Abdullah of Saudi Arabia Essay

Aljanadriah Festival is a celebrated traditional jubilation that is held annually in AlJanadriah topographic point. It is about 45 kilometers from Riyadh’s metropolis territory. the kingdom’s capital metropolis.

This festival is one of the oldest festivals in Saudi Arabia. Furthermore. it is considered one of the most of import jubilations in the Arab universe. Many people come from all over the universe merely to go to Ti great festival and after. they say. ” It’s worth it “ . The intent of the Aljenadriah is to salvage our civilization and to stay us about how our parents lived and to state and learn the new coevals about it. Aljanadriah festival normally begins from the 12th to 26th of February. It’s the National Festival of Heritage and Culture in the Aljanadriyah part of Riyadh and it has been held since 1986. It is organized by the National Guard under the backing of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques. King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz.

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Each twelvemonth. the jubilation will ask for a state to take part and be involved in the activity. The guest state will be in the centre and will demo us its ain civilization. so we will larn another civilization at the same clip. I remember last twelvemonth the guest state was China. They danced in particular manner that is a symbol for them. I enjoyed it really much. I am composing about this festival because it is celebrated and shows all facets of the Saudi civilization including art. theatre. heritage and history.

It is divided into different parts harmonizing to the Saudi metropoliss. which is the north part. south part. east part. and in-between part. Every one of these parts has its ain features in many facets. for illustration. vesture and dance. There are besides several public presentation held in each portion of the jubilation. When I was an intern. it was required of me to make a cultural presentation for the staff ; I chose to show a talk about this great festival.

All of the staff were non Arabs. and they enjoyed it really much. I showed them some picture from my ain camera and they got motivated to travel. I wish I could allow everyone travel at that place and detect my civilization and my state I am certain they would to love it.


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