Water For Chocolate And Blood Wedding English Literature Essay

The two Latin American literature, “ Like Water for Chocolate ” by Laura Esquivel and “ Blood Wedding ” by Frederico Garcia Lorca, are both written under the influence of the Latin American civilization and historical events of that clip. “ LWFC ” is set during the most of import modernizing force in Mexican history, the Mexican Revolution of 1910-17 and “ BW ” is written during the early 20th century when Spain was undergoing political and society alterations. With these influences happening around the writers, their novels provide penetrations to the cultural and social values of the people of those times. On top of these facets, there are besides common rhetorical manners shared among these novels. One of which is the usage of charming pragmatism that frequently stands out in the Latin American novels, that are infused with distinguishable antic, fabulous, and epic subjects. The 1 that is traveling to be explored here is the usage of motive of fire and passion by Esquivel and Lorca in their several novel and drama to portray the sightlessness of love expressed by each darling twosome.

Lorca, on the other manus, besides employs the motive of love and passion to demo the sightlessness of love through Leonardo and the Bride ‘s fondness. Lorca first introduces Leonardo as an already married adult male and that the Bride is besides traveling to hold her nuptials. She so hints the reader that “ he knows her ” and that “ they were seeing each other for three old ages ” ( Lorca 23 ) . This, and along with Leonardo ‘s equivocal alibis and belies for being seen “ on the far side of the fields, ” ( Lorca 20 ) which is where the Bride lives, instantly creates intuitions for their current relationship. Meanwhile, through the writer ‘s narrative of the Bridge and Bridegroom ‘s nuptials we understand that the society they live in is conservative and traditional, such as the manner the Bridegroom semen with epicurean stuff goods to inquire for the manus of the Bridge or when Mother-in-law cries “ Child! ” ( Lorca 24 ) to the Girl as a warning for that she thinks the Girl is over responding in an inappropriate manner when “ she points to her thigh ” ( Lorca 24 ) while depicting the roses on the stockings. For these grounds, when the household found out that the Bride has flee with Leonardo they decree that Leonardo must decease for his evildoing. Leonardo and Bride clearly cognizing the effects of their actions but they still choose to scarify to fly together, decease together and transport the name of being an fornicator and intrigante, as expressed by Leonardo “ I will love you ever, /And I wo n’t care about people/Or the toxicant that they spread ” ( Lorca 91 ) merely because they fell so profoundly in love with each other that they will make anything in order to remain together. Their passion and love for each other as seen through “ These custodies that are yours. They ache/To delve into your flesh/ And unfastened each blue vein/To hear your murmuring blood. / I love you! I love you! ” ( Lorca 90 ) and “ Your beauty makes me fire! ” ( Lorca 91 ) farther stress their profound love that finally blinds them from recognizing the rights or wrongs of their actions but instead “ Let ‘s travel! ” ( Lorca 91 ) Even though their love ended in calamity but Lorca has highlighted a classical illustration of how love creates a strong fondness in the eyes of a darling twosome.

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All in all, Esquivel in her fresh “ Like Water for Chocolate ” and Lorca in his drama “ Blood Wedding ” has use the motive of love and passion to demo that love is unsighted and that its power could blind people from all social edicts, Torahs, traditions, or force per unit area that are suppressed onto the lovers.

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