Analysis About The Crucible English Literature Essay

A Arthur Miller was born in 1915 in New York City.A He grew up to a Judaic family.A He studied and graduated from the University of Michigan in 1939 where he began to separate himself as a playwright.A For a few old ages, he wrote wireless scripts.A All My Songs ( 1947 ) was his first successful drama.

A He has written many dramas including Death of a Salesman ( 1949 ) which won the Pulitzer award in 1949, and The Crucible ( 1953 ) .A He has besides written two novels: Focus ( 1945 ) , and The Misfits.

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A Miller wrote The Crucible in 1953 during the McCarthy period when Americans were impeaching each other of Pro-Communist beliefs.A Many of Miller ‘s friends were being attacked as Communists, and in 1956, Miller himself was brought before the House of Un-american Activities Committee where he was found guilty of beliefs in Communism.A The finding of fact was reversed in 1957 in an entreaties court.A Miller married Marylin Monroe in 1956 but divorced her in 1961.

2.A Point of View

A The Crucible is told from a 3rd individual nonsubjective point of view.A The characters do non turn to the audience in the first person.A Arthur Miller shows the audience the good and evil within people and convey out the huffy hysterical qualities in a mob.A He displays that even profoundly spiritual people make errors in their lives.A He does this through his characters who through their ain imperfectnesss and beliefs, conveying the enchantress Hunts to a complete pandemonium.

3.A Form, Structure, and Plot

A Miller structures The Crucible into four acts.A There is some off-stage action such as John Proctors matter.

A The expounding occurs at the beginning of act one where the state of affairs is introduce.A The audience finds out that the misss have been practising witchery in the wood with Tituba.

A The initial incident is the existent accusing of the adult females of witchery by the several misss that were in the forest.A This gets the secret plan peal, and everything axial rotations downhill from their with the townsfolk making a complete craze.

A The lifting action is the enchantress Hunt itself.A The audience learns in subsequent Acts of the Apostless that several adult females are tried and hung.

A The crisis/climax is the accusing of the Proctors of witchcraft.A They try to acquire their retainer to squeal what she did in the wood with the other misss, but when they come into tribunal, she turns her back on Proctor and returns to the side of the girls.A The tenseness continues until the test and the addresss made before the executing.

A The falling action and the denouement is the existent executing where John Proctor upholds his artlessness and goes to the gallows.

4.A Fictional character

A The chief characters in this drama such as the curates and the monitors are good developed and three dimensional.A Their personalities and reactions to their battles in the drama are credible and intricate.A However, some of the minor characters, such as the misss who played in the wood, are less developed and static.A Their actions do non ever seem to travel with the flow of things and different from how existent people would hold acted in similar state of affairss.

Reverend Parris – Reverend Parris is in his in-between forties.A he is a widowman and has a girl named Betty who is ten old ages old.A He is Abigail Williams ‘ uncle.A Parris is a unit of ammunition character.A His map in the drama is to convey out the hate and craze in the townspeople.A He does non hold many existent friends in the village.A Parris is fleeceable, detached, and villainous.A He cares more about his repute than truth.A He says, “ They ‘ve come to subvert the tribunal, sir! “ A This shows his susceptibleness to the prevarications of the misss and his ardor to acquire the accused executed.

John Proctor – John Proctor is a farmer.A he is in his in-between thirties.A He has a married woman and two sons.A Proctor is the chief character and really good developed during the class of the play.A His map in the drama is to be an illustration of a evildoer who is able to accept and confess of his wickedness to make good.A He, along with many others, garbage to squeal to witchcraft when making so would hold saved his life.A Because he does n’t squeal, he is executed.A Proctor is sort, strong, and sharp.A He says, “ Let them that ne’er lied dice now to maintain their psyches. “ A This shows his strength under force per unit area and in the face of decease.

Abigail Williams – She is a really beautiful girl.A She is an orphan who lives with her uncle, Reverend Parris.A She is 17 old ages old.A Abigail is a instead inactive character who does non alter through the play.A She is non developed as a existent character but simply serves the intent to get down the secret plan and maintain it moving.A Beyond that, she does small more.A She gets the secret plan traveling by presenting the thought of enchantresss in the small town to the townsfolk, and keeps it traveling by invariably impeaching more adult females and dramas upon the frights of the townspeople.A Abigail is cunning, conniving, and deceitful.A She says, “ I know how you clutched my dorsum behind your house and sweated like a entire whenever I came nigh! “ A Through this, she is able to command Proctor to a certain extent.A Later, Proctor is able to get the better of her.

