The Stories Of The Wise Blood English Literature Essay

Flannery O’Connor ‘s strong upbringing in a devout Catholic household greatly influenced her authorship, taking her to compose such narratives as Wise Blood, The Violence Bear it off, and A Good Man is Difficult to Find. A Good Man is Difficult to Find, is one of O’Connor ‘s many narratives that focused on faith but chiefly good vs. immorality.

Mary Flannery O’Connor was born on March 25, 1925 in Savannah Georgia to Edward Francis O’Connor Jr. , and Regina Cline O’Connor. Mary was the lone kid of devout Roman Catholics from outstanding Georgia households. In 1938, the O’Connor household moved to Milledgeville, GA after her male parent fell badly with disseminated lupus. Mary attended Catholic simple schools, Peabody High School, and at the age of 16 she entered Georgia State College for Women where she majored in Social Sciences and besides acquiring an A.B. grade in 1945. She besides served as art editor and cartoonist for the school newspaper among other rubrics.

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After having a scholarship to analyze for an M.F.A grade at the University of Iowa ‘s School for Writers, she published her foremost short narrative “ The Geranium. ” This would be the beginning of Mary ‘s successful composing calling. Mary ‘s plants throughout her life as a author included good celebrated narratives ; Wise Blood, A Good Man is Difficult to Find, The Violent Bear it Away, and Parkers Back. Some of her less known work was Three, Everything That Rises Must Converge, The Habit of Being, and The Presence of Grace. Her most celebrated authorship manners were hyperbole, dry withdrawal, and black wit. She had a manner of adding symbolism and fable, which added further resonance to her authorship. Her authorship manners besides included black wit and Christian orthodox themed ethical motives. In many of her narratives, O’Connor tried to stretch the subject of morality and good vs. immorality.

Many writers non merely influenced her work, but besides the manner in which she wrote. The writers that influenced her were Henry James, Joseph Conrad, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Nathanael West. Her biggest influences were Nathanael West and William Faulkner. William Faulkner ‘s fiction influenced her vision of the Southern Gothic and her prose beat and meters. Nathanael West besides influenced her blunt imagination, acerb sarcasm, and the usage of grotesque inside informations. With the influence of two great writers and her devout spiritual beliefs, this would be the formula to one of her most celebrated short narratives A Good Man is Difficult to Find.

The narrative introduces a household that goes on holiday from Atlanta to Florida. The narrative portrays a staccato and thankless household of grownups and kids. Although O’Connor introduces the full household and gives them all a name, the chief character of the narrative is in fact the grandma. O’Connor illustrates the grandma in two functions ; she wanted readers to experience as if the grandma was person that they knew or were related to. She portrayed the grandma as being the materfamilias of the household and an unwittingly racist “ Oh expression at the cunning small piccaninny! “ , “ Small niggas in the state do n’t hold things like we do. ” Socially the household represented a difference between the coevalss of the grandma, her kids, and their kids. Both coevalss are seen as being imperfect ; the immature kids had no respects for the province and no regard for their seniors, while the grownups had no respects for each other ‘s emotions.

Ultimately, the grandma was the ground behind the whole household ‘s death. After doing her boy to crash the auto, the secret plan of the narrative takes a bend for the worst. Runing into the at large felon The Misfit, the grandma puts her household in grave danger. After being led to their deceases, it seems as though the grandma tries to reconnect herself and the misfit with God. Terrified by the thought of decease she tries to deflect The Misfit by reminding him of the goodness of Jesus. She continuously calls out to Jesus and attempts to acquire The Misfit to pray and remind him on the illustriousness of God “ If you would pray Jesus would assist you. ” The grandma speaks to the felon as if she were talking to her boy Bailey, even mentioning to him as one of her ain when she reaches out to touch him “ Why you ‘re one of my babes. Your one of my ain kids! ” . Although she was seeking to salvage her life, she frustrates the condemnable even more and is changeable three times in the thorax after listening to her household dice.

Throughout the narrative, O’Connor besides included many symbols that showed how strong her religion was and she depicted many ethical motives in the narrative. The name of the character “ The Misfit ” serves as a symbol of both evil and as a individual who can non suit into society. The household is besides portrayed as misfits because of their ingratitude and deficiency of emotion for others. The holiday that they take symbolizes the way that they are headed to in their hereafter because they are heading south. The other characters ‘ names besides play as symbols. Bailey ‘s boy John Wesley is named after the laminitis of the Methodist faith. The whole household deceasing at the custodies of The Misfit represented O’Connor ‘s belief that society in the 1950 ‘s was deteriorating at fast rate, and she implicated this in her narrative “ The grandma and the eating house proprietor, Red Sam, agitate their caputs over the altering times and how difficult it is to swear people. ” O’connor showed that The Misfit lacked religion, manners, and had no regard for Torahs and moral criterions. Something that she strongly believed in.


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