In My Hands A Book Report English Literature Essay

In My Hands is a fiction book that focuses on the autobiography and memoirs of writer Irene Gut Opdyke. Irene ‘s narrative is that she was a nursing pupil, who was a Polish Catholic who was ever known as a good hearted individual and she was really near to her household. However populating in the center of War World II her life took a bend for the worst. During this clip in her life ; the Nazi ground forces invaded her state in September 1939 and this forced her to go forth her household and worked as a voluntary for the Polish ground forces. She joined the Polish ground forces because she was a proud Polish miss and wanted to support her state from the Nazis. During the resulting events she was captured, raped and forced to work by the Russian ground forces. She was able to last these events and she finally returned to Poland to see her household once more. Since her state was now in the power of Germany, she was forced to go forth her household one time once more and work by the German ground forces functioning nutrient to the Nazi soldiers. During her clip working for the German soldiers, she could non bear to witness the agony of the Judaic people. Since she was such a sort hearted individual she was willing to take action and take hazards to assist them.

The events that took topographic point in assisting salvaging the Jews was that she would assist the Jews by relaying information from the German soldiers ‘ programs for the Jews. She would put nutrient under the fencing for Judaic captives because she was able to acquire easy entree of nutrient since she worked as a repast waiter. Irene besides helped transport Jews to safe concealing countries in the outskirts of the Polish Ghettos, and she besides stole covers and rations from the German ground forces supplies and gave them to the Jews. Her most epic minutes were during the clip when she was working under a Nazi major general. She was able to successfully deliver and conceal 12 Jews in the cellar of that Nazi major ‘s cellar. She felt that she had to take action because she wanted to assist the Jews flight from war and decease. She knew that it was the right thing to make and that it was her responsibility to salvage them from war and decease.

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Since the Holocaust was such a large historical event, the historical position from her point is rather big in In My Hands. The fact that she pitted herself in the center of war is great. She is in herself apart of War World II and Holocaust history. She helped salvage Jews from the problems that we upon them during the Holocaust and Irene was able to salvage some of them. Since so many Hebrews were being executed, she was willing to take hazards to salvage the lives of others. Although she did n’t salvage many compared to how many Jews were executed during the Holocaust, she still changed history by non allowing others die. For her actions and attempts she is a important World War II and Holocaust heroine for put on the lining her life in the center of war and assisting others survive. A true act of gallantry on her portion because she could ‘ve easy died assisting salvage Hebrews from decease. Not merely was she a heroine and saved lives of have the Judaic people but she besides witnessed much of the ferociousness that was put upon towards the Judaic people during the Holocaust. She witnessed ferociousness such as babes and kids being taken off from their female parent and being killed. She saw the mindless slayings of Judaic people. She lived and was a portion of this great historical race murder.

In my personal position, I enjoyed the book really much. When I was reading I was compelled about her narratives and I wanted to maintain reading the book. I finished this book reasonably rapidly because it truly drew my attending. I ca n’t conceive of what this adult female went through but Irene explained her narratives and was really elaborate about what happened. I find it difficult to believe that a adult female that was separated from her household would ignore her ain life to salvage the lives of others. She risked non seeing her household once more whom she loved and cared about and besides risked her ain life to be the lone hope and Jesus for the Judaic prisoners. She herself did n’t even hold to acquire involved with the Judaic people and she could ‘ve merely went on and populate her ain life. Any other ordinary Non-Jew would ‘ve disregarded the Judaic people and merely populate their ain life to seek and last the war themselves. Irene did non look out for herself. Irene was brave plenty to make what she did, particularly concealing the 12 Jews in the cellar. That portion for me was interesting to read because during that clip the punishment for concealing Judaic people was decease. Not merely did she conceal them, she hid them in the cellar of a major Nazi general. She successfully conceal them down at that place or a long clip excessively. That was a pretty foolhardy thing to make in her portion because the opportunities for her to be caught making that act was great, but she did what she had to make to assist others in demand. Irene Gut Opdyke is a great individual to look up to and besides the perfect function theoretical account for anyone who needs bravery because she displayed great courage and calm during one of the most biggest and hideous events in universe history. Overall the book was a great read. Her narrative and experiences were put into great item which engulfed me to maintain reading the book.


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