“Theme For English B” by Langston Hughes Essay

“Theme for English B” begins with some words of a college professor teaching his pupils to compose a paper that “will be true. ” After this is said the talker inquiries if this assignment is truly “that simple. ” As he reflects on his life before composing his assignment. he enlightens the reader of his current position in America. He is a mere “twenty-two. colored” college pupil ; more significantly he is the “only coloured student” in his category.

After nearing the “Harlem Branch Y. ” and returning to his flat. the talker begins his paper. He reflects on his life as an mean 22 twelvemonth old pupil. He begins to disregard race and attempts to concentrate on his individualism. He likes “a pipe for a Christmas nowadays or records-Bessie. Federal Bureau of Prisons. or Bach. ” This sentence provides a perfect illustration of initial rhyme. Keeping in head to “let that page come out of you–/Then. it will be true” . the talker is honorable with himself and tries non to conceal behind the “white” page.

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He identifies with his civilization and lets the reader “see and hear. Harlem” . This verse form shows the speaker’s “true” feelings towards society. how some white people “don’t want to be a portion of me” . He reflects on the present province of inkinesss in America. racism. and most significantly the subjugation he feels as a black pupil saying that “white” people are “somewhat more free” . I believe Hughes wrote this verse form as a protest against racism. Through his talker. Hughes urgently pleads with his readers to endeavor for a incorporate America free of racism.


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