Transformational Leadership Position Paper Essay

Transformational Leadership Position Paper on a Case Study and Strength/Weaknesses While researching and reading about Transformational Leadership I ran across an Italian Proverb: “A decomposing fish Begins to stink at the caput. ” This quotation mark sums up what transformational leading means to me. Regardless if the leader is promoting what society positions as positive or negative behaviour. the fact that he/she is act uponing those below him/her is what matters most. Some of the great leaders who possessed the Transformational Leadership manner were Alexander the Great and Queen Elizabeth I. They’ve been valued in history for handling persons in society as quality worlds and that’s why they’ve been so influential. They possess the leading factors of idealised influence. inspirational motive. rational stimulation and individualised consideration. Transformational Leadership is one of the most well-thought-of leading manners. in my sentiment.

Some of the strengths. such as it’s been a “focal point for research” and has a “strong accent on demands. values. and ethical motives. ” ( Northouse. 2012. p. 201 ) . of the followings in the state of affairs are grounds which prove my sentiment. In add-on to those strengths. transformational Leadership focuses on bettering individuals’ moral duties. As a consequence. leaders with moral criterions are created and in response. make more leaders with moral answerabilities in the hereafter. Most of the failings are accurate defects which creates a signifier of misrepresentation for me. Although it’s been proved Transformational Leadership consequences in alteration. there has non been a direct nexus proven which indicates Transformational Leadership yields the alteration.

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My least favourite failing is Transformational Leadership gives the visual aspect that the leader is making the work separately without the aid from Transformational Leader’s followings. Without the people below the leader holding willingness to alter. alteration is non possible. As an decision maker. I could use Transformational Leadership within my school if I felt I supervised instructors with the ability and/or desire to go leaders within the school. I would take at least one to work one on one with and mentor them to go a greater leader with similar qualities to mine. I would utilize my moral and personal appeal to act upon those future leaders. As a consequence. I would hold a clear stance on who was an acceptable campaigner. willing to follow closely in my footfalls and who was non. In return. when they became leaders in the school. they would take on a similar leading manner as mine and base on balls it on to future leaders below them.

Northouse. P. G. ( 2012 ) . Leadership Theory and Practice. ( 6th ed. ) . Sage Publications. Inc. ISBN 978-1-4522-0340-9


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