Analyzing The Taming Of The Shrew Play English Literature Essay

The rubric of the drama says precisely what the drama is all about. The drama is all about how a nagging adult female is tamed. Lucentio, a rich immature adult male arrives with his retainer, Tranio, to the Italian metropolis of Padua. Lucentio is excited about the metropolis and his surveies at the local university to carry through his male parent ‘s dream, but he so changes his penchants, when he sees beautiful Bianca and falls in love with her at first sight. Bianca ‘s male parent, a rich merchandiser of Padua, has two girls, Katharine, and the younger Bianca. Katharine a nagging adult female, has no suers to marry whereas beautiful Bianca has two suers, Gremio and Hortensio but she is non interested in get marrieding either, their male parent Baptista has declared that no 1 could get married Bianca until her older sister, the barbarous Katherine is married.

Lucentio decides to take action and overcome the job by altering his individuality to derive entree to Bianca. Both Gremio and Hortensio program to happen a hubby for Katharine so that they can inquire Bianca ‘s manus from her male parent Baptista. Gremio hires Lucentio disguised as a Latin teacher to carry her to carry through his desires and for the same ground Hortensio changes his individuality to a music instructor. On the other manus Tranio disguised as Lucentio, is be aftering to discourse with Baptista about get marrieding his younger girl Bianca. Meanwhile Petruchio, a immature adventuresome adult male arrives in Padua to see his friend Hortensio. This is where he hears about Katharine from Hortensio. This drama suggests that there are certain functions that adult females are supposed to play in existent life. They are supposed to be sweet and rather the same as Bianca.

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Baptista is excited about Petruchio ‘s desires for Katharine. This is because Baptista feels that Katharine is a load to him and is reasoning and contending her sister all the clip and at the same clip forestalling her from acquiring married. And this is where Katherine feels unhappy of the manner her male parent is handling her, and has continually humiliates her in public, when Baptista, informed Bianca ‘s suers, Tranio and Lucentio, in public that he will non let either of them to get married his younger girl until a hubby is found for Katherine, as Baptista wants to hold Katherine off his custodies at first topographic point. Baptista so assure Petruchio, Katherine ‘s manus, the manner Katherine is really demanding and obstinate woma, Petruchio takes the stake, that he can marry her and chasten her. Petruchio a self-assured adult male announces his nuptials twenty-four hours on the topographic point. This is where Katharine is unenthusiastically waits the nuptials twenty-four hours.

Petruchio has announced to everyone that he will marry and chasten the barbarous Katherine ; Petruchio assumes that Sunday is the twenty-four hours he will win a portion of his stake. On the nuptials twenty-four hours Petruchio arrives tardily with a pathetic outfit and leaves instantly after the ceremonial, with his new married woman Katharine, who is known for her pique and so violent that none could make bold to near her and she is now married to Petruchio unwillingly. After geting to Petruchio ‘s topographic point, Katherine is non treated good by Petruchio and even by his retainer, Grumio. This is where Petruchio starts to chasten the nagging adult female, Katherine. Petruchio does non let her new apparels, or sometimes nutrients and slumber. After passing sometimes with Petruchio, Katharine starts holding and delighting her hubby, and she has been tamed. When Katherine accepts all Petruchio ‘s conditions, Petruchio promise her to take her to see her male parent Baptista. On the manner back to Padua, Petruchio tries to prove Katherine ‘s behavior, Katherine who has already been tamed, and has been told to accept anything your hubby says. She so even agrees with her hubby that the Sun is the Moon and the old adult male is the beautiful immature maiden. The manner Petruchio was talking to Katherine was really bold and aggressive, that clearly indicate that he feels that he is in charge.

The modern reading of this drama is that what are the functions for work forces and adult females in a society in peculiar, in a relationship to each other, the inquiry raises here for Petruchio that is he strong-arming Katherine, stating her the same staff every twenty-four hours and force her to accept her hubby ‘s position on every issue, the manner Petruchio mentioned about Sun, and Katherine was forced to accept that the Sun is the Moon, However In Shakespeare clip the drama suggests that adult females are forced to give in to a society that dominates and controlled by work forces, and allow a adult female for limited self-expression.

On the other manus Baptista has already declared to Bianca ‘s suers that the 1 with more wealth will so get married Bianca. Tranio assures Baptista that he has more wealth and ownership than Gremio and Hortensio, But Baptista wants his male parent must personally guarantee him, on the other side Lucentio wins Bianca ‘s bosom by passing more clip with her learning her music, while Hortensio makes the same effort but failed to promote Bianca. Hortensio who ever wanted to get married Bianca, for her wealth, so get married a affluent widow.

Tranio, who helped Lucentio for get marrieding Bianca, so secures Baptista ‘s blessing for Lucentio to get married Bianca by suggesting a immense amount of money, Baptista agrees but says that the amount must be confirmed by Lucentio ‘s male parent before the matrimony could take topographic point. Both Tranio and Lucentio still in their camouflages, decides to happen an old adult male to play the function of Lucentio ‘s male parent, to carry Baptista for Lucentio and Bianca ‘s matrimony. Tranio finds an old adult male. One the mean clip Lucentio existent male parent is on the manner to Padua, where he finds out that Tranio, disguises as Lucentio. At last Vincentio, Lucentio ‘s existent male parent and Baptista eventually agree for the matrimony.

At the feast, following Hortensio ‘s nuptials to the affluent widow, everyone is shocked to see that Katherine is acting as esteeming his hubby, Petruchio. And she obeys everything that Petruchio says. When three work forces, Hortensio, Lucentio and Petruchio, phase a competition to see, which of their married womans respect the most her hubby, this is where everyone anticipate Bianca, as a Sweet and rather adult female to win. Bianca and Windowss refuse to come when summoned by their hubbies, on the other manus, Kate, non merely comes when summoned, but besides lectures the other two married womans, the manner their responsibility is to obey their hubbies. Katherine wins and proves she is the 1 who ever obeys her hubby on any issue. Everyone one at the feast is amazed of seeing Katherine ‘s transmutation, this besides suggests here that the conflict between Petruchio and Katherine has over now, and it ‘s the beginning for other twosomes.

Katherine a nagging adult female, with crabbed and crisp tongued at the start of the drama, has now transformed in to a sweet and quite adult female, Katherine at the beginning of the drama who was unhappy of the manner her male parent was handling her sister Bianca and every bit good as the manner she felt that she may ne’er happen a adult male to win is now the one gave talk to other married womans, to obey their hubby and hold on whatever they say. Katherine ‘s concluding address in the drama, has different analysis of her transmutation from her life before matrimony and her life after matrimony, an statement on Petruchio ‘s side would be that he has helped Katherine to transform from a barbarous adult female to a sweet and quite adult female, as he used some chastening method to do her obey her hubby as an ideal adult female of the seventeenth century, However this could besides propose that after get marrieding Petruchio, she is a merely broken adult female, who no longer has a self-expression and is wholly controlled by her hubby in a male dominated society. The alteration in Katherine ‘s behavior at the terminal of the drama besides proves that people can alter. It besides shows that certain people can convey out the best in person. Whereas in this instance Petruchio brought out the best in Katherine after chastening her and do her an obedient married woman.


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