The Tower Of London English Literature Essay

The Tower of London is known as one of London ‘s most haunted edifices. The tower was built to look over the Saxton and to be a strong edifice for defence ( Wikiland ) . It was besides used for captives of war ( Wikiland ) . Many people believe that its haunted because there have been many deceases, and at that place have besides been first manus experiences with shades. Some have besides had chilling brushs with something that was n’t even there ( Paranormal Haze ) . The Tower of London is one of most obsessed topographic points in London, there are many experiences, and at that place have been really many deceases at that place every bit good.

William the Conqueror built the Tower of London in the twelvemonth 1708, it is known as Her Majesty ‘s Royal Palace and Fortress ( Paranormal Haze ) . Certain parts of the tower day of the month back to over 900 old ages ago ( Real British Ghosts ) . The lone ground certain parts day of the month back so far is because the tower has gotten remodeled a few times. The tower has had many different utilizations, the male monarchs and queens populating at that place, and edifices being used for a prison, anguish Chamberss, and topographic point for executing ( Real British Ghosts ) . Many people have lived in the tower, such as, Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, and Catherine Howard. The tower has besides been used to house animate beings, such as bears ( Baird, C ) . There have besides been many deaths/executions, such as Anne Boleyn. Anne was executed for one specific ground. Her hubby King Henry VIII executed her for giving birth to a abortive kid and accused her of unfaithfulness ( Paranormal Haze ) . In 1483, Edward V and Richard the Duke of York were murdered ( Paranormal Haze ) . In 1674, some workers found the remains of the princes in a thorax ( Paranormal Haze ) . Another decease that occurred was The Countless of Salisbury. King Henry VIII executed the Countless due to a political ground ( Paranormal Haze ) . But during her executing she refused to set her caput down to acquire beheaded, and ran off ( Paranormal Haze ) . Finally she was found and axed to decease ( Paranormal Haze ) . King Henry VIII 5th married woman, Catherine Howard, was sentenced to decease for being extramarital ( Paranormal Haze ) . Besides, Sir Raleigh was imprisoned for 12 old ages, but disquieted King James VI and he was beheaded ( Real British Ghosts ) .

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Whenever some tourers, guards, workers, warriors, etc. are at the Tower, they tend to acquire amusing feelings. One claim has smelled a certain aroma and even thrown up ( Paranormal Haze ) ! Some people have seen shades walking or gliding down hallways. Some have besides seen phantoms standing and beckoning, and even shouting for aid.

There are many claims of shades stalking the tower. One shade Thomas Becket has been known to stalk the tower ( Paranormal Haze ) . During Reconstruction on the tower, it is said that he was agitating the walls and keeping the cross doing it crumble ( Paranormal Haze ) . It is besides said that Henry III had a chapel built and named after Thomas Becket ( Paranormal Haze ) . Apparently, of all time since the tower was built, it is said that Becker has stopped looking and non been seen since ( Paranormal Haze ) . A few old ages after Edward V and Richard of Duke were murdered, a few guards said that they saw two little figures “ gliding down the steps have oning dark shirts and disappeared down the steps ” ( Baird, C. ) . Some have claimed that they have besides been seen keeping custodies ( Real British Ghosts ) . The Tower of London ‘s most celebrated shade, Anne Boleyn is said to stalk around the country where she was executed. Some people claim they have seen her walking about without her caput ( Paranormal Haze ) . Peoples believe that she haunts because she was n’t able to bring forth an inheritor ( Paranormal Haze ) . “ Anne is besides spotted in the Chapel of Saint Peter ad Vincula where she watches over her ain grave under the communion table ” ( Your Ghost Story ) . “ Catherine on the other manus can be heard shouting behind the door of the room she was kept in before her executing ” ( Your Ghost Story ) . After King VIII 5th married woman, Catherine Howard was sentenced to decease for being extramarital ; many claim they have seen her running down the hallways and shouting for aid ( Paranormal Haze ) . Many believe she screams for aid because she did n’t desire to decease, and she feels like she was live overing her decease. The white tower, the oldest portion of the tower, is where it is said the white lady lives. “ The White Lady is seemingly an phantom that will look from clip to clip to those in the tower. ” ( extrasensory haze ) . One narrative says that she was “ standing at a window wave at a group of kids who were in an opposite edifice. ” ( Paranormal Haze ) There ‘s besides “ the odor of a inexpensive aroma that will hang around the entryway of St. John ‘s Chapel ” ( Paranormal Haze ) the odor of the aroma has caused some to purge ( Paranormal Haze ) . In October of 1817, “ a tubular, glowing phantom claimed to hold been seen in the Jewel House by the Keeper of the Crown Jewels, Edmund Lenthal Swifte ( Wikiland ) . He said that the phantom hovered over the shoulder of his married woman, taking her to cry: “ Oh, Christ! It has seized me! ” ( Wikiland ) . At one clip, the tower housed animate beings. Apparently a guard saw a bear running towards him, but the bear went right through him and vanished ( Paranormal Haze ) . Subsequently on in the eventide he was found on the floor unconscious ( Paranormal Haze ) . Subsequently on he died, many believe he died over “ fear of what he saw. ” ( Paranormal haze ) . Another narrative comes from a Yeoman Warrior, who was in the salt tower, many people already experience frightened plenty in the salt tower ( Paranormal Haze ) . The warrior reported, “ being choked by something that was non at that place. ” ( Paranormal Haze ) . The Yeoman Warriors now refuse to come in the tower after sun down ( Paranormal Haze ) . In the gallery where Henry VIII suit of armour is being displayed, some guards have said that there is “ a esthesis of being descended upon and crushed, which merely fades as they leave the room. ” ( Paranormal Haze ) . One guard said, “ holding a cloak put over his caput and being choked from buttocks. ” ( Paranormal Haze ) . But when the guard escaped, he found no 1 in the room ( Paranormal Haze ) . “ But, he had Markss on his cervix that show he had been the victim of an onslaught. ” ( Paranormal Haze ) .

The Tower of London is was built to look over the Saxton, and was built for the Kings and Queens to populate in during their reign. But over clip the tower started to be used for many different intents, other than merely for the King and Queen. The tower started to be used as a anguish chamber, prison, and a topographic point of executing. Its haunted because there have been so many deceases at that place, and some of the people that have died there are angry or in sorrow. The tower was built over 900 old ages ago, and the Queenss and male monarchs that lived here, put many people in injury. Particularly the male monarchs, one male monarch had about every married woman executed. Many people teen to experience nocuous, giddy, and some even throw up when they are in certain parts. There are many shades that haunt the tower. Many of the male monarch ‘s married womans, such as Anne Boleyn hangout it. Anne haunts the tower because she was uneasy about her decease, as were many others. The Tower of London is known as one of London ‘s top haunted topographic points to see. The tower has many liquors and shades that haunt at that place.


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