Cultural Investigation Essay

The paper will discourse the chief facet of a Comanche and what their civilization is like. The paper encapsulates an interview from such a Native American and this interview will be analyzed with the aid of other beginnings from the Internet. The paper will be followed by first presenting the Comanche folk with their characteristics and so travel about analysing the interview. The civilization of the Comanche will be discussed in the visible radiation of how they treat their seniors. kids and their relations. The civilization besides includes some of their of import facets of faith along with the linguistic communication that they use.

The paper will try to cover the overall facet of the Comanche and their consequence in the society. Introduction to a Comanche “The Comanche are a Native American group whose historical scope ( the Comancheria ) consisted of contemporary Eastern New Mexico. Southern Colorado. Southern Kansas. all of Oklahoma. and most of Northern and Southern Texas. There might one time hold been every bit many as 20. 000 Comanches. Today. the Comanche Nation consists of about 10. 000 members. about half of whom live in Oklahoma ( centered at Lawton ) . with the balance concentrated in Texas. California. and New Mexico.

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” ( Wikipedia. 2006 ) From the above definition it can be understood that the Comanches are really old dwellers of the United States of America and have long lived at that place. There are a figure of grounds why the Comanches had left their older beginning which is near Wyoming. The folk had shifted to Arkansas where they are now inhabited. The ground why the Comanche is given a name like that is because it is believed that they like to contend and move as aliens to the other people. The beginning of Comanche comes from a Spanish word and this is why it is used.

They have ever been a separate group and have non mingled much with the other folks and other citizens of the state. Interview of a Comanche The name of the interviewee was Andrea Pahdocony who belongs to a folk called Comanche of Oklahoma” Lord of the Plain’s” ) . The undermentioned inquiries and replies provide a sum-up of what their civilization is like and how they live their lives. The inquiries and replies will so be analyzed along with other stuff to understand what their civilization and beliefs are along with their values.


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