Educational Opportunity Program Essay

The State University of New York Educational Opportunity Program was created by the province of New York in order to supply entree. academic support and fiscal assistance to pupils who may non otherwise be admitted to province alumnus plans. This plan falls under province university guidelines within the province authorities so there are specific registration regulations such as the necessity of being a New York State occupant at the clip of application. The web site for the plan is http: //www. suny. edu/Student/academic_eop. cfm.

Mission The mission of the State University of New York Educational Opportunity Program is to supply entree to graduate flat instruction. This plan focuses on pupils who show assure within their chosen field but who may non hold entree to a alumnus instruction. The EOP plan carefully considers all appliers but gives penchant to pupils who are ineligible for registration under standard guidelines and/or come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

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Further. the plan is designed to back up pupils financially and academically in order to give them an chance to finish a higher instruction grade while besides supplying the support necessary to populate up to their full potency. Resources The most of import resource that the State University of New York Educational Opportunity Program provides is a alumnus degree instruction. Students who are portion of the plan receive support services including academic. calling and personal guidance services every bit good as tutoring and extra direction if necessary.

The EOP plan besides provides fiscal assistance for non tuition related disbursals such as books and school supplies. However. the most of import resource that the plan offers is the pecuniary assistance necessary to inscribe in and finish a alumnus degree class of survey. Good and Services While the State University New York Educational Opportunity Program does non supply touchable goods it does supply indispensable services to its more than ten thousand current pupils every bit good as its over 50 thousand alumnas.

The intent of the services offered is to supply the tools necessary for economically or racially deprived pupils to finish alumnus degree classs of survey. These services help these pupils overcome the educational challenges they face in order to obtain higher instruction and travel on to populate successful and productive lives. To this terminal. the EOP plan is customized to run into the academic. calling and personal demands of all pupils through a assortment of reding plans. Further. the services offered are designed in such a manner so that pupils receive the support necessary to finish their grade even when confronting tremendous battles.

Former pupils study feeling as if their support wise mans enabled them to believe in themselves and to ne’er give up on their educational dreams. Decision I chose this plan because it is a really of import portion of the educational success of many deprived pupils. I believe that all people should hold entree to higher instruction but this is non ever the world. Many pupils face such tremendous battles that they ne’er receive a alumnus degree grade. This plan has enabled many pupils to recognize their dreams of an instruction through fiscal. calling. academic and personal support. Mentions DiNapoli. Thomas P. ( 2007 ) .

State University of New York Educational Opportunity Program. Division of State Government Accountability. Retrieved on April 21. 2009 from hypertext transfer protocol: //osc. province. New York. us/audits/allaudits/093008/07s99. pdf. Henehan. David. ( 2007 ) . SUNY Educational Opportunity Program celebrates 40 old ages. The State University of New York. Retrieved on April 21. 2009 from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. suny. edu/SUNYNews/News. cfm? PrintFlag=Y & A ; filname=2007-11-02+final+online+EOP+turns+40+II. htm. The State University of New York. ( 2009 ) . Educational chance plan. Retrieved on April 21. 2009 from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. suny. edu/Student/academic_eop. cfm.


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