Influences on My Family’s Food Choices

Influences on My Family’s Food Choices October 12th 2009 Food choices within a family are influenced by a number of different factors. From how many people are in a family, to the amount of income the family makes, to the lifestyles of the family members, to health factors, the choices of food to be purchased for the family is narrowed down quite significantly when considering how many different foods there are in the world. Living in a house with only one other person, my mom, has its pros and cons. When it comes to food, because there are only two of us, we tend to buy small amounts of food when grocery shopping.

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The small amount of food that we do buy usually ends up being the basics that we both need and/or enjoy: eggs, bread, apples, bananas, milk, yogurt, oatmeal, sliced ham, cheese, and the occasional frozen dinner. Having a household of two people certainly helps our family money-wise as well; my mom, currently a student, does not earn any money through a job. Having to buy only small quantities of the basics saves our household money that can be spent on other things. Breakfast seems to always be the best meal of the day in my household. As both of us are equired to wake up fairly early for school, we need to start our days out right by having a good breakfast that will keep us energized until lunch. I sacrifice plenty of the limited time that I have in the morning to make sure that I have something tasty to wake me up. My mom and I are always on the go; most of our time awake is spent outside of the house. We lead lifestyles that can sometimes be stressful and hectic, and our food choices reflect that. We buy food that can be prepared easily, or better yet, is already prepared. Both me and my mom do not spend very much time preparing meals.

Preparing a meal from scratch is oftentimes out of the question because of our lack of free time. Although we do not have very much time to spend on cooking food, both me and my mom are aware of healthy eating. We rarely ever have fast food or eat out at restaurants, because of our lack of time and money. This translates into healthier eating because our food at home is often not high in fat, oils, or calories, as many fast foods are. We also are conscious of healthy drinking, as we both try to drink as much water and herbal teas as we can each day in order to keep us hydrated.

Being hydrated is important, especially when you lead an active lifestyle, which we both do. I learned about healthy eating at a young age, as my mother often made home cooked meals and would only allow me to eat things such as vegetables for snacks. She would also put a strict limit on the amount of sweets I could eat each week. When I would insist that I didn’t like a type of food without ever having tried it, she would make me taste a morsel of the food and then allow me to make a judgment. Because of that, today I am still open to trying an assortment of different foods, and am not a icky eater. As a child, my mother was forced to eat all of the food on her plate at dinner each night, whether she liked the food or not; from hating the experience so much as a child, she vowed that she would never enforce that rule upon her children when it came to dinner. For that, I am thankful. Fortunately, there are no health problems within our household that restrict us from certain foods. On the other hand, me and my mom do try to shop for food that is healthier and lower in fat as we both care about our outward appearances. We can hope that eating healthier might lower our risk for eveloping certain health issues later in life. By eating healthier and watching our weight, we are not only benefiting ourselves right now, but also helping us out in the long run. Traditions of certain foods during holidays is something that me and my mom look forward to with the approach of each coming festivity. Eggs: hard boiled, chocolate, or poached, are always to be expected to appear at my house around Easter. During thanksgiving, we gather my extended family together and celebrate with a home-cooked meal with turkey and mashed potatoes. Christmas dinner ften consists of a ham, mixed vegetables, and plenty of dessert. Though my mom is fairly religious while I am not, religion does not influence the food choices that we make. The media does have an influence within our household when it comes to food. My mom and I are both avid magazine readers; when we see something tasty while flipping through one, we’re tempted to try it, and oftentimes, do. The same thing goes for television; if we see somebody on t. v. boasting about a certain food, especially if the dish is healthy or low in fat, my mom will sometimes go ut of her way to make or buy this food to see if we agree or disagree with the person on television’s views. In conclusion, there are many influences that determine which food could be found in my, or any, household. From eating healthy, to budgeting money, to holiday traditions, each factor that influences our food choices is different from the others, but are each holds an significant importance in helping us decide which food to buy. The food values that have been passed on to me from the members of my family will likely remain with me for years, and eventually, be passed along to my own children, which I might have one day.


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