered. This he did through negotiations, readings, booklet, letters and dramas. The dramas were featured through his theatrical company that he had founded in 1845 and was to busy a great trade of his clip till his decease. The company brought him together with the likes of Wilkie Collins and Augustus Egg whom they traveled together with and they co-authored the drama “ the frozen Deep ” Charles Dickens separated with his married woman in 1858 after they had had ten kids and her sister, whom Dickens was found of subsequently moved in to remain at Dickens house where she died at his weaponries at the age of 17. These events are at the nucleus of the novel. Dora Copperfield. In the 1850s he became the establishing editor of Household universe plus its replacement All twelvemonth unit of ammunition ( 1859-1870 ) through this he published a book Great Expectations between 1860 and 1861. The publication begun as a serialized publication in the periodical All the Year Round as from 1st December 1860. For the subsequent old ages he lived the remainder of his life in Italy, Paris and Switzerland. He engaged in lectors in Britain and the United States ( 1858-1868 ) that preoccupied most of his clip. In 1856 he bought an estate that he had held in high respect since his kid hood-the ‘God ‘s hill ‘ where he lived and continued composing his plants until his decease in on June 9th 1870. ( Marzials 2004 )

Public readings

Before the innovation of publishing many Writers and poets would on a regular basis read their plants in the populace sphere to an audience. This pattern continued with some extension to several old ages after printing had become common as portion of the Victorian epoch civilization. Dickens crisp twelvemonth for conversation came in ready to hand in assisting him to make fantastic characters by their words. He used a certain manner of composing where by he used sentences that built the character. His first public readings started in 1858 and it was done three months before his decease. They were so popular because Dickens was able to portray the character so nicely by himself chiefly because he was the writer. The public public presentation was done in many locations specifically the topographic points that he had toured as from 1858. i.e. in England, Scotland Ireland, Paris and America. The bulk of these public presentations were nevertheless done in London. In an opium lair in Shadwell, he met an aged drug pedlar selling opium by the name of Opium Sal and this was the character that he used to compose the novel The Mystery of Edwin Drood. It was non completed as he planed to bring forth it in 12 monthly parts but he merely managed six. All these public presentation were being conducted against medical advice and it was during this public Tourss in April 9th of 1869 that he had ab initio suffered a shot where he had collapsed at Preston, after which his physicians put a halt to his public presentations in public. Charles Dickens most famed work is the “ Christmas carol ” ( 1843 ) and it ‘s his most lived plants that has the character of Ebenezer Scrooge. Dickens seemingly did n’t wish historical topics much. Barnaby Rudge that was set during the ‘no papism ‘riots of 1870 and “ a narrative of two metropoliss ” ( 1859 ) that was set during the Gallic revolution are the two exclusions. A narrative of two metropoliss ‘ secret plan circles around two look a likes Charles Darney and Sydney Carton who both love the same adult female. ( 2004 )

In footings of his greatest unfavorable judgment to societal unfairness the fresh bleak house ( 1853 ) brings out this. The secret plan is built around a jurisprudence suit, the authoritative instance of Jarndyce and Jardnyce that affects any 1 who gets into comes across it. The secret plan is told in the first individual narrative by a immature adult female Esther Summerson, an illicit girl of captain Hawdon and the proud Lady Dedlock. His 2nd last piece prior to his decease was the common friend ( 1865 ) whose first chapters start with a slaying enigma where a organic structure is found drifting at river Thames. The novel has been rated as an unqualified chef-d’oeuvre from the manner its secret plan flows and the manner it has by and large been written.


The ulterior plants of Charles Dickens begun to be exaggerated and mixed up and this has been attributed to the detrimental of his mental province coupled with his munificent life style that he had come to get that was different from his kid goon upbringing. His calling as a novelist attracted and received much attending but he besides produced 100s of essays plus rewriting and redacting others. ( Smiley 2002 ) His essays like ‘a visit to new gate is about his visit to his household in prison while in a little star in the E is about reveals the working status on the Millss. Mr. Ballow on the other manus reflects on the un sensitiveness of his coach during his school yearss. Charles devils will decidedly be remembered as one of the great authors of all times.


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