A Comparison Of A Certain Lady English Literature Essay

The portraiture of adult females in literature has varied greatly as history has progressed. In the Jazz Age, adult females were seen as interrupting free from being merely a homemaker and the shadow of a adult male. The flapper was a adult female who closely resembles the adult females of today. She smoked, drank, wore uncovering vesture for the clip, and considered herself an equal to work forces. A adult female who had a calling that rivaled most work forces was Dorothy Parker. She was a founding member of the Vicious Circle significance that some work forces even treated her as an equal during a clip when adult females ‘s right were still new and the function of what was expected of a adult female was altering. In the verse forms A Certain Lady, To a Lady, and The Lady ‘s Reward Parker explores the head of a adult female, and how said adult female used what she had to acquire what she needed.

The verse form A Certain Lady depicts how a certain adult female would move while a adult male told her of his feats. The adult female is expected to merely listen and about be happy that the adult male is holding successful conquerings. The adult female is supposed to be inactive and bat her eyes and be unmindful to the full state of affairs because historically adult females were thought of being non every bit intelligent as work forces. However in this verse form it is obvious that the adult female is highly intelligent. The last two lines of the verse forms read, “ And what goes on, my love, while you ‘re off, /You ‘ll ne’er cognize. ” It is obvious that the talker knows how the adult male truly is because it is implied that while he is off she has her ain docket. This besides implies equality between them, at least in the talker ‘s head. The talker believes that as the adult male is allowed to make as he pleases that she is every bit as meriting to make the same.

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Despite this, the talker seemed somewhat upset at the adult male ‘s actions although she likely might be making the same:

And you laugh back, nor can you of all time see

The 1000 small deceases my bosom has diedaˆ¦

aˆ¦Nor do you see my gazing eyes of darks,

And when, in hunt of freshness, you stray.

The talker decidedly seems hurt by what this adult male is stating her. It is as though every clip the adult male tells her of his conquerings, a small piece of her bosom dies. It seems like it is easy oppressing her. The talker goes on to state that the adult male does non see her “ agaze eyes. ” Possibly this means that the adult male does non see what he is making to her or even that she stares into the dark inquiring what he could be making at that minute. It seems that the adult female lives by the stating “ ignorance is bliss. ” It seems that every bit long as he is non stating her of his feats. She can travel on with her life and make as she pleases. Equally long as she pretends she is non intelligent she can hold make-believe felicity or continue to seek make fulling a nothingness that is can non be filled. A verse form that continues with the construct of the adult female being deliberately ignorant to what is traveling on is To a Lady. However in this verse form, the ignorance is used with a different motivation.

Another verse form by Dorothy Parker that continues with the construct of “ ignorance is bliss ” is the verse form To a Lady. In this verse form a adult female is described as being “ delicate ” with “ incapacitated small custodies. ” Taking the verse form at face value, most of it seems like a adult female is being depicted as fragile and defenseless. However, it is revealed to be much more.

Many are the Black Marias that lie beneath your feetaˆ¦

Who could be a-counting all the Black Marias they broke?

Not a adult male you meet that does n’t fall for you ;

Lady, reasonably lady, how I hope you choke!

It is evident that the adult female knows what she is making to these work forces. She walks all over their Black Marias all the piece feigning to be unmindful. She uses her expressions and her “ sensitiveness ” to acquire what she wants and besides uses it as a screen for her existent purposes. Knowing the existent individual that the adult female in the verse form is, the verse form can be read in a wholly different manner. The adult female lives behind the facade of being guiltless yet she goes through adult male and leads them on over and over once more. It besides seems as though she gets amusement from it every bit good. The talker is evidently secluded to all of this. Possibly the talker of the verse form is another adult female, depicting how a stereotyped adult female might move. The talker might be acrimonious towards this type of adult female perchance because that type of adult female gives the remainder a bad repute. This can be inferred from the line, “ Lady, reasonably lady, how I hope you choke! ” The talker decidedly feels strongly about how this adult female acts. This verse form can be read as wholly sarcastic.

Lady, reasonably lady, blithe as Trilling birds,

Shy as early sunraies play your sudden smiling.

How you quaintly prattle lilting babe words,

Fliting your incapacitated small custodies all the piece!

The adult female pretends to be doe-like and absurd yet she truly has different purposes. In the following verse form, the talker tells a adult female that in order for her to be accepted by society she must move a certain manner.

The verse form The Lady ‘s Reward is about an instructional manual on how a adult female should move decently. It tells the adult female that in order for her to get married a adult male, she must move a certain manner and present herself in a certain manner.

Lady, lady, ne’er get down

Conversation toward your bosom ;

Keep your pretty words serene ;

Never murmur what you mean.

Show yourself, by word and expression,

Swift and shoal as a creek.

The talker is stating the adult female that she must ne’er talk of her emotions. She must besides ne’er speak of really serious things and maintain her words “ reasonably. ” She must ne’er allow anyone cognize how she truly feels about something. She must maintain her bosom secret. She may merely be known by her “ pretty words ” and how she looks. In order for her to acquire married she must:

Never serious be, nor true,

And your want will come to you-

And if that makes you happy, child,

You ‘ll be the first it of all time did.

The adult female must ne’er be “ serious ” or she will ne’er acquire married and hence ne’er be happy. This is dry because of the last two lines. The talker tells the adult female that she will be the first 1 who was of all time happy to populate this manner. However the full verse form is stating her to move this manner. The talker tells the adult female that she must move a certain manner to acquire the adult male, which is supposed to carry through her dreams, theoretically doing her happy. Yet, cognizing all the things she must give up and maintain to herself, she will be anything but happy. This makes the verse form ‘s rubric interesting. The lady ‘s “ wages ” is non a wages at all. The wages is a life-time of sadness because she will non be able to full express how she feels because it would be improper and non expected of her.

All three of these verse forms trade with the constructs of how a adult female was supposed to act and transport herself. Although the signifiers differ in the verse form ( the first verse form and 2nd verse form have an ABAB form. The 3rd verse form has an AABB form ) the message stays in tact. Each verse form explores adult females ‘s functions and how adult females have used these stereotypes to progress themselves. An interesting thing about these verse forms is that they all had the word “ lady ” in the rubric and the adult females were ever described as ladies and non as adult females or misss. It gives the feeling that the term lady in these verse forms effects the over tone, utilizing lady in a sarcastic, acrimonious manner. It can besides be argued that the talker of all three verse forms is female, the first verse form in first individual, the 2nd and 3rd in 3rd individual. It seems that Dorothy Parker was really captive on casting visible radiation on how these adult females acted and how they truly felt. Possibly because of the altering times that Parker lived in, she wanted to promote the adult female reader to non move this manner and to stand up on her ain pess.


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