The Views of Hilary Clinton and Barrack Obama Essay

Hilary Clinton and barrack Obama are the two Democrat presidential campaigners who are on the race to the White House. They latest studies indicate a tightly held competition and an every bit intense run to clinch the Democratic Party nominations. Both hold about similar positions every bit far as how the economic system should be and issues about war and largely on terrorist act. They besides hold different sentiments in wellness affairs. The campaigner that musters more delegates is the 1 that will be the Democrat presidential campaigner confronting Mc Cain. the Republican presidential campaigner in the 2008 election. My chief involvement in this essay is to analyse on their positions on the economic system. war and wellness issue.

The two campaigners have tried to portray themselves as different from each other. they are nevertheless both protectionists when it comes to the trade understandings. Clinton is sounding to be more anti-trade than how Obama sounds. Already Clinton is opposed to the proposed economic footings on trade on Colombia. Panama and South Korea. There are times where both agree on some points. for illustration they are both opposed to the thought of holding a free trade with the Dominican Republic and the Central America in 2005. Obama is for the thought of America making concern with other states. He believes that this is the lone manner through which the American economic system would be strengthened.

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He promised that if he were elected as the president of U. S. A. he would seek his best to supply and protect the free trade. He will open up more occupation chances by making foreign markets. He will besides put proper occupation and environmental criterions for all states in the universe to follow and defy the thought of free trade that is being advanced by the Cardinal American states. Obama besides promised to reexamine the North American Free Trade Agreement if he will be elected the US president. He is non opposed to the thought of doing Mexico and Canada to collaborate with American workers. This will turn to the issue of workers so that they could accommodate to the kineticss of the economic system.

He will besides do amendments to the trade accommodations aid if elected the president come this 2008 presidential election so that workers would hold refresher classs to populate up to the times. giving them a competitory border and occupation security. On the other manus. Hillary Clinton pledged to beef up the little endeavors that she believes are the economy’s growing engine. She will give her attempts towards creative activity of occupations for Americans.

Hillary Clinton said that if elected the president. she would beef up the fabrication industries as the state is dependent on them and by making this. Americans will hold better life criterions. She said that she would to the full use the nation’s invention and capital investing to widen economic base for the state. Clinton besides pledges to beef up the rural economic system to change by reversal the tendency of urban migration as these countries besides contribute to the economic system. To accomplish this she said she would originate plans that would heighten the rural economic growing. She besides pledged to increase research and engineering support.

She would guarantee schools ; places and libraries will be equipped with the latest engineerings so that they would be competitory in the planetary market. She criticized Bush’s disposal of mishandling the economic system doing the spread between the rich and the hapless to widen but she promised to work out this job one time elected. She will besides assist the in-between category Americans to stabilise in the economic system.

On the issues of wellness attention both have similar sentiments although in some issues they differ. Harmonizing to Hillary Clinton she will guarantee that every American will be entitled to wellness insurance but Barrack Obama does non portion the same sentiment. as he believes the focal point should be on kids who should be provided with free insurance. He will besides widen wellness attention for the grownups who are presently uninsured. Clinton estimates that the cost of implementing her programs would be a hundred and ten billion U. S dollars while Obama’s proposal ranges from 50 to 65 billion U. S dollars.

The truth of the mater is that neither of them will supply full insurance screen for every American but both aspire to do this work. While assailing Obama. Clinton criticized his program stating it is merely aiming 15 million Americans while hers will guarantee most of the Americans have free wellness attention. She said most Americans die because they can non afford quality wellness attention. In her program. all drivers will be required by jurisprudence to hold car insurance and promised that all households will be given revenue enhancement credits so that they would run into their wellness insurance. If she will be voted in. all families would be able to run into the needed wellness premium.

The federal authorities harmonizing to Clinton will subsidise the wellness insurance for all those households that can non afford it while concerns and organisations will be required to supply their workers with wellness insurance. She is speedy to add that this program will non impact little concerns but what will be required is that they will supply these concerns with revenue enhancement credits to actuate them to make so. The wellness attention suppliers will be required to pay for those people with immense measures without inquiring them for more money. Americans. harmonizing to Clinton. will be provided with similar private wellness attention that the Congress receives and this will be provided to citizens through the employees benefit plan that will be a public plan similar to that of Medicare.

Obama on the other manus pledged to beef up Medicare and Medicaid so that they would go on taking attention of the vulnerable members of the society. These plans largely target those citizens that are hapless and uninsured. He pledged to amend the National Medic Act so that patients who are injured as a consequence of medical carelessness would be compensated. He will besides increase financess on research and development so that HIV/AIDS would be contained both in USA every bit good as in other parts. Both Clinton and Obama have taken issues with the Iraq war. Clinton is presently impeaching Obama of non being consistent with opposing the Iraq War. as he was when he assumed the station of a senator. Obama has promised to retreat American military personnels from Iraq if he becomes the following president in 2008 election.

Obama was non opposed to all wars but was peculiarly opposed to the Iraq war. He accused president Bush of get downing another war alternatively of completing that on Osama but Clinton supported Bush to fall back to military action if other methods such as diplomatic agencies failed to reconstruct order in the state. Presently. she is besides recommending for the backdown of US military personnels from Iraq.

We have seen that the two Democrat presidential campaigners do hold and differ on some issues. For illustration. they both agree that wellness attention for all Americans would be critical but they differ in how the plan would be implemented. They both promised to beef up and widen the country’s economic base so that the quality of life of the Americans would better and to stop the war on Iraq and they both promised to stop it one time they will presume power.

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