Business Organization Essay

In 2005 my aunt left me an heritage. It was a big amount of money. There was a judicial admission to having this gift. I needed to put in a company of my pick. My last employer was a cleansing company and I approached my old employer with a proposition. I and another concern spouse that I convinced in puting with me would form a joint-stock company. This was to be a private partnership. every bit good as a limited partnership. So I approached him with this thought and he agreed. So after several dialogues the other investor and I devoted the bulk of portions to this company. We received a registrar of completion certification for this joint company venture and we expected our common seal to come following.

We besides had to increase the liability insurance before registering with province governments as a Limited Liability company ( LLC ) . With this Partnership all puting parties agreed that there would be a semi-annual information study to look at income tax write-offs and any additions or losingss that the company might happen. This is to see common involvements and success.

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The biannual meetings would besides indemnify any jobs or problematic issues. It is now 2010 and the company has developed into a four individual joint stock company. opening three more cleansing offices and we are in the procedure of franchising. In 2000 I had a dream and that was to open a gym called Anytime Fitness. Well. this dream was put on clasp when I invested in other endeavors. So. I talked to my married woman and she agreed to assist me open up this fittingness installation and she would hold exclusive proprietary and I would be a soundless spouse. I give thanks in my supplication to my aunt who gave me this chance.


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