Examining The History Of The Congo Man English Literature Essay

In the words of Hollis Liverpool ( Mighty Chalkdust ) , calypso “ captures our whole life style, history, societal yesteryear. It ‘s a contemplation in vocal of our manner of life. ” In ‘the land of fairy-slipper, ‘ Trinidad and Tobago, this has been the footing of this genre of music ; however, it has flourished from the age of colonialism to the new millenary. Serving as an avenue for communicating by the African slaves on the sugar plantations, fairy-slipper or ‘kaiso ‘ was the lone signifier of conveying messages of disdain towards their white Masterss, protesting against bondage or even saying of import happenings and intelligence, as speaking was prohibited while they toiled. Influenced by Gallic colonists in the 1780s fairy-slipper took the signifier of ‘patois ‘ or French-Creole ; nevertheless, with a alteration in control means a alteration in linguistic communication every bit good. With a passage to British regulation English became the primary linguistic communication within the settlement ; therefore, by the nineteenth ( 19th ) century English was projected in local fairy-slipper. By 1834, Emancipation or the abolishment of bondage

‘Congo adult male ‘ by Mighty Sparrow encapsulates the feminist position, whilst communication and arousing moral degeneracy in its lyrical content, every bit good as uncovering extended subjection of the white aesthetic.

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Known as the ‘Calypso King of the World ‘ , Dr. Slinger Francisco, identified by his assumed name The Mighty Sparrow, has maintained his reign for over 40 ( 40 ) old ages. He is a maestro of this effort, and his vocal ‘Congo Man ‘ ingeniously portrays important goings-on of the epoch in a apparently humourous and inconsequential story-line ; nevertheless, many tend to reason fiercely. Harmonizing to extremist women’s rightists, the development of adult females is chiefly on the burden of the work forces. To a extremist women’s rightist, it is deeply the work forces who have benefited from the subordination of adult females. In fact, adult females are seen to be exploited because they undertake unpaid labor for work forces transporting out child care and homemakers while being denied entree to adequate places of power and authorization within society. Realistically as it may look, society is sometimes viewed as a patriarchal society. From this point of position, work forces are the governing category, and adult females the capable category. In true kernel, The Congo Man blatantly depicts the development of adult females ; its linguistic communication, lyrical content, sexual intensions and nonliteral significances, and relevancy to society. Furthermore, the linguistic communication of the fairy-slipper, non merely the words but the deeper language- the meta-language evokes outstanding significances noticeable to the human ear. The German bookman Leo Frobenius one time proclaimed that in African civilizations linguistic communication did non, as in the West, serve merely to pass on thoughts, but besides brought the imaginativeness to life and enlivened the object universe. This, from my sentiment, is the facade coming to life through a performance-no thirster the erasure of history, but the mask of history, a false history, being removed and through calypso our memory of a past heritage is animated. As evident in The Congo Man, The Mighty Sparrow, through the usage of the common or state linguistic communication, has sung the people ‘s hopes and dreams, and really has displayed the colonial Masterss in the background, wholly opposed to their old places.

The Congo Man is comparable to St. Lucian dramatist and poet Derek Walcott ‘s verse form “ Laventille, ” as it embodies a province of memory loss ; a calculated deficiency of memory of one ‘s yesteryear.

The past history of one ‘s heritage continues to vibrate with reconditeness through the rhythmic lines of fairy-slipper. Additionally, The Mighty Sparrow ‘s The Congo Man does precisely that- more so representing the position of the white adult female as opposed to the glory of the black aesthetic. In other words, this fairy-slipper places the white adult female on the base. He farther reinforces this political orientation with sexual development of the female bodily signifier. There is no longer the deification of their ain black beauty, while steeping her in passion and love, nevertheless includes blatantly the usage of the white representative of past power, hegemony, and authorization. Surely so, it is representative of the master/slave relationship so relevant to the Caribbean political orientation and trials endured in the deepest deferrals of the human head.

Succinctly seduced with sexual insinuations, The Congo Man elucidates adult female as a sexual object. The linguistic communication explicitly depicts a misogynous universe position where the female figure is described shamelessly as a sexual object to the Caribbean work forces. Quotation mark LYRICS HERE. The history of the slave trade is one time once more represented in The Congo Man. For case, the white adult females typify power, authorization and passion, which are polar in luring the black Caribbean adult male. On the other manus, the black Congo adult male now embodies the power, control and enthusiasm one time possessed by the colonial Masterss. INSERT LYRICS HERE AND INCLUDE POST COLONIAL THEORY.

The Congo Man embodies a overplus of deductions. Chiefly evidentiary in The Mighty Sparrow ‘s fairy-slipper is that he did non mean for a nonliteral significance, so blatantly consumed with sexual insinuations and the debasement of adult females. In the same visible radiation, such a fairy-slipper ‘s chief map is to entertain whilst foregrounding social issues, therefore the significance that was established proved to be irrelevant to the calypsonian ‘s motive and purpose, as a consequence, it does non subscribe to the women’s rightist theory.




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