Case Study of Abortion

A Case Study on Abortion Background Abortion is the most difficult and controversial moral issue being considered today in politics and religion. Being a devout Catholic Mrs. Jones decided against an abortion that may have saved her life. Statement of the Problem There are moral issues regarding if the fetus is a person, the rights of the pregnant woman and if abortion is morally wrong and if abortion should be illegal.

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There are arguments regarding if it is wrong to end the life of an innocent person? Therefore, is it morally wrong to end the life of a fetus. However, in this case I would say that Mrs. Jones exercised self-determination in making a decision for her own life. Analysis and Possible Solution We must first analyze the debate on whether or not the fetus is a person? If so, it has the rights that belong to persons, including the right to life.

A possible solution in solving this question would be reviewing the bridge that connects the fetus with the right to life –1) fetus 2) personhood 3) rights. Therefore, the possible criteria would be in determining if the fetus is a person is to review these questions, is it conceived by a human, what’s its genetic structure, physical resemblance, presence of a soul and most important, does it have a future like ours.

By analyzing the above we would agree that the fetus is a person and abortion is morally wrong to end the life of an innocent person. Therefore, wrong to end the life of a fetus. However, Mrs. Jones did choose to take her own life leaving her husband to care for 9 children. The possible solution was for Mrs. Jones to have the abort the child that had not been born to save her own life so that she could take care of her children that were already born. Recommend Course of Action

We must look at the rights women possess that would entitle her to choose an abortion. Should she have the right to privacy, right to ownership to her own body, does she have a right to equal treatment and a right to self-determination? I would recommend that a right to equal treatment and the right to self-determination to take a life must be agreed upon by both parties involved the woman and man except in rape cases if society continues to legalize abortion and our religion continue to teach us that it is wrong.


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