What is Nursing? Essay

What is nursing?

Florence Nightingale one time said. “You ask me why I do non compose something… I think one’s feelings waste themselves in words. they ought all be distilled into actions and into actions that conveying results” ( Woodham-Smith. 1951 ) . I find this quotation mark to be true because sometimes actions are more of import than words ( particularly in the nursing profession ) . Since the early 1800s nursing has rapidly evolved into what we know it as today. Nursing is a alone profession in that there are many different types of nurses. yet they can all see the beginning of life every bit good as the terminal of life. Both nurses every bit good as community-based nurses can give particular bonds with patients and their households. To me nursing is a really worthwhile profession and to go any type of nurse is an award within itself.

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Nurses help people to keep their best possible wellness. given their familial and environmental restraints ( Chitty. 2005 ) . Harmonizing to the U. S. Department of Labor. nursing is one of the fastest turning businesss and there are many good employment chances available for nurses ( U. S. Department of Labor. 2005 ) . That is a good adequate ground why nursing is a great business for anyone to acquire involved in. To be a nurse 1 must be attentive. lovingness. and most significantly dedicated. To me a nurse is non merely person who takes attention of you physically. but person who can sympathize and link with you as the patient. Bing a nurse is a full clip occupation whether it is in the infirmary or taking attention of the household at place. A nurse should be able to set up trust with their patients and ever be at that place for them in good and bad times.

Community Nursing

Community nursing is one facet of nursing that allows for a nurse to be in more intimate milieus with the patient. Harmonizing to our text edition. community-based nursing is wellness attention provided outside of ague attention scenes ( Lundy and Janes. 2003 ) . Community nursing is great for people who want to acquire out of the traditional infirmary milieus and communicate with diverse populations in a certain community. Florence Nightingale is a great illustration of a community nurse.

Florence Nightingale was known for her sensitiveness and compassion towards her patients every bit good as to the nursing profession. Florence took it upon herself. despite her rigorous Victorian civilization to travel out into her community and take attention of the ill and hapless. Her experiences from the different communities she encountered allowed her to carry through of import undertakings that everlastingly changed the nursing profession. Today. the cognition of community nursing benefits the pattern of nursing by leting nurses to larn about different communities and the diverse populations within them.

How I will Influence Nursing

Nursing has ever had a particular topographic point in my bosom and I don’t rather know why. I have merely ever looked at nursing as a calling that is honoring and something that I want to be apart of. I want to be able to salvage lives but besides be able to touch lives. Most significantly. I want to do life-long friendly relationships with my patients and their households. The nursing profession will truly profit from me because I will ever be a difficult worker and dedicated to the well being of my patients.


Nursing is a ambitious profession and requires critical thought and good communicating accomplishments. With the babe boomers acquiring older the demand for nurses is more than of all time. No affair the puting whether it is in the infirmary or in a community. nurses receive the same wages of assisting people. Nursing has come a long manner since Florence Nightingale and will go on to germinate good beyond into the hereafter.


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