Blackadder Goes Forth and Journey’s End Essay

The stoping scene for both Journey’s End and Black Adder Goes Forth are similar and different in many ways. For illustration. the last episode of Black Adder Goes Forth greatly affects the spectator by prosecuting the thought that history as it was written and has been taught is falsely. In holding this attack. it is like the audience is rediscovering history and bring outing the truth of our ascendants for the first clip.

Not merely does this gaining control the viewer’s attending. but it entertains them every bit good as touching them on an emotional and comedic degree by demoing the existent life orders trench’s but intentionally miss hearing what the orders were. Viewing audiences. nevertheless. besides know that these orders are non to be taken earnestly and are merely at that place for the comedy value. An illustration of this is when one soldier states that the ground for the war was because person shot an ostrich out of hungriness. The bulk of viewing audiences know this is non true. but the episode and character plays the amusing earnestness to flawlessness.

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However. Journey’s End shows the more serious side of the war and trench life by being a serious side of the war and trench life by being a serious drama with no existent comedic value. One soldier is really aroused about the thought of supporting his state ; in fact he is so honoured by this opportunity. that he does non accept a manner out of the trenches when he is offered ; even though Blackadder realizes their destiny when the spell above the trenches and attempts to explicate he will decease. I ne’er imagined anything every bit atrocious as war” this besides shows the serious nature that war has on its soldiers. this is besides shown when another soldier provinces that he wants the deceasing to halt. and everyone to travel place. because he can non see a ground for war. this links in Sassoon’s declaration where he states war has gone from one of “defence and liberation” to one of “aggression and conquest” . Even George has to seek and force these ideas out of his head and replace them with ideas of nationalism and the great honor deceasing for 1s county has.

This is much similar Raleigh in Journey’s End when he foremost enters the battalion and his artlessness is integral because he does non cognize the true horrors of war yet. Act three scene three of Journey’s End is the really last scene of the drama. From about the really get downing we have known that an onslaught from the German resistance is inevitable. However. the character in the drama are non certain when it will take topographic point or what form it will take topographic point in. as the onslaught could go on in any minute intending the ension is high throughout and particularly in the concluding scene. This is non the lone tenseness in the book. At the beginning of act three scene three. Raleigh and Stanhope. two of the most outstanding characters. hold had a big statement about the decease of a common friend. which is non resolved until the beginning of the concluding scene. The strain on their relationship has been tense for the continuance of the drama and was heightened by the hero idolizing Raleigh did for Stanhope.

As they were antecedently good acquainted before they were both in the battalion Stanhope fears that Raleigh would look at him severely and state people on the place forepart what he has become. an alcoholic. and Stanhope chooses to disregard their old relationship and reference him as a new Officer. This contrasts with Blackadder Goes Forth. because as Colonel Melchett knows George he uses this to his advantage by pull stringsing him into demoing propaganda to the work forces ; nevertheless Colonel Melchett besides has an implicit in subject of concern for George and seems to offer him many ways out of contending the war because he knows his decease is inevitable.

To reason I feel that Blackadder Goes Forth and Journey’s End and two wholly different dramas. However. they both portion few similar subjects. for illustration they both portion the subject of hero worship. where soldiers look o authorization figures for counsel which once more opposes the position that Sassoon has on the war.

They besides portion the subject of waiting. because both dramas are waiting to ‘go over the top’ and neither dramas want to because they know that your decease was certain if you do so due to the heavy equipment the Germans have. Although. I believe Journey’s End is much more a serious drama whereas Blackadder Goes Forth uses comedy and takes from the impact it could genuinely hold if it was more realistic to trench life. but it still shows the fright and choler of many work forces when sing the war.


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