The Yellow Wallpaper Essay

The Yellow Wallpaper. by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. is a first individual narration of what appears to be a adult female in the clasp of lunacy. Written in the nineteenth century. it has been considered a Gothic horror narrative. presuming that the storyteller is non holding hallucinations. but is really seeing evil liquors. The more likely analysis is that the adult female is enduring a nervous dislocation brought on by postpartum depression. The Yellow Wallpaper can be seen as a disapprobation of the recognized psychotherapeutic intervention of the late nineteenth century. when what appears to be benign disregard was prescribed.

The narrator’s hubby. described as a doctor. says that she is enduring from a ‘temporary nervous depression—a slight hysterical inclination. ’ ( 2 ) . It is known that she is isolated from the remainder of the family and confined to a room decorated in xanthous wallpaper. This wallpaper rapidly becomes an compulsion. There is the possibility that the storyteller is insane and none of what she tells the reader is true. Possibly she ne’er had a babe and her insanity is more marked than is first assumed.

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There is no manner to cognize for certain. but the writer has let it be known that the work is mistily autobiographical and she was non insane. but instead down. Her hallucinations are a farther symptom of postpartum depression. though the reader is non told whether or non a physiological cause for her behaviour has been ruled out. Her status worsens. Her dissociative behaviour and cognitive disfunction. as she walks the room in an eternal cringle. neglecting to acknowledge her hubby on the floor. seems apparent.

Her psychotic belief of being trapped in the xanthous wallpaper is notable ( 15 ) . It is hard to measure a work of fiction when the writer is intentionally obscure. but the available grounds points to what may be a hormonal instability. taking to postpartum depression. hallucinations. cognitive disfunction. psychotic beliefs and lunacy.


Gilman. C. . 1989. The Yellow Wallpaper and Other Writings. New York: Bantum Books


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