Ambush Essay 2

Sunday, January 10, 2010 was an eye opening experience for me: our children’s Pastor preached and his topic was “Ambushed”. At hearing the topic my mind was reeling and still is with how the enemy deceives us. The enemy’s job is to steal, kill, and destroy. And most times we think death and that is it, but there is so much more! The word Ambush means to attack an enemy; it’s a military term; concealed attack An ambush is a long-established military tactic, in which the aggressors (the ambushing force) use concealment to attack a passing enemy. Ambushers strike from concealed positions, such as among dense underbrush or behind hilltops.

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Ambushes have been used consistently throughout history, from ancient to modern warfare. An ambush predator is an animal which uses similar tactics to capture prey, without the difficulty and wasted energy of a chase. (wikipedia). Satan’s Mission: (Steal, Kill, Destroy) Steal The enemy steals our joy (it amazes me still and I’m trying to figure out how the devil gets in our mind, why does he have access to our mind). The devil robs us of our time when our thoughts are not on God’s kingdom building business; when we don’t study to show ourselves approves; when we fail to think on what is right, pure.

The devil steals our hopes and dreams when we fail to put what God has given us in action- when we push pause and put God’s work on hold; when we doubt he wants to use us to accomplish his work. KILL The enemy kills our vision when we fail to push to the point of being uncomfortable and settle or comfortable because our dreams cost and we sometimes don’t want to pay the price to reach them we choose to give up and set back on comfortable and comfortable gets us nothing but heavier weights ( God wants us to lay those weights aside). DESTROY

The enemy tries to destroy us by causing division in our marriages, homes, relationships. When we talk to one another and agree (not to mention pray together) it makes the enemy upset because we agree or have an atmosphere of harmony. He is quite happy when we are non-communicative and are left with our own thoughts (when he can enter our minds and disrupt our thinking) he can plant seeds of deception and do great damage. We can easily slip into depression ( that is not the atmosphere for productivity) When the enemy can get us non-productive; halt our efforts to be….. e are in the zone of decay, uselessness, self-pity rises up and we stop being available and flexible for God’s use. Concealment We should pray that God would cause us to see the enemy afar off: The enemy’s tactic is to be up close (deception) and then he pounces on us. We usually don’t see it coming and ask where did that come from. Christians should always be on guard and take nothing for granted. We are to be watchmen not only for God’s return but for the enemy who is raging because he knows his time is short and he Is pulling out all the stops – it’s time for him to go to HELL and he wants us to go with him.

It’s no coincidence that husbands and wives can’t quite seem to stop arguing and be in sync with one another, or parents can’t seem to get an understanding with their children, We have been lulled into a dream world and are acting as if everything is fine when God has told us that this world will become weaker, men will become lovers of themselves. Our job is still to compel men, women, boys and girls to come to Jesus. But Christians have become so accepting of the things that are blatantly wrong- wrong has become the norm and no one wants to raise the standard.

The enemy is gaining ground and we are allowing it. Christians are afraid to speak out in truth- that’s the only thing the enemy can’t stand up against. Truth God is love and he is truth! When we speak the truth in love it puts the enemy to flight. We have to stop being victims of the enemy’s tactics by bathing ourselves with the Word of God. God’s word is never second choice but should roll off our tongues in an instance. The word says to take every thought captive and the only way we can take the thoughts captive is to know the word and make instant application.

Surrender our homes to God daily, pray in our homes and anoint our doorpost with oil (“literally put the devil out – purge our homes of anything considered an idol) (look around you’d be surprised – but ask the Holy Spirit to show you – then purge). Sanctify your home and ask God and the Holy Spirit to dwell richly there in! Purge your heart through fasting and prayer- ask God to show you what is there that should not be, then confess your sins and ask forgiveness) Now start anew “( we are new creations and old habits are hard to break so we have to practice daily surrendering to God, His will and His way! God loves us and he wants us to walk in the newness of life and every day is a new day with God. There is so much work to do and the enemy is out to halt the greater works that Christ said we would do. But because we are God’s workmanship, he gives us another chance to break through the deceptive walls the enemy puts up (with praying friends and family)come to our senses and start all over again. This is a tough fight but God says WE WIN – Hallelujah – WE WIN- PRAISE GOD!


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