What Makes It An Imagist Poem English Literature Essay

When one thinks of the conventions associated with a rose they think of love. This is the symbol a rose enterprise. However this significance is non inactive and for many a rose symbolises many different things. In literary convention footings a rose is associated with delicate love, grasp, love affair, beauty and roses portray the positive feelings inside one. There are many different rose colorss each portraying a certain significance and in each instance a positive significance. While bearing these conventions associated with a rose in head I am traveling to analyze H.D. ‘s ‘Sea Rose ‘ .

H.D was a literary adult female of the 20th century who became deeply interested in the imagist motion. H.D is a modernist poet and one can see from reading her poesy that there is strong feminist rules expressed throughout. Her verse forms came excessively early for an audience who were non ready to react to these feminist rules ( Pound, 1997-2010 ) . One can characterize H.Ds poesy by the “ strength of her images, economic system of linguistic communication and usage of classical methodological analysis ” ( Pound, 1997-2010, hypertext transfer protocol: //www.poets.org/poet.php/prmPID/234 ) . The poetic signifier of imagism is clearly seen in H.D ‘s verse form. Imagism was a immense portion of modernist authorship, it is “ a literary motion launched by British and American poets early in the twentieth Century that advocated the usage of free poetry, common address forms, and clear concrete images as a reaction to Victorian sentimentalism ” ( LoveToKnow Corp, 1996 ) . H.D.s poem the ‘Sea Rose ‘ can be seen as an imagist verse form due to its look of visuals images throughout the verse form. These ocular images can be seen through the lucidity of look throughout the verse form. Imagism poesy aimed to “ replace boggy abstractions with exactitude of ascertained item, disposed metaphors, and economic system of linguistic communication ” ( Pound, 1997-2010, hypertext transfer protocol: //www.poets.org/viewmedia.php/prmMID/5658 ) . This new motion of imagist poesy has had a immense impact on many poets throughout the twentieth Century.

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H.Ds ‘Sea Rose ‘ verse form is approximately much more than a rose. It reveals to the reader that one should look through the image to see the ageless status and this is what imagist poets write about. The literary conventions that one associates the rose such as soft and the typical ruddy rose of romanticism is non the same here, it ‘s non a soft rose but alternatively “ rough ” ( … 1 ) , it ‘s non sweet like one would anticipate a rose to be but alternatively its “ pungent ” ( … 15 ) . Throughout the verse form we are non told of the coloring material of this rose or so of any coloring material. One could state through this verse form H.D is stating there is no exact significance of a rose and that these symbols that one associate with a rose are non exact, nevertheless alternatively the rose itself defies its ain symbolic representation.

One can see the poetic signifier of imagism throughout the verse form through H.D ‘s ascertained item of the rose. This rose is a clear expounding of a individual flower from the garden. As stated by Nelson

“ the short, carefully measured free poetry lines, together with the somewhat antediluvian ( though still direct ) enunciation and the insisting on the spareness of the flower tend to give the verse form a simpleness and solidness, a feeling of the ocular or sculptural reality of the sea rose- ” Sea Rose ” could about be a verse form of image and small more ” .

( Nelson, 2000 )

Gender is besides prevailing throughout ‘Sea Rose ‘ . One could state that the first few lines of the verse form symbolises the non-conforming adult female of the 20th century- the rose is “ rough ” ( … 1 ) and populating on the boundaries of different universes. There is a gender issue nowadays, if one was to comprehend this rose as the 20th adult female who was chiefly a homemaker and female parent and lone portion of the private domains but who is contending to come in the populace. When bearing this in head, one can see the rose as been a metaphor for the motion of adult females into the populace sphere and so one can see that the rose is portraying the unsmooth clip that adult females of this epoch have to travel through to seek this independency, similar to the rose who is holding a unsmooth clip caught between the sand and H2O. Just like the rose is “ caught in a impetus ” ( … 8 ) between the sand and H2O so excessively are these adult females caught “ in the impetus ” ( … 8 ) of a masculine society. The environment which this rose is placed is non stable as the tide it is invariably traveling. The rose is been moved around by the sand which is been moved about by the sea. This can be seen as H.D portraying society, everyone is been “ flung ” ( … 10 ) about by these more dominant forces which one can construe as male forces. To me these dominant forces can be perceived as the patriarchal male society of the clip. This is an imagist verse form where nature is prevailing, the clime in which surrounds the rose is non welcoming “ chip sand that drives in the air current ” ( … 12-13 ) merely as society of the clip is non welcoming of adult females come ining the populace sphere. The rose is in isolation “ individual on a root ” ( 7 ) , entirely in the wilderness. The rose can be seen as an fable of a adult female who excessively is similar to this rose who is entirely in the wilderness and caught between two universes.

Through this analyse I hope I have conveyed that there is a deeper hidden significance to be seen in H.D ‘s verse form ‘Sea Rose ‘ and given idea you a idea of what H.D may be seeking to portray through this verse form. While there are many different perceptual experiences to be gotten from ‘Sea Rose ‘ it is clear that H.D is speaking approximately much more than a merely a rose and alternatively the deeper significance can be seen when one surveies the object in isolation.


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