What is e-commerce?

E-commerce can be defined as merchandising and purchasing goods and the services via cyberspace. Internet is the most comfy and easiest media that can be used for transporting on this dealing via the cyberspace. There are tonss of other footings such as e-business ; e-tailing that is used depends on the types of use on the e-commerce.

What e-commerce provides to the consumers is that the comfort to transporting on the exchange of goods and services without any barriers of clip and distance. So it is going so popular over the last five to ten old ages and still spread outing.

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There are figure of e-commerce theoretical account which can be found such as concern to concern and concern to consumers and consumers to consumers. So transporting on dealing on these theoretical accounts provides a competitory advantage over the companies who do non utilize them.

Harmonizing to the scenario given the company sells the motorcycles for the consumer autumn in to the class of concern to consumers model ( B2c ) . So they being straight reaching with the consumers so that they have to hold a good e-commerce site which is more attractive to holding consumers fell in love with the company.

There are figure of web site that can be found in the cyberspace which provides this installation for the clients to purchase them online. Those are listed as follows.

1. hypertext transfer protocol: //www.cyclestore.co.uk/ this is one of the biggest web site in UK which sells motorcycles and accoutrements to their consumers. They have assorted scopes of bikes and accoutrements which can be found on the cyberspace. Consumers can seek harmonizing to their trade name names of the rhythms and they can see how much of a price reduction they being acquiring when buying them. They provide the costumes that could be have oning in cycling and the they provide services such as indoor preparation. Most import thing is that they provide a mechanism for user those who are willing to pay online firmly. So it will be more comfy for the clients as it ‘ll be a merely a affair of choosing a bike trade name that they like and pay it online where that will be delivered on to your doorsills in few yearss clip.

2. Hypertext transfer protocol: //www.tredz.co.uk, is a web site that is supplying the same characteristics as the web site mentioned supra such as selling bike and accoutrements, vesture and so on. This web site is a really attractive one which contains tonss of life that will do the clients attractive. It contains on-line payment methods for one who would willing to pay online and free bringing system. So this web site provides about all the characteristics that a client would wish to look in to it. They provide the characteristics such as subscribing up for the newssheets and links that are at the facebook.

Undertaking 4


The aim of trade name scheme is to pull a group of clients who are trade name loyal. Brand trueness is demonstrated by clients who purchase the same trade name on a regular basis and defy exchanging to viing trade names.

If you take all the concerns presently running on the market has a trading name or the trade name name. This is a name normally referred to advertizers.

Benefits of branding

  1. Used as a name or symbol known to place a merchandise and separate it from its rivals.
  2. Well known trade name is recognized by people even if they do non cognize about the company or the merchandise.
  3. Brand name which is popular throughout the universe, can be identified if they ne’er bought any of their merchandises. Ex-husband: Nike
  4. Not the trade name but the logo besides plays a critical axial rotation in the market.

Email Selling

Electronic mails can aim a specific client list from a group of people. It offer right merchandise at a clip which can direct particular publicities targeted to customer‘s involvements.

Merchandises and services are available to assist personalize electronic mails and manage electronic mail runs.

Electronic mails can be used to better client service. Such as adding an electronic mail nexus to acquire the clients feed back from a web site.

Electronic mails can help clients to track orders, bringings, possible holds etc.

Assorted ways of utilizing email advertisement methods

-E-mail promotions—E-Greetings Network

-Discussion lists—Internet Security Systems ( ISS )

Aspects of assorted E-mail advertisement direction:

-preparing get offing lists who need to direct the electronic mails to

-Deciding on content what need to be sent

E-mail advertisement companies



Banner Ads

Banner are displayed on a Web page, a in writing advertisement show linked to the advertiser‘s Web page.

Keyword streamers are Banner ads that appear when a preset word is queried from a hunt engine. Random streamers are which that appear at random, non as the consequence of the viewer‘s action

Benefits of streamer ads

– Users are to chief site that the streamer ad is advertised, and most of the clip it directed to the shopping page.

– It can turn to a mark audience with direct advertisement techniques.

– Forced advertisement —before the clients are directed to the requested page streamer will be display for a certain sum of clip.

– Banners include multimedia which contains audio picture and images.

Restriction of streamer ads

– High cost in advertisement in good known sites such as yokel, goggle

– Restriction of informations that can be put in to a advertizement


Information stored on bing clients ( and possible clients ) is analysed and used to this terminal.

Automated CRM procedures are frequently used to bring forth automatic personalised selling based on the client information stored in the system.

Three types of clients CRM applies.

Customers who recommend their retail merchant to their friends and household,

Customers who would increase their purchases if their retail merchant offered merchandises found at other shops,

who would remain with their retail merchant even if another retail merchant offered a competitory merchandise

Search engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a tool for Internet selling to bring forth a high volume of gross revenues.

-Helps happen specific information harmonizing to keyword hunt.

-Done via the natural hunt consequences of Google, Yahoo! and MSN.

-SEO makes a website visible in the hunt engine consequence pages ( SERP ) . Companies aim for top 10 consequences

-A top place on the right keyword gives you great chance to make your clients.

-Search engine ranking is of import to convey consumers to your site.

-More so 61,000 million hunts take topographic point every month and more so half of those are related to purchases

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A supply concatenation is a web of installations and distribution options that performs the maps of procurance of stuffs ; transmutation of this stuff into intermediate and finished merchandises & A ; distribution of these finished merchandises to clients. A supply concatenation basically has three chief parts, the supply, fabrication and distribution.

Benefits of supply concatenation direction

1. Lower cost – because of effectual SCM system which is added to the concern it will take to a lower cost of stuffs as planetary efficiency additions.

2. Improved lower cost – As SCM package allows you to cognize the place of the natural stuffs and the terminal merchandise, companies can track where you having and directing them. This cognition can maintain maintain the integrating between the concern.

3. Increased rhythm clip – Cycle clip is the clip that it ‘ll take concern to change over natural stuffs to the terminal merchandise. As the SCM aid to increase the efficiency it is traveling to diminish the rhythm clip.

Undertaking 6

Whenever an ecommerce site is launched on to the cyberspace there are tonss of tonss of possible security menaces around that can impact it. Since the web site carry out bulk minutess it need to acquire secured and protected in order to protect it. So every dealing needs to be tracked, monitored and stored. There are several security menaces that can impact the web site. Those are

  1. Stolen password- United Nationss authorised individual attempt to steal the watchword
  2. Former employees might keep entree to information by holding old watchwords.
  3. Weak entree points of information and security can expose company information
  4. Sabotaging the security hazard of the e-commerce

How to forestall the security menaces without impacting the company

  1. Puting firewalls in the web
  2. Having virus guards on the system
  3. Having good physical security system to the waiter suites.

Undertaking 7

Undertaking Plan

No of yearss

Undertaking Initiation

Designation of job


Choose a squad


Estimate of financess








Developing the web site


Buying hardware


Installing hardware


Software installing


Software proving


Undertaking shutting

User manual creative activity


User usher


Concluding study



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