Analyse The Poem The Suicide From Duffys English Literature Essay

The verse form ‘The Suicide ‘ is a dramatic soliloquy ; this type of verse form is a go oning subject in ‘Mean Time. ‘ Another of her verse forms, ‘The Captain of the 1964 Top of the signifier squad ‘ for illustration, was besides written in this signifier. The rubric of ‘The Suicide ‘ is rather equivocal in itself- it could be mentioning to the act of self-destruction or so to the character her -or his-self. It is as if the talker is absorbed by the act of suicide – everything that the character has said in the verse form is related to the pickings of one ‘s life, and anything unrelated to the act is wholly disregarded.

The scene of ‘The Suicide ‘ is acknowledged easy on in the verse form. The line ‘small dark hours with a acrimonious Moon buffed by the smudgy clouds/ boulder clay it gleams with bitterness, ‘ allows the reader to clearly imagine the clip at which the self-destruction will take topographic point. It is of import that it takes topographic point in ‘the little dark hours ‘ because by and large, this is the clip at which most suicide efforts transpire – clip itself is suppressive, but can non be suppressed. This links to the poem ‘Mean Time, ‘ within the phrase ‘darkening sky ‘ and in peculiar in the conclusive stanza of the verse form, ‘But we will be dead, as we know, beyond all light/These are shortened yearss and eternal darks. ‘ These lines allow for the affectional, darkened temper of the character to be expressed, and associate slightly to the feelings enunciated in ‘The Suicide. ‘ The fact that the Moon is described as ‘bitter ‘ nowadayss the temper of the character themselves, instantly clear uping that something despairing – ‘Despair laced with a small hilarity ‘ – is traveling to happen. The phrase ‘I prevarication back under the light bulb ‘ allows for the apprehension of the solitariness of the state of affairs ; she is taking her life in a topographic point of isolation, off from other existences. The ‘lightbulb ‘ and the visible radiation that it emits emphasise the utmost nature of the act she is traveling to put to death, every bit good as mentioning to the metaphorical ‘light ‘ that you can see when approaching decease. The usage of the personification of the Moon, ’till it gleams with bitterness, ‘ contrasts with the miss ‘s desire to be recognised – the Moon does non desire to be noticed – it is resentful of this- but the topic does and is utilizing suicide as a agency of acquiring this attending. The individual word ‘Famous ‘ is used as a agency of showing the ideas of the persona- if she was to perpetrate self-destruction, so she would be remembered for it, and would acquire the acknowledgment that she craves ; merely as the popularity of Kurt Cobain, and Marilyn Monroe, for illustration, increased after their self-destructions.

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Despite all of this, the character is most surely in control of the state of affairs – ‘leave it to me. ‘ In the drama ‘Macbeth ‘ , by William Shakespeare, Lady Macbeth, upon be aftering a slaying herself, remarks ‘Leave all the remainder to me. ‘ In stanza five, Duffy once more relates her verse form to Lady Macbeth ‘s usage of question in the line ‘give me the stickers. ‘ The character states ‘I acquire out the knives ; ‘ knives being plural, about stand foring ritualistic behavior, fixing for decease in a specific mode. The individuals desire for control extends to the metaphor, ‘My organic structure is a clean page I will compose on, ‘ connoting that the decease will be both physical and ocular.

The character is often referred to as being ‘unusual ‘ – Duffy writes ‘Nobody drinks with their whole face, ‘ connoting that cipher is wholly one being- but the persona is- ‘I do. ‘ This links to the verse form ‘Stealing ‘ and the concluding line, ‘You do n’t understand a word I am stating, make you? ‘ It links in the sense that despite everything she has said, the logical thinking behind her desire to stop her life is still a fuzz to the audience. We do non understand ; cipher does – ‘Nobody ‘s ears are confessionals. ‘ It enunciates the complexness of the emotions that the talker endures. Duffy uses a paradox in depicting ‘eyes in the glass, like calamaris ‘ as being ‘sexy ‘ – it is as if the character is talking in contrary.

In the 5th stanza, Duffy

Duffy uses caesura in the verse form often to underscore peculiar words and phrases- in stanza two, the usage of the minor sentence ‘Lies. Blood. ‘ is an illustration of syntax – prevarications are presented before blood, with the intended deduction that lies lead to blood. Throughout the verse form, Duffy presents the talker as being revengeful, utilizing the interrogative ‘get out the knives, ‘ and ‘who wants a bloody valentine. ‘ The latter is rather equivocal ; a actual mention to a blood covered valentine, or figuratively meant in a colloquial, dismissive sense. The usage of linguistic communication and resentment contrasts with the soft, optimistic attitudes of characters from legion other verse forms from Duffy ‘s ‘Mean Time ‘ aggregation, and besides links closely with the romanticized, alone representation of love in ‘Valentine ‘ where an onion, stand foring love, ‘clings to your knife, ‘ but meant in an wholly different construct to ‘The Suicide, ‘ where the lone thing cleaving to her knives would be blood.

In the penultimate stanza, two different, contrasting extremes of emotion are presented ; a dismissive nature, and one typically self-regarding. The usage of the curse ‘Fuck off ‘ is aggressive and revengeful, and clearly expresses the emotions that the character is sing. In contrast to this, ‘Worship ‘ allows for the feelings that the talker wishes to see to be recognised ; she wants to be worshipped, she wants to at least derive some acknowledgment. She states that ‘This will kill my folks ‘ , which, associating back to stanza five, contrasts with her stating ‘Utterly selfless. ‘ She sees the act as being unselfish, nevertheless recognises the hurting that it is traveling to do her parents. It besides represents the sarcasm of the state of affairs ; her blunt statement shows that she knows that her parents will be broken by her self-destruction, but irrespective of this, she appears to continue with the act ; she has no will to populate, and sees suicide as the easy manner out, conveying the harm that the character feels. The act will literally kill her, and figuratively kill her parents. In stanza two, Duffy uses repeat of the words ‘Never ne’er ne’er ne’er plenty, ‘ a phrase that is slightly repeating of the mood- it shows the craze behind the state of affairs, and how, no affair what happens, she will ne’er be satisfied with her life the manner things are traveling.

In decision, Duffy uses the verse form ‘The Suicide ‘ as a agency of


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