Rebecca Nurse – Rebecca is an old devote lady at 72.A A A She has white hair and carries aA walking stick.A Her kids were settled into separate places within the same estate.A Rebecca is sort, strong-minded, and wise.A She says, “ I have eleven kids, and I am 26 times a grandmother, and I have seen them all through their cockamamie seasons, and when it comes on them they will run the Devil bowlegged maintaining up with their mischievousness. “ A This shows her kindness and wisdom to kids.

5.A Puting

A The Crucible is set against the background of the huffy enchantress Hunts of the Salem enchantress tests in Salem, Massachusetts in the late 17th century.A Since this narrative is based on a true narrative, its scene is real.A The fact that the narrative takes topographic point during the seventeenth century is important.A the community needed to be superstitious and fleeceable in order for this incident to hold happened.A Besides, the event occurred within a Puritan society with a strong antipathy to enchantresss.

A Since this is a modern drama, the histrions use props and backgrounds made to look like the existent setting.A The assorted scenes include Betty ‘s room, Proctor ‘s life room and kitchen, the town gaol, and the tribunal room.A The sets create a dismal atmosphere since all the countries scenes are close and tense.A Even the out of doors while normally considered free and wild are shown to be cryptic and unsafe in this drama.

6.A Subjects

A The subject of this drama was lifting over hardship, and standing for truth even to death.A This is the subject for many narratives and is ever an exciting one.A toilet, in the beginning, wanted to maintain distant from the trials.A he did non desire to hold a portion, whether good or bad.A When Elizabeth was arrested, he was forced to go a portion of it.A Through the trail, he confessed of his matter and cleansed himself of his sin.A He stood for what he knew to be the truth, and died as a sufferer larning what truth meant through his agonies.

A Through Proctor ‘s battle, Miller displays the battles within each of our ain hearts.A Many times we have witnessed some incorrect occurrence to some individual and wished non to acquire involved.A Proctor was forced into it and stuck to his guns throughout.

A There is besides another subject about the frenetic craze of the mob.A They were easy manipulated by Abigail ‘s prevarications and easy maneuvered into slaying many of the townspeople.A Their craze was baseless and absurd.A Through this subject, Miller remarks on the similar McCarthy tests during his clip.

7.A Style

A Miller ‘s manner is really simple.A He uses simple sentences and sentence construction with a simple vocabulary.A While utilizing the simple manner, Miller does non take away from the suspense in he plot.A The duologues of his characters are like existent speech.A His words are used efficaciously and does non include anything non necessary to convey the idea.A He makes the secret plan and thought interesting by boding future events.

8.A Enunciation

A Miller ‘s enunciation is formal, yet simple and easy to understand.A His linguistic communication is apparent and concise.A There are several instances of imagination and metaphor.

Passage 1:

A ” Abigail, is at that place any other cause than you have told me, for your being discharged from Goody Proctor ‘s service? A I have heard it said, and I tell you as I heard it, that she comes so seldom to the church this twelvemonth for she will non sit so near to something soiled.A What signified that comment? “ A Pg. 12, spoken by Reverend Parris.

A This remark spoken by Reverend Parris is more formal than most of the drama since it is spoken by a clergyman seeking to acquire at some truth.A However, this linguistic communication is still clear and concise.A It sets Parris ‘ character demoing how he is slightly overbearing in his mode of address as he is seeking to acquire Abigail to state or squeal to something.

Passage 2:

A ” And you must.A You are no wintry man.A I know you, John.A I know you.A I can non kip for dreamin ‘ ; I can non woolgather but I wake and walk about the house as though I ‘d happen you comin ‘ through some door. “ A Pg. 23, spoken by Abigail.

A This transition is simple and has a small spot of joging and repeated phrases.A It is put together in such a manner as to demo emotion, yet from the other parts of the drama, we know that this emotion is merely acted.A It displays Abigail ‘s character to be lead oning, and sets an laden tone demoing the province of Proctor ‘s head.

Passage 3:

A ” Spoke or soundless, a promise is certainly made.A And she may dote on it now – I am certain she does – and thinks to kill me, so to take my topographic point. “ A Pg. 61, spoken by Elizabeth.

A This transition is apparent and simple, and has deep meaning.A The words, “ Spoke or soundless, a promise is certain made, ” has a certain deep memorable quality to it.A It shows that Elizabeth still thinks about the matter and is bothered by it.A She does non forgive Abigail, and likely non Proctor, yet.


A In The Crucible, the characters do non talk in fragments, and some do on occasion threading together phrases.A Besides, they do organize their ideas carefully before speaking.A The sentences are simple and the construction does non change excessively much.

A In the first transition spoken by Reverend Parris, the address is more formal that addresss spoken by other characters.A This displays that Reverend Parris is more educated than the others.A It has a slightly fatherlike, yet commanding tone.

