Cultural Background

You as a Culturally Diverse Entity Maria Chavez SOC 315 Kevin L. Benbow University of Phoenix You as a Culturally Diverse Entity In this paper I will try to highlight the different sources that have contributed to my cultural background. I will start by saying that I was born in Mexico and I was raised in a big family; 5 brothers and 5 sisters. I studied at a catholic school from grade school through middle school and moved to a public school in the United States the first two years of high school. Then I moved back to Mexico to complete high school. I live in Mexico but have been working at U.

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S. manufacturing companies for 20 years. My family customs and traditions definitely played a vital role in my beliefs and my behavior. I was raised with firm beliefs in catholic rules. During my childhood and teenage, I was exposed to catholic religious traditions and customs at my home and at school. I grew up to become a good catholic following the precepts of this religion. At this point in my life, I think this is one of the biggest contributors to my cultural background. As I mentions at the beginning of this essay, I come from a big family. This experience definitely marked my character.

I learned to share with my siblings almost everything; food, cloth, room, etc. It was common for me to be around people and coexist with people from different ages and different ways of thinking. I consider this experience help my development as a human being as for me is very easy to incorporate myself in any group or activity (school, work, sports, social events, etc. ) I usually have no problem dealing with different kinds of people. I studied in two different countries; Mexico and USA. This has been an experience that contributed to my culturally diversity. I was used to the Mexican culture where everybody


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