Analytical Paper on the Kite Runner

Analytical Paper on The Kite Runner The most prevalent theme of the novel The Kite Runner is strength. In the novel main character, and protagonist, Amir takes the reader back the winter of 1975 when he witnessed an incident that would change his life forever. During the novel Amir faces obstacle courses that make him realize who he is and how he can seek redemption. The Kite Runner is an extraordinary novel for anyone who needs help finding themselves and how to be good again. “I became what I am today at the age of twelve, on a frigid overcast day in the winter of 1975.

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I remember the precise moment, crouching behind a crumbling mud wall peeking into the alley near the frozen creek (pg. 1). ” These are the first two sentences of the novel and I think the reader can tell a lot about the theme of the book by these particular words. I think these sentences notify the reader that the narrator experienced a life-changing event as a child in which he needed strength in order to redeem. I also think it is implied that the narrator does not live in an extremely rich town.

The reader should be able to tell that the narrator suffered through something that would change his life in many ways. In the novel Hassan, the rich mans servant and loyal friend, is betrayed and lied to. Hassan shows great amounts of strength in the book by not letting down Amir. By doing so Hassan is let down instead by Amir. Hassan also shows a great amount of strength by standing up for others. Even though Hassan had a cleft lip and was illiterate he always stood up for what was right. Especially when he is killed trying to defend Baba’s house from being taken over by the Taliban.

Assef is the sociopath, the boy with no soul, the neighborhood bully. Assef is a young boy who worships Adolf Hitler. He has much strength but uses it only in bad ways. He enjoys hurting people mentally, physically, emotionally, and psychologically. “Fine,” Assef snapped. “All I want you weaklings to do is hold him down. Can you manage that? ” Assef says to his friends just before raping Hassan. This quote shows the strength Assef has not only physically but with his friends as well, as the leader of the pack. Twenty six years later Amir is still haunted by what had happened to Hassan.

Amir has moved to California but he can not find the strength to let it go. He tries seeking many ways of redemption but realizes the only way he can seek it, is by being bad. Amir finds the strength to go back to Kabul Afghanistan to save Hassan’s only son, Sohrab, from the orphanage that is lead by, Hassans rapist, Assef. During this adventure Amir is brutally beat by Assef, but ends up saving Hassan’s son. Amir takes Sohrab back to California to live with Amir and his wife Soraya. Throughout this unbelievable experience, Amir thankfully finds the strength to redeem him self.

From witnessing his best friend, and brother, being raped, losing his home and brother, dealing with his life-long guilty conscious, and being beaten savagely Amir has finally found his inner self. Although Amir, and everyone else in the novel, faced some of the toughest times in life, they were all able to be redeemed. The strength displayed in The Kite Runner will never be forgotten. Hassan was loved tremendously by Amir, and if he still lived he would’ve know just how much. Amir found the strength in as many ways possible to pay his dues to Hassan…”for him, a thousand times over. ”


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