A The 2nd transition spoken by Abigail is markedly different from the first passage.A The sentences are less thought out and more fragmented.A She repeats the phrase “ I know you ” several times.A This shows less instruction but more deep emotion than the first passage.A The tone for this line is traveling, but when compiled with Abigail ‘s character, becomes lead oning.

A The 3rd transition spoken by Elizabeth shows a clearly though out idea.A It shows that while Elizabeth may non be every bit educated as person like Parris, this is a topic that she has thought about a long time.A This gives a tone of something like a bottom line or an ultimatum.A While Elizabeth does non give a specific pick to Proctor, it is obvious that he must do a determination on what to make.

10.A Imagination

A Miller does non trust excessively much on imagery.A There are few instances of imagination in this play.A One remarkably memorable one is the statement by Abigail about the manner John Proctor “ sweated like a entire. “ A While this statement is besides a simile, it provides an unforgettable image in the heads of the audience.

11.A Symbolism

A This work is non extremely symbolic, but merely tells a narrative with the points and character it provides.A There are several instances of symbolism that Miller uses, but were set by the people of the seventeenth century and non by himself.A An illustration of this kind of symbolism is the doll.A The doll symbolizes witchery, and when found in Elizabeth ‘s ownership, she is accused of witchery.

12.A Figurative Language

A The most memorable instance of simile is the line, “ I know how you clutched my dorsum behind your house and sweated like a entire whenever I came nigh! “ A This statement compares Proctor with a entire.

A Miller seldom uses metaphors or personification in this work.A His people by and large referred to as people and points as items.A Occasionally he alludes to some part or individual in the Bible, but seldom to anything else.A For illustration, while John Proctor is talking with Rebecca in prison, she alludes to the martyred apostles.A Rebecca says, “ Let you fear nil! A Another judgement waits us all. “ A This is an allusion to thought from the Bible that adult male is judged by God in Eden.

13.A Dry devices

A Miller has few instances of verbal irony.A He uses it in act 3 while Elizabeth tell she tribunal that Proctor did non kip with Abigail she knows that he did.

A All parts with the misss lying about enchantresss and shades are instances of dramatic sarcasm since, while the audience knows that the misss are lying, most of the characters do not.A For illustration, in tribunal, Abigail and the other misss pretend to be attacked by liquors and the people in tribunal fear them to be in danger.A However, the audience knows that they are forging it.

14.A Tone

A Miller ‘s attitude towards witchery is satirical.A The tone is serious, misanthropic, and formal.A He achieves this tone by the awful calamity of the guiltless people executed, and the mental battles of John Proctor.A Miller shows the sarcasm and the injustice of the enchantress tests, and thereby the sarcasm and the injustice of the McCarthy tests.

15.A Memorable Quotation marks

Abigail speech production to Proctor.A “ I know how you clutched my dorsum behind your house and sweated like a entire whenever I came nigh! A Or did I dream that? A It ‘s she put me out, you can non feign it were you.A I saw your face when she put me out, and you loved me so and you do now. “ A Abigail tells this to John Proctor and seeking to convert him through this that he should non interfere with what she is making.

Mary Warren talking to Proctor.A “ I ‘ll non be ordered to bed no more.A Mr. Proctor! A I am 18 and a adult female, nevertheless individual! “ A Mary attempts to asseverate her age and independence.A It is dry that Proctor is able to order her to tribunal in the following few yearss, but she turns on him.

Proctor talking to Danforth.A “ She thinks to dance with me on my married woman ‘s grave! A And good she might, for I thought of her softly.A God aid me, I lusted, and there is a promise in such sweat.A But it is a prostitute ‘s retribution, and you must see it ; I set myself wholly in your custodies. “ A This shows that Proctor knows his errors and declinations it, but he besides knows that he must uncover it to the tribunal in order to halt the trials.A Sadly, he is non successful.

Elizabeth talking to Proctor.A “ Great rocks they lay upon his thorax until he plead aye or nay.A They say he give them but two words.A ‘More weight, ‘ he says.A And died. “ A This shows some wit in this though situation.A Both Elizabeth and John are encouraged to contend harder, and it shows the bravery and strength of Giles, and old adult male.

16.A Extra Remarks

A The Crucible was a great drama and I enjoyed reading it.A The strength of John and the other sufferer truly touched me, and hated the misss who caused the whole fiasco.A They showed no attention or remorse.A The labored relationship between John and his married woman due to the matter served as a good side story.A It was touching at the terminal where John confesses, but Elizabeth upholds John ‘s righteousness, demoing that she has forgiven him.A I thought Giles was an interesting character.A He was seen in the beginning as something of an old and somewhat acrimonious adult male, but it is shown that he was rightous and obstinate in his righteousness.A It served as a reviewing breath in the blue narrative.